What Is the State Tree of Michigan? How Was It Decided?

It’s no key that Michigan has quite the assortment of trees and other native crops. As you push your way via the Reduce Peninsula and cross the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula, one of the towering pines that you are going to definitely appear throughout is the eastern white pine.

As Michigan’s point out tree, you are probably guessing that this tree has some sort of crucial history—you’d be proper. The japanese white pine (Pinus strobus) is a symbol of Michigan’s rich logging historical past. Preserve reading to understand a lot more about it.

Michigan’s Logging History and the Importance of the White Pine

Japanese White Pine
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The japanese white pine grew to become Michigan’s official point out tree on March four, 1955 by Community Act 7. It is also the state tree of Maine, although not fully for the identical factors.

Michigan led the country in lumber generation from the 1860s to the late 1890s. In accordance to Hillary Pine, Michigan’s Decrease Northern Peninsula historian for the Michigan History Middle, the lumber market, “Brought $4 billion into Michigan’s economic climate. And that was income then—not modified for inflation.”

White pine wooden is amazingly lightweight but robust. It is the perfect building substance. On leading of that, it floats, so it was easy for lumberjacks to transportation these trees for miles by way of the state’s many rivers, lakes, and other waterways.

Thanks to the state’s sandy, acidic soil, the white pine thrives below, even though they are most frequent in the center and northern areas of the Reduce Peninsula and up into the Higher Peninsula.

About the Eastern White Pine

This towering pine tree was named the “Tree of Peace” by the Iroquois. These trees stay to be more than 200 many years aged, with some residing to 500 years aged. It is the tallest tree in the eastern half of North The usa.


You can determine a white pine tree but the blue-environmentally friendly, delicate clusters of needles. These needles always develop in bundles of five, which assists differentiate them from the equivalent-searching red and jack pines. On the red and jack pines, their needles increase in bundles of two rather.

Japanese white pines have crimson-brown bark that seems like scales. Their cones are usually 3–8 inches extended. Every single cone is made up of modest, winged seeds.


It’s challenging to overlook a white pine. Most increase 50–100 feet tall.

Value for Wildlife

Birds and mammals really like to feed on the white pine’s seeds and shoot. Even the inner bark is eaten by some animals like beavers, hares, and porcupines. On best of that, the bark gives excellent shelter and nesting internet sites. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, mourning doves, and chickadees all contact the white pine property.


There are several uses for white pine wooden. It is delicate and simple to work with, but it doesn’t warp easily. It also has much less knots and resin than many other conifers located in the US. Today, it is most typically utilised for cupboards, household furniture, doorways, and moldings. Several people also select it for their Xmas trees.


Regardless of whether you previously dwell in Michigan or plan to pay a visit to the region, be certain to appear all around and recognize the towering eastern white pine. The soft, blue-environmentally friendly needles are beautiful to appear at, and with so many makes use of for wildlife and people, you’ll hopefully have a further appreciation for how important this tree was—and nevertheless is—to the region.

Highlighted Picture Credit: Than Sapyaprapa, Shutterstock