What is the Cost to Install a Fence in 2022? What You Need To Know!

If you’re contemplating about putting in a fence for privateness and protection, this guide is for you. Nowadays, we’ll discuss about ainstallation charges in 2022, how a lot contractors charge for the task, and what additional expenses you can expect. In essence, it all will come down to the measurement and the material: the longer the fence, the more you will have to shell out.

Quality supplies will also price a lot more than, say, low-cost wire. So, be part of us and examine out the average price in the US, how significantly regular folks pay for a new fence, and how the value varies based on the location. We’ll also protect topics like how lengthy fences last and far more.

The Importance of a Fence

If you’re a personal particular person, a fence is a must. And if you have little children and pets, it will provide a lot-needed stability and protection. A loud neighbor—that’s another problem a effectively-constructed fence can solve. The same is true if you reside near a busy freeway. A fence won’t be capable to fully dampen these noises, but it will make a massive distinction.

Together with that, it can boost the control attraction of your house, which is also a large pro. And let’s not neglect that fences are perfect for blocking a considerably less-than-excellent see for individuals that stay in inadequate neighborhoods or just outdoors of HOA communities. Oh, and in the US, fences have a 50–70% ROI.

What is the Cost to Install a Fence in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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How Much Does a Professional Fence Installation Cost?

There are lots of choices on the desk when it will come to fences. You’ve got distinct styles, designs, and resources. Now, the countrywide regular price in the US is $3,000–$seven,000. And in 2022, most individuals will be paying $4,000–$four,500. For this sort of funds, you can count on to get a four-inch tall, 200-linear toes lengthy cedar fence, along with a gate.

If you have a limited spending budget for this project, a three-inch, two hundred-linear toes chain website link fence will expense only $one,800–$2,000. For instance, to enclose a yard, be all set to spend $1,000–$seven,five hundred. Or, if you have a thick wallet and are completely ready to make investments in a premium-quality fence for your property, a 6-inch and 200-linear ft wrought iron fence (one of the most high-priced components) with a proper best-notch gate will set you again $9–$nine,five hundred.

  • The average cost in the US: $4–4.5K
  • The average range for a new fence: $3–7K
  • Low-end installation cost: $1.8–2K
  • High-end installation cost: $9–9.5K

Fence Installation Cost by Location

If you live in New York, New Jersey, Maine, or, say, Massachusetts, installing a fence will cost you far more than in California, Utah, Nevada, or Arizona. Here’s how considerably you will be billed primarily based on your spot:

  • The East Coast: $3.7–4.2K
  • Midwest US: $3.4–4K
  • The West Coast: $3.2–4.1K

Often get an estimate from a nearby contractor, as the value will vary from point out to condition or even metropolis to city. Or you can use the zip codes technique to check out out the common cost in your place.

Fence Installation Cost by Linear Feet

Did you know that fences are offered by linear toes? Which is real, and the average expense for one linear foot of a brand-new fence is $11–$30, with most house owners opting for a two hundred LF fence, which is sufficient to cover 10K sq. ft or a 1/4 acre. Here’s how significantly you will have to pay out for various fence dimensions:

  • 25 LF: $280–900
  • 50 LF: $600–1.8K
  • 75 LF: $850–2.5K
  • 100 LF: $1.3–3.6K
  • 150 LF: $1.7–5.3K
  • 200 LF: $2.3–7.1K
  • 300 LF: $3.6–11K
  • 400 LF: $4.7–14K
What is the Cost to Install a Fence in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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Fence Installation Cost by Different Materials

Fences can be built from a broad range of components, and they all cost in a different way. Resources establish the aesthetics, longevity, and common lifespan of the fence. On best of that, while wood is ideal for privacy, chain back links do a greater job of maintaining intruders absent. Here’s how considerably people in the US can count on to pay out for a linear foot in 2022 (labor expense included):

  • Wire (Barbed): $1–7
  • Chain Link: $12–42
  • Natural Wood: $16–35
  • Vinyl (PVC): $15–40
  • Aluminum: $15–40
  • Steel: $16–58
  • Composite Panels: $23–42
  • Wrought Iron: $22–40
  • Glass Fence: $70–135

Barbed wire is perfect for retaining animals in. It’s extremely inexpensive, effortless to perform with, and a excellent selection for farmers. Chain hyperlink fences, in switch, provide extended safety. Wooden appears fantastic and offers you a lot-required privacy. What about vinyl? It is not extremely resistant to natural aspects but is nonetheless fairly well-known. Aluminum is lower-servicing, robust, but not as secure as steel. Composite fences are also resilient and upkeep-totally free.

