What Is the Best Wood for Picture Frames? (With Pictures)

Picture frames are excellent assignments for beginner and knowledgeable woodworkers. They are valuable and can offer you with plenty of experience that will be valuable for other initiatives. But what variety of wooden functions ideal for photo frames? A number of sorts of wood will work nicely, however the sort that you should select will rely on your needs. Hold reading as we listing the most common woods to use for these projects and go above the factors that men and women select them.

The 12 Best Wood for Picture Frames

1. Poplar

Poplar is the softest hardwood, and it is effortless to uncover in the eastern United States. It’s inexpensive and effortless to operate with, so it’s a great option for newbies. Its mild shade also functions effectively with stains, and a lot of people use it when they intend to apply a veneer.

2. Maple

What Is the Best Wood for Picture Frames? (With Pictures)
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Maple is an really appealing hardwood that is an excellent selection for a attractive image frame. It will take stain nicely and sands very easily, but it’s a minor far more costly and harder to operate than poplar, so it’s greater suited for an skilled woodworker.

3. Ash

Ash is a tree that is indigenous to the jap United States, so it is fairly economical, making it a wonderful selection for beginners. It has an attractive grain and is very resilient. Most baseball bats are a kind of ash.

4. Cherry

Cherry is an low-cost wooden that you can find developing all throughout the eastern United States. It is softer than a lot of of the other woods on this listing, so it is effortless to work with and excellent for newbies, but it’s hard ample to endure many years of put on and tear. It requires stain nicely, but a lot of people leave it with its natural complete, which tends to darken in excess of time.

5. Mahogany

What Is the Best Wood for Picture Frames? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: optimarc, Shutterstock

Mahogany is an imported phrase from South America that is effortless to work with, so it’s best for beginners. It also has a reddish-brown coloration that seems very good as a photo body.

6. Fishtail Oak

Fishtail oak is a popular selection owing to its extreme sturdiness and impressive weight. Even so, it is imported from Asia and South The united states, so it is a little bit far more expensive than indigenous varieties. It can also be challenging to sand and function with, so it is not suited to novices.

7. European Beech

As the identify suggests, European beech is an imported wood. It’s less difficult to work with and has grain comparable to mahogany. You can stain it in several distinct shades and it constantly appears great, so it is a fantastic selection for novices and experienced woodworkers who can pay for it.

8. Padauk

Padauk is an imported wooden from Southeast Asia with a purplish purple coloration that many individuals adore for the way that it accents images displayed in the ultimate body. Nonetheless, apart from its higher value, it’s susceptible to ultraviolet mild, which can darken its shade.

9. Birdseye Maple

Birdseye maple is wonderful for a image frame wooden. It has a exclusive wooden grain that appears like floating eyes, which is the place it will get its title. Given that this sort of wood is unusual, it can be fairly pricey, so it’s far better suited for seasoned woodworkers who can set it to the best use.

10. Tiger Maple

Tiger maple is a popular range of maple utilized to make picture frames. It has an appealing grain that resembles a tiger’s stripes, which is in which it receives its name. Like birdseye maple, it can be an high-priced choice due to the rare sample that it possesses, but it is in any other case identical to typical maple in terms of strength, weight, coloration, and many others.

11. Quartersawn Oak

Quartersawn oak is an appealing wooden ensuing from a chopping strategy employed to generate it. It has a special pattern of decorative rays that appears great in a picture frame. Nevertheless, the culling approach is a lot more wasteful than other methods, so this wooden tends to be far more pricey.

12. Walnut

Walnut is a large and powerful wood that is great for producing photograph frames. It has grain similar to mahogany and a dim coloration that a lot of people get pleasure from. It finishes well and seems to be specially great with a dim stain.


As you can see, really a couple of woods are best for making photo frames, and the kind that you select will rely on your requirements. If you are a beginner starting 1 of your 1st initiatives, we highly advise poplar or cherry, as these woods are pretty low-cost and straightforward to work with and seem wonderful. If you have more encounter, maple, walnut, and mahogany make excellent choices since they are appealing and tend to hold up effectively over time. Experienced end users may possibly pick a single of the expensive woods, like birdseye maple, to produce a picture body to set up for sale.

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