What Is the State Flower of Louisiana? How Was It Decided?

You might be shocked to discover that the condition flower, the magnolia tree, is not indigenous to Louisiana. Its dense branches sprawl all throughout the South and even in other nations around the world. You may ponder why a state would select a flower as its symbol that wasn’t specifically exclusive to the region—or even a flower. It is really a flowering tree!

Just set, the Louisiana Legislature decided on the magnolia of no presented species for the state flower in 1900 because several kinds flourish in the condition. Nevertheless, opponents promoted the Iris in its stead for practically 100 several years. Here’s how the conflict was solved, ensuing in Louisiana’s southern woman remaining the state symbol for more than a hundred and twenty several years.

At a Glance: How to Spot the State Flower

Type: Evergreen or deciduous hardwood tree
Color: Green leaves with creamy white blossoms
Blooms: Late winter through midsummer
Size: Up to 70 ft. tall and 50 ft. wide

Magnolia trees tend to spread out and can be nearly as extensive as they are tall. They are a common choice all around homes and town parks and are notable pieces of the landscape on historic plantation grounds. Swish and resilient, the magnolia tree has a durable trunk that can silently courageous many of the hurricanes and tropical storms that plague the condition.

Although other buildings around it could arrive and go by way of the decades, the magnolia frequently life for a century or more. This tree normally grows more compact shoots called suckers close to its trunk that appear like element of the tree but are actually mini-magnolia trees that can endure independently after the mom tree has passed, or if they are uprooted and planted in other places when their root programs are proven.

pink magnolia tree flower blossoming
Image Credit: MabelAmber, Pixabay


The Louisiana Legislature voted the magnolia tree as the point out flower in 1900. The only documented reason is that it is a plant that grows abundantly in the Bayou Point out. Opponents argued for the Iris alternatively since the magnolia is not really distinctive to the area. Certainly, Mississippi ultimately adopted the magnolia as their state flower in 1952.

Nonetheless, individuals cherished the magnolia and imagined it experienced a greater connotation with the exterior entire world than the swamp-dwelling Iris. Louisianans grumbled that their neighbors currently connected the condition with nothing at all but cypress trees, wetlands, and alligators, so they argued that the Iris would not aid their case. Sooner or later, the debate ended with the magnolia remaining the condition flower and the Iris voted as the condition wildflower in 1990.

white magnolia tree flower
Image Credit: Ralphs_Fotos, Pixabay

Cultural References

Established in Louisiana, Metal Magnolias is a perform and a motion picture that references the point out flower. It was filmed on place in Natchitoches, LA in 1989. Despite the fact that it is deemed a fiction drama, it was based mostly on a true story and highlights the resilient, loving local community kept by Louisianan females. Like the magnolia blossom, the females in this state are deemed fragile blossoms, but they are more robust than they search. The movie was a effectively-identified accomplishment that served Julia Roberts increase to fame. Maybe it gave the magnolia tree added significance and recognition given that the tree persevered as the point out flower, significantly like the ladies in the tale.

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No matter whether you’re in the metropolis or the place, you are very likely to place the magnolia tree while you are in Louisiana. If you locate a young sapling, it will probably be there for a hundred several years or more. Though the magnolia is not a native Louisianan plant, it resonates culturally with the people simply because it develops strong roots that can endure a long time of hurricanes and other normal disasters, although in no way failing to supply gorgeous white blossoms each and every spring.



Showcased Picture Credit history: djacoby, Pixabay