Last but not least, we have obtained wrought iron and glass. Iron is really hefty, obtainable in several different variations, and lasts for a long time. As for glass, it is very pricey and is mainly employed to encircle swimming pools.

Fence Installation Cost by Style

Must you go with the lattice layout, or will your home look much better with an “electric” fence? Only you can solution that! In the meantime, check out out how a lot distinct designs price for every linear foot (substance labor):

  • Electric Fence: $5–10
  • Split Rails: $5–12
  • Post + Rails: $10–16
  • Picket Fence: $15–32
  • Fence Panels: $16–40
  • Dog-Eared Style: $19–36
  • Lattice Fencing: $18–38
  • Shadow Box: $19–40
  • Palisade Fence: $20–40
What is the Cost to Install a Fence in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

When hiring a contractor to install a new fence, you need to have to often hold extra fees in thoughts. We’re chatting about painting, keypad locks, gates, and far more. Here’s a total listing:

  • Survey: $350–800
  • Pressure-Washing: $120–340
  • Painting: $1.1–2.4K
  • Fence Lighting: $130–500
  • Keypads: $160–480
  • Gate: $120–650
  • Décor: $10–25 per linear foot

A land survey defines the borders of your home. Without having it, you might end up being sued by your neighbors! As for stress-washing, it’s highly advised for aged fences. Just before you go in advance and paint it, force-clean it to remove all the grime, grime, and the manufacturing facility paint. Relocating on to lighting, it’s largely installed on openings and gates, but it is completely up to you, of program.

Subsequent, keypad locks are vital if you have a security program installed on the gate. They are not particularly cheap, but effectively worth it. Ultimately, fence décor can breathe existence into an otherwise uninteresting fence. Believe about put up caps, designer gates, panels, finials, and far more.

How Much Do Contractors Charge?

The labor cost will fluctuate depending on the complexity of the function, the materials employed, and the region that you dwell in, with the substance(s) having the greatest influence on the cost. On common, you will be charged $4–$20 for every linear foot of installed fence. Barbed wire will be as cheap as $.ninety three for every LF vinyl, aluminum, and steel cost $5–$10. Chain url, wood, glass, and wrought iron, in turn, price $eight.50–&20. You will have to pay out $12–$fifteen for composite, even though.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

It takes a professional team 1–2 days to construct a wooden fence. If you want a metallic fence, that will get two times as lengthy to install (3–4 times). And one particular far more factor: just before you go in advance and employ a contractor, verify whether or not you want a permit for a fence or not. In most regions, a allow will not be required. Nonetheless, specific states/cities do want it.

What is the Cost to Install a Fence in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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How Long Do Fences Last?

The common lifespan of a fence in the United States is 20–50 several years, presented you get very good care of it. This tremendously is dependent on the material, of course, but it’s advisable to have a professional verify its condition once you cross the 20–25-year mark. If the fence is crafted from wood, it will be vulnerable to humidity, rot, pests, warping, and discoloration. You can resolve all that with a minor little bit of putty or wooden filler, though (except for warping).

As for vinyl, it is a whole lot a lot more resistant to natural elements. Nonetheless, it isn’t extremely strong towards piles of display, heavy affect (like a automobile hitting it), or cracks. With vinyl, it’s always ideal to replace ruined parts rather than attempt to fix them. Steel fences are the most tough choice, but mishaps, shifting soil, and, eventually, corrosion do even now occur. Once more, instead of fixing a broken rail or area, just replace it.


Installing a fence around your house is a extremely wise buy. Is it heading to be inexpensive? Well, not quite, but in the prolonged operate, you will gain from it. Even if you’re on a tight funds and can only afford a limited fence manufactured of barbed wire or chain url, we say go for it. Fences are essential for people that stay in dangerous neighborhoods and protect from split-ins.

Additional privateness, boundary strains (for neighbors and passers), and an improved property value are all worth the investment. So, choose the correct substance, consider about how numerous linear toes you want, get in contact with a contractor, and enjoy your fence!

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