What Is the State Insect of Nevada? How Was It Decided?

The condition insect of Nevada has been the vivid dancer damselfly (Argia vivida) since 2009. It was decided in a university contest held in Las Vegas. The fourth graders of the John R. Beatty Elementary college selected this prosperous blue insect as it resembles Nevada’s official colours.

The bill to make the vivid dancer the official insect was authorized by the state’s assembly and senate. Ultimately, Governor Jim Gibbons signed Senate Monthly bill 166, generating numerous students satisfied. You can find the vivid dancer talked about as the state’s formal insect in the Nevada Revised Statutes, Title 19, Chapter 235, Segment 235.062.

The vivid dancer is one particular of the hundred damselfly species discovered across the US. It is widespread close to Nevada’s ponds, particularly in late August. Let’s explore why the vivid dancer is honored as Nevada’s official insect.

Vivid Dancer Damselfly: A Transient Overview

Vivid dancers are blue-and-black modest damselflies. These are lively insects that are noticed traveling almost everywhere in the US. They are harmless to individuals, but when it comes to other tiny traveling bugs, they can be fierce predators.

You can effortlessly identify a vivid dancer damselfly by its visual appeal. They seem like a dragonfly but have a placing electric blue coloration.

The grownup males have distinctive darkish stripes on their thorax in the condition of an urn (extensive from the prime and narrower from the bottom). As the stripe goes halfway down, it turns into a fantastic line. Their stomach is blue with triangle spots and black rings. Even so, the grownup feminine vivid dancers are brown or tan alternatively of blue.

vivid dancer damsefly perched on a twig
Image Credit history: Warren Parker, Shutterstock

Vivid Dancer Damselfly: Taxonomic Hierarchy

The vivid dancer damselfly is carefully relevant to the dragonfly. They are current in the buy Odonata, which involves all the dragonflies and damselflies species identified worldwide. Below is a thorough taxonomic hierarchy of these bugs:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Course: Insecta
Buy: Odonata
Suborder: Zygoptera (Damselflies)
Family: Coenagrionidae (Slim-winged Damselflies)
Genus: Argia
Species: Vivida

Vivid Dancer Damselfly: How Was It Decided As Nevada’s Official Insect?

A contest was arranged in Nevada in 2009 that included the Gifted and Proficient Schooling (GATE) and fourth-quality lecture rooms to pick the state’s official insect. Nevada was one of the 8 states with no official insect at that time. The contest was accessible to all homeschooled, general public, and personal students.

These classrooms have been requested to nominate an insect and submit a single-website page analysis essay in its help. A complete of 74 school rooms participated in the contest, symbolizing fifty seven colleges in the point out. The winners ended up the fourth graders from John R. Beatty Elementary School on Concealed Palms Parkway.

On March four, 2009, Senator Joyce Woodhouse presented Senate Invoice 166 in the Point out Senate to identify vivid dancer damselfly as Nevada’s official insect. Quickly, Governor Jim Gibbons signed the invoice, making Nevada the 43rd condition with an formal insect. The bill was presently accepted by the state’s assembly and senate.

A few learners from John R. Beatty Elementary School’s classroom testified for the vivid dancer in the legislative hearings. They advised the legislators that they selected the damselfly due to the fact the insect is popular through the condition, and its colors resemble Nevada’s official colours.

vivid dancer damselfly
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Vivid Dancer Damselfly: Selection, Habitat, and Diet program

The elegance of the vivid dancer damselfly is not constrained to their complimentary hues. Their distinctive assortment, habitat, and diet plan also make them the very best choice as Nevada’s official insect. Here is a swift overview:


The vivid dancer damselflies are common through the state. They are also noticed touring to Jap British Columbia, Alberta, and South to Texas, Baja California, and New Mexico. These striking damselflies are also spotted in Idaho. The grownup flight time starts on April 15 and carries on till October twenty five.


Vivid Dancer damselflies are mostly observed in spring-fed ponds and streams. They continue to be shut to the area they had been born, which can be arid or semi-arid regions. The species has the most extended flight season amongst the dragonflies and damselflies.


The babies or nymphs of damselflies consume larvae of several aquatic bugs, including mayflies, mosquitoes, and other individuals. The adults’ diet plan contains developed-up soft-bodied bugs, this kind of as flies, moths, mayflies, and mosquitoes. You could also discover them catching on little bugs, like aphids, from crops.

vivid dancer damselfy mating on branch
Picture Credit: Warren Parker, Shutterstock


The males set up territories around their favourite habitats. To mate, the male grabs the female throughout the flight. When mating, the male stays attached to their associate whilst she lays eggs in vegetation. The female vivid dancer damselfly normally oviposits on aquatic crops.

As the eggs hatch, nymphs go through 10–12 instars or levels for the duration of improvement. When nymphs increase older, they appear out of the aquatic habitat and get rid of their exoskeleton. As soon as it’s fully drop, the nymph turns into an grownup vivid dancer damselfly.

The grownups stay for several months and can be observed during the heat months. You are probably to place grownup bugs near the water habitats.

Are Damselflies Very same as Dragonflies?

If you are not an entomologist, you may possibly not be in a position to locate a clear big difference in the visual appeal of dragonflies and damselflies. Nonetheless, individuals who examine insects can notify the variation when the two insects land or are not flying.

A dragonfly retains its wings straight or horizontal like an airplane. On the other hand, a damselfly retains its wings folded on its back again, comparable to a butterfly. Also, damselflies are smaller than their counterparts.

Both insects are energetic hunters. The males select an excellent perch location that provides them a very clear see of the traveling insects, like mosquitos. Dragonflies and damselflies enjoy catching and consuming mosquitoes and other little flying insects. They scoop their prey with their basket-like legs and consume them with their effective jaws.


Vivid dancer damselflies are electrical blue insects current in abundance across the region. In Nevada, they are observed traveling near aquatic habitats, including streams, ponds, and rivers. Vivid dancers stay, eat, and reproduce in arid and semi-arid locations.

Since of its shade, a team of pupils considered the vivid dancer damselfly as the official insect of Nevada. Last but not least, it acquired identified on the condition amount in 2009, and considering that then, vivid dancers have been the state insect of Nevada.

Damselflies and dragonflies look rather related. So make certain you know how to distinguish equally when searching for gorgeous vivid dancers in Nevada.


Highlighted Image Credit: Sundry Images, Shutterstock