What Is the Safest City in Ecuador? Is the Country Safe In General? 2022 Update

Though small villages in Ecuador are the most secure locations to go to, Cuenca is regarded as the safest metropolis for travelers or retirees. It has a fairly reduced criminal offense charge, specially for a bigger town, and a big inflow of retired expat inhabitants.

In addition to becoming really secure, Cuenca is a hotbed of stunning landscapes and abundant lifestyle. The city is in the Highlands of the Andes mountains, and it is a metropolis of the UNESCO World Heritage website. In other phrases, there are tons to see and do in this secure Ecuadorian city.

If you want to understand much more about Cuenca, its protection, and a lot more, scroll down.

The Safest City in Ecuador – Cuenca

The full title of Cuenca is Santa Ana de Los Cuatro Rios de Cuenca. It is the funds town of the Azuay Province, situated in the southern heart of the country’s Highlands. Cuenca is about 8400 ft above sea degree and has a rather urban populace, full with about 661,685 inhabitants.

Cuenca is considered to be a single of the oldest metropolitan areas in the Americas. The area has been occupied by indigenous empires, which includes the Canari and Inca empires. There is even evidence that inhabitants were in this location as early as 8060 BC.

In the 1500s, the Spanish settled the metropolis and named it following the city of Cuenca in Spain. Throughout the colonial era, the city ongoing to develop. Cuenca grew to become an essential element of Ecuador’s independence, and Cuenca received its possess independence in 1820.

Nowadays, Cuenca is a favorite city to go to in Ecuador. Natives enjoy the city simply because of its cultural, economic, and educational advantages. The city is so wonderful that numerous expats from the United States, Canada, and Argentina have moved there as properly.

What Is the Safest City in Ecuador? Is the Country Safe In General? 2022 Update
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Crime Rates in Cuenca

Based on most crime reports, Cuenca has quite low to average crime costs in virtually all sectors. his makes Cuenca much safer than many other metropolitan areas in Ecuador and towns in other nations. Even if you assess criminal offense charges in Cuenca to crime charges of towns in America, Cuenca comes out safer.

The most common criminal offense reported in Cuenca is vandalism and petty theft, such as pickpocketing. In accordance to Numbeo, the city’s crime charge is fifty five.43 for vandalism and petty theft, which is moderate in comparison to other metropolitan areas in the country and planet.

Crimes related to stolen cars, bodily attacks, and verbal insults are extremely minimal. Bodily assaults primarily based on faith, gender, nationality, and skin color are specially reduced in this spot.

Due to the fact Cuenca has fairly lower criminal offense prices, it has a security score of 78.eighty two when strolling on your own throughout the working day. This signifies that your security charge is deemed higher in Cuenca. In other phrases, it’s not likely that you will turn into the sufferer of a criminal offense during these occasions.

Just like in any other metropolis, walking on your own at evening isn’t really as secure. The security fee for going for walks by itself throughout the night time is forty five.17, which is moderate. This is about the same protection ranking as any other massive metropolis in the globe.

All around, Cuenca is the most secure town in Ecuador simply because of these reduced criminal offense charges. For a town the size of Cuenca to only have very low to average crime prices implies that you really do not have to fear too much about getting the victim of criminal offense, but you must still apply basic safety safety measures.

What to Do in Cuenca

No matter whether you are seeking to check out or shift to Cuenca, there is a whole lot you can do. This city is gorgeous and crammed with historical internet sites and lovely organic landscapes.

Cuenca is a favorite for its historic significance. This metropolis is outlined as a World Heritage site simply because its structures and historical internet sites are still standing nowadays. Some of the a lot more common sites include the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Parque Abdon Calderon.

Apart from the historic buildings, the town itself has a tiny-town ambiance. This permits you to immerse by yourself in the culture. There are tons of regional artisans and restaurants that visitors and expats alike adore. You can even locate lots of Panama hat makers here.

If you are more of a admirer of natural scenery, Cuenca has that too. Just ten minutes from the town, you can discover the Tomebamba River. Of course, likely a bit even more from the city, you will get to see the Andes Mountains and some of the most gorgeous peaks on the world.

What Is the Safest City in Ecuador? Is the Country Safe In General? 2022 Update
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Other Safe Cities in Ecuador

In comparison to numerous other South American countries, Ecuador is really secure. Over the very last handful of decades, the federal government has manufactured tremendous strides to eradicate dangerous crimes, especially those linked with gangs and drugs. As a end result, there are in fact really a couple of safe towns in Ecuador.

Most certainly, all the small villages in the place are relatively secure. The downside to these villages is that they are exceptionally little, and you will almost always have to converse Spanish, but they are a fantastic website to visit if you want to backpack via the genuine Ecuadorian villages.

Some more substantial metropolitan areas are safe as properly. Significantly like Cuenca, Vilcabamba, Salinas, and Cotacachi are common areas for expats and retirees, generating the metropolitan areas protected for locals and vacationers.

In comparison, Quito and Guayaquil are more hazardous. This is mainly since the towns are considerably greater than the other folks, creating them far more well-liked for robbers and criminals. Moreover, areas close to the Colombian border are considerably significantly less safe simply because there are a lot more difficulties with drug trafficking and gang violence. These places are restricted for touring, although.

How to Stay Safe in Ecuador

Even though Cuenca is a really safe city, you even now want to exercising caution and great judgment when traveling all around. You will want to preserve your belongings out of sight and secured so that you are not the sufferer of a theft or pickpocketing plan.

You also want to be mindful when going for walks close to by by yourself. This isn’t quite unsafe for the duration of the working day, but it becomes considerably less risk-free for the duration of the nighttime. If you can, try to keep away from walking all around the dark metropolis by yourself at night.

In most respects, remaining safe in Cuenca is similar to staying safe in any other massive metropolis. Be aware of your surroundings and exercising caution to consider to keep oneself safe.


We hope you have loved reading about the safest town Cuenca. This medium-sized city has a modest-town ambiance and is house to numerous retirees and expats, making it an amazingly protected metropolis. You can also get to knowledge regional lifestyle, history, and nature, but still exercise very good judgment given that crime is not nonexistent.

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