What Is the Best Wood for Floating Shelves? What You Need To Know!

Floating cabinets can make wonderful additions to any place. They search wonderful and are effortless to keep thoroughly clean because there is nowhere for filth to disguise. These cabinets are low-cost and straightforward to set up if you go the professional route, and they are also an outstanding Do it yourself venture for woodworkers. When it will come to the best wood for floating cabinets, there are several wonderful alternatives, so maintain studying as we appear at each and every a single and discuss other factors, like installation.

The Best Wood for a Floating Shelf

Almost any sort of hardwood performs properly when generating a floating shelf. Nonetheless, you are going to most likely have the very best accomplishment with oak, maple, pine mahogany, and sound walnut. Each and every assortment is powerful and either appears desirable or accepts stains effectively, which assists you tailor the appearance to your specifications. Pine is very likely the simplest to find and least high-priced of the varieties outlined here, even though oak is regarded as one of the most durable materials on the market place right now and is straightforward to clear and sustain. Maplewood is a well-liked option for instruments, and its hugely eye-catching wooden grain can assist you create amazing-seeking shelves. Mahogany has a darkish purple shade that a lot of individuals enjoy, and walnut has a normal splendor that lasts a extended time.

What Is the Best Wood for Floating Shelves? What You Need To Know!

What Is a Floating Shelf?

A floating shelf does not have the noticeable supports that a traditional shelf has, so it seems very contemporary. The lack of supports can make it look flimsy, but it can be really strong if you set up it accurately. The floating design also can make it easier to see what is on the shelf from a number of angles that may not be accessible with other patterns.

How Do I Install a Floating Shelf?

Installing a floating shelf is a two-step approach. The 1st action calls for you to screw a prolonged shelf bracket into the wall. This bracket will have a number of long pegs that extend out from the wall. The next step demands you to line up the holes in the board with the internet pages and slide them into spot. The pegs in the holes must have a snug suit so the shelf doesn’t slide away from the wall very easily. Some people also screw the board into the wall from underneath for further assist.

What Is the Best Wood for Floating Shelves? What You Need To Know!

How Much Weight Can a Floating Shelf Support?

As expected, floating shelves cannot support as significantly excess weight as a common shelf, but they can even now be fairly flexible and are more than able of holding picture frames, knick-knacks, textbooks, plants, and comparable objects. In addition, for a longer time and thicker pegs inserted into the shelf will make it sturdier and handle how significantly excess weight the shelf can keep.

How Thick Are Floating Shelves?

Most of the floating shelves that you can locate, the two commercially and homemade, are about 2 inches thick. This thickness permits you to generate holes for great-sized pegs that will enable the shelf to maintain much more fat with out triggering the entire style to grow to be way too large for the wall. This thickness also appears good from a distance and will help it show up strong with out being cumbersome.

What Is the Best Wood for Floating Shelves? What You Need To Know!

Problems With Floating Shelves

Even though floating cabinets are a excellent option for numerous individuals, they are not best for absolutely everyone. They simply cannot support as much bodyweight as cabinets with supports. So, you cannot use them for heavy objects, and considering that there are no sides, some objects can fall off simpler, particularly spherical products. Floating shelves are also generally scaled-down than regular cabinets, which means there’s significantly less area to place items, and you could require much more to fit almost everything.


If you are searching for the type of wooden that will supply the most balance and longest lifespan attainable for your floating shelf, we recommend oak. If you want some thing eye-catching with a wonderful grain, we recommend maple, and if you want anything affordable and simple to discover, we advise pine. Pine is also a wonderful choice if you are constructing the shelves from scratch since it is easy to stain and has a wonderful grain.

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