What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?

Bathtubs are common these days. They appear in stylish types and re-assuring shades and supplies. But no subject what sort of bathtub you pick, a single thing continues to be constant. Bathtubs can be ridiculously costly to buy.

Considering that that is the situation, you most likely want to contemplate replacing your aged or worn-out bathtub ahead of it can result in any further harm to your bathroom. You will discover this report helpful if you want to find out how much it will cost to change your bathtub in 2022. Hold reading to learn a lot more!

When Do You Need to Replace a Bathtub?

If There Are Cracks

If you have a crack in your tub, it could be a beauty difficulty nevertheless, it can be the begin of a critical structural concern.

Most property advancement shops promote fix kits to patch up these kinds of cracks. But these are generally short term fixes.

If the crack is little and not deep, it could be value patching it up. But, if it gets even worse or deeper, you should contemplate an complete tub replacement.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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If There Are Leaks

If you discover dampness close to your bathtub, the reason could be that the caulk has appear unfastened. It is not a large dilemma, and you can usually re-caulk it by yourself.

But if the dampness is coming from inside of the tub, it signifies there is a leak in the bathtub. It may well not be an straightforward resolve both and may possibly need to have the substitute of pipes or even the complete bathtub.

It may possibly be an superb time to get rid of your aged bathtub, specially if it was broken by cracking or chipping. A new 1 is often better than a leaking a single.

If There Are Stubborn Stains

Stains on the bathtub can be owing to mold, difficult water, or soap scum. These will consequence in an ugly appearance and even discoloration.

If you recognize stubborn stains that won’t go away no issue how considerably you scrub, it is ideal to exchange the bathtub.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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If You Have Difficulty Using the Current Bathtub

Some individuals uncover it difficult to get in and out of the tub or shower due to the fact of age. It could also be due to the fact of bodily limitations this kind of as arthritis, again or knee troubles, and other issues that make movement challenging.

Replacing your bathtub with a walk-in product can help you proceed dwelling independently. It’ll also reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom.

Types of Bathtub and the Cost of Replacement

The average cost of changing a bathtub ranges among $1,435 and $7,246.

To break it down more, below are a number of sorts of bathtubs and how a lot it fees to exchange every.

General Purpose Bathtub

These are standard tubs that occur in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes. They are also known as alcove tubs. These tubs are best for smaller sized bogs simply because they fit into areas with 3 partitions about them.

They generally attribute individual faucet handles for hot and cold h2o. Also, they may have hand-held showers mounted to the side of the tub or attached to a flexible hose. Alcove tubs may also incorporate a fold-down seat at one particular conclude of the tub.

Typically, the substitute price starts from $300 to $800 when totally set up.

The substitute price can range based on the dimension of the tub and the content. The most frequent materials for standard-purpose bathtubs are fiberglass, acrylic, and metal.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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Soaking Tub

A soaking tub is deeper than a normal tub. It permits you to immerse yourself in h2o completely.

It is greatest for leisure, but it is also excellent for folks with constrained mobility because they can get in and out conveniently without having support.

These tubs are normally created of acrylic, forged iron, or other components. They are rectangular or oval, but they are obtainable in other styles as effectively. Some styles have legs, whilst other folks sit immediately on the floor.

So, substitute fees will fluctuate depending on the design you decide on. The least pricey designs expense about $600, whilst a lot more elaborate alternatives price $13,000 or a lot more.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs are not attached to any wall and are mounted alone in the rest room. You can place it in any area of the bathroom. But it may need some plumbing function to accommodate the connections.

These tubs occur in a broad range of designs, from modern to vintage. They’re typically oval or rectangular and provide deep bathing areas.

The most inexpensive price of changing freestanding tubs is $750, and the most expensive expense is $12,000. It depends on the materials it’s created from and its type.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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Walk-In Tub

Stroll-in tubs are valuable for men and women with mobility issues since they have straightforward-entry doors that permit you to enter and exit the tub properly.

They are also beneficial for individuals who want hydrotherapy, presented their built-in functions this sort of as whirlpool jets and air baths.

The substitution expense of a wander-in bathtub ranges from $two,000 to $eight,000. It’s significantly a lot more in contrast to other kinds of bathtubs.

Jet and Whirlpool Tubs

House owners who want a luxurious and relaxing bathtub encounter can set up jet or whirlpool tubs. These tubs are made to therapeutic massage the human body. They use jets of drinking water and air bubbles. Also, they are geared up with pumps that create the air and drinking water stress necessary for the jets.

Numerous individuals pick jet and whirlpool versions simply because of the hydrotherapy advantages. They can alleviate discomfort induced by arthritis, sore muscles, exhaustion, and problems.

The replacement value of a jetted bathtub is about $one,500 to $17,000, with an regular total undertaking cost of $six,500.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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Air Bath Tub

An air bathtub is a jetted tub with air jets as an alternative of h2o jets. These tubs can be a lot more high-priced than common jetted tubs. But they value less than whirlpool tubs. They use bubbles created by pressurized air to therapeutic massage your human body.

It is bigger than your common tub, so you will want more space. These tubs are outstanding for people with muscle mass aches and pains or arthritis. The bubbles do not supply any therapeutic positive aspects, but they feel excellent on sore muscle tissues.

The expense of changing an air bathtub is $one,500. The most expensive is $ten,000.

Clawfoot Tub

A clawfoot tub is a vintage-design bathtub. It sits on 4 toes, creating it look like a claw, that's why the title. These stand-by itself bathtubs are a classic that never goes out of design. They are regarded as far more deluxe, increased good quality, and elegant.

They are manufactured of solid iron or acrylic plastic. You can choose from different types, such as double-ended, slipper, and double slipper.

Clawfoot bathtub replacements can value everywhere from $600 to $10,000 for the most costly. If you want a new faucet, expect to shell out another $100 to $300.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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Breakdown of Bathtub Replacement and Additional Costs

The substitution value of a bathtub can be damaged down into:

What Is the Cost to Replace a Bathtub In 2022?
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Factors to Consider When Replacing a Bathtub

  • Bathroom Size: Your bathroom space is crucial. If you have a large bathroom, you can install any bathtub you want. But if it’s small, you need a tub that will fit into the available space. You may have to sacrifice space or comfort to get a bathtub that fits your bathroom.
  • Labor: Installing a new tub can be a challenging task. On the other hand, removing an old bathtub can be even more challenging.If you don’t feel comfortable completing this task yourself, you could hire professionals. This expense will be included in your budget before making any decisions about replacing your bathtub.
  • Material and Configuration: Bathtubs come in a wide range of materials and configurations, ranging from basic to luxury. The material you choose has a massive impact on the overall cost to replace the tub. Acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs are the least expensive options. Cast-iron tubs are the most costly.


Bathtub substitute is a more high priced endeavor than numerous other property remodeling alternatives. You can discuss through your rest room rework with a contractor to estimate of the cost to substitute your bathtub. The cost of labor can vary. So, do not be frightened to question for much more than 1 estimate.

Soon after receiving value quotes, check out different contractors and talk about the perform in element. Buying about for a new bathtub is well worth the energy if you want to get the most for your money.

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