What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!

Eire has a inhabitants of just more than six million individuals and there are only eight towns and towns with a populace of much more than fifty,000 individuals. The funds, Dublin, is the most populous of Irish metropolitan areas and is the only a single with far more than a single million citizens. The World-wide Peace Index lists Eire in the best 15 most secure nations in the planet to go to and it is mainly regarded as a heat and inviting nation. However, as with any place, there are some places that are not as safe as other individuals.

Dublin, house to many bars and tourist points of interest, is deemed the most unsafe city in Eire simply because it has the maximum rates of robberies, theft, drug crimes, and fraud offences. Nonetheless, it is Limerick that has the optimum number of intercourse crimes and Waterford that has the most assaults, weapon crimes, and explosives offences. Cork is the city with the highest homicide rate, equal to just above eight murders per yr in excess of the previous five several years.What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!

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About Ireland

The Emerald Island was shaped in 1921 when the Anglo-Irish treaty was signed, marking the country’s independence. The Irish point out is created up of 26 counties and grew to become a member of the United Nations in 1955 and the European Union in 1973. As opposed to Britain, Ireland is even now a element of the EU. It is identified as the Emerald Isle because of its lush inexperienced landscape, and it attracted far more than 11 million travelers in 2019.

The 4 Most Dangerous Cities In Ireland

1. Dublin

What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!
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  • Population: 1.1 million

Dublin has a population of one.1 million folks and, as properly as becoming the most populous metropolis, it is also the capital of Eire. Though it celebrated its centenary in 1988, meaning it was first acknowledged in 988, human beings have been in the location for several 1000's of a long time. The town struggled fiscally for the duration of the early 20th Century but saw a resurgence in the latter half of the Century and prior to the pandemic, Dublin experienced in close proximity to total work amounts.

It is deemed one of Europe’s most youthful cities and is famed for its bars, pubs, and dining establishments. It is the hometown of Guinness beer, the birthplace of Oscar Wilde, Conor McGregor, and even the lion in the MGM logo.

The bands Thin Lizzy, Boyzone, Westlife, and U2 all fashioned in Dublin, also.

Regrettably, as is frequently the circumstance in the most significant cities and the place there is a big number of pubs and bars, Dublin has the maximum criminal offense price, for each capita, of wherever in Eire.

2. Limerick

What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!
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  • Population: 94,000

Ireland’s third premier town, Limerick, was established by the Vikings and was incorporated even ahead of London.

It has extremely powerful backlinks to the US, with no fewer than 10 geographic locations in the US all bearing the identify Limerick. John F Kennedy’s great-grandfather Thomas Fitzgerald will come from Bruff in Co. Limerick.

The consume, Irish espresso, which combines coffee and Irish whiskey was also invented in the town. Although typically regarded as a welcoming and welcoming town, Limerick has the optimum variety of intercourse crimes recorded in Eire.

3. Waterford

What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!
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  • Population: 53,504

Limerick is an old city, but it is Waterford, the country’s fifth most well-liked city with a population of fifty three,000, that lays claim to becoming the oldest metropolis in the place. It was incorporated in 1171, the very same yr as Dublin, but Waterford was outlined very first. Reginald’s Tower nevertheless stands as a monument to the city’s Viking founders and retains its Viking title. Far more recently, it is identified as currently being the starting up level of Ryanair’s first flight and is house to a number of festivals through the year.

Noteworthy folks to have been born in Waterford consist of composer Gilbert O’Sullivan, and Harry Electricity, the Australian Bushranger.

4. Cork

What Is The Most Dangerous City In Ireland? What You Need To Know!
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  • Population: 210,000

The 2nd largest town in Eire, Cork, has a inhabitants of 210,000 people and is an additional town settled by Vikings in the 9th Century. It was deemed an important portion of the Scandinavian investing network at the time.

Cork was granted city charter in 1185 and it is property to a number of internet sites and properties of substantial historical importance. It has robust ties to Gaelic video games and, possessing returned with potatoes from The united states, Cork is exactly where the very first ever potato was planted.

Cork has the optimum murder price in Eire with 42 murders across a 5 yr interval.


Ireland is deemed a pleasant and welcoming country, but like all international locations, there are some metropolitan areas that are regarded as more hazardous than other people. It is Dublin, the capital and by significantly the premier metropolis in the region, that comes out in advance in most violent criminal offense stories, even though Limerick, Waterford, and Cork may also be considered between some of the more hazardous areas to visit on the Emerald Isle.


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