What Size Dehumidifier Do You Need? What You Need To Know

Exclusively created with one particular goal in mind—keeping humidity stages low—dehumidifiers are incredibly common in the “wet” states. They occur at a reasonable price tag and do a respectable work of managing moisture. But wait: how do you know which a single to decide? What’s the best size for you? It relies upon on how large/small your room is. For case in point, a 500–1,500-sq. feet room calls for a thirty-pint device.

So, just before you get any dehumidifier, make positive to examine its capacity (measured in pints). As long as you know the dimension of your room, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a suitable dehumidifier for it. There’s a great deal much more to this, of system. Read on, and we’ll support you make the right select!

Dehumidifiers: How Do They Work?

If you reside someplace in Nevada, Arizona, or, let’s say, Utah, you are possibly a big admirer of humidifiers, as they help survive the dry local climate. In contrast, men and women from locations with intense humidity ranges want the complete opposite: a gadget that will consider some of that humidity absent and keep the residence dry. That is when dehumidifiers come in! The concept driving these “humidity killers” is comparatively basic.

Basically, they draw air in, suck all the moisture out and push the now-dry air back again into the area. There are two sorts of dehumidifiers. Very first, we have absorbers/ desiccants that “trap” moisture with silica gel (identified for soaking drinking water in). Or, you can buy a refrigerant that cools the air and frees it of dampness. On best of lowering humidity ranges, dehumidifiers assist get rid of musty odors and avert mildew development.

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What’s the Right Size for You?

Portability, vitality efficiency, and pricing are all quite critical. Nonetheless, the #1 factor when picking a dehumidifier ought to be its ability. If it’s way too lower, the device simply will not be able to hold the place dry. Therefore, the greater the room, the larger the dehumidifier should be. To deal with a 500–1,five hundred-sq. ft damp space, you will need a 25–40-pint device.

For a bigger place (2,000–2,five hundred-sq. feet), make sure the capability is at minimum forty five pint (50, to be secure). Finally, a potential of 60–70 pints is only supposed for truly huge residing rooms or basements with over two,500 sq. ft. We’re talking about moist rooms below. If the humidity amounts are way earlier mentioned the typical, a dehumidifier’s efficiency will drop by thirty% and by up to sixty% if the home is extremely moist.

It’s All About the Calculations

You need to know in advance how big or small every single room is ahead of purchasing a dehumidifier. Otherwise, it will either be way too weak or way as well sturdy, and you will essentially be losing cash on it. Figuring out the sq. footage of a space doesn’t get considerably effort, although. Very first, measure the size and then examine the width. After you’ve received equally figures prepared down, multiply them to get the square feet.

But what if the space has an uneven condition? Effectively, then you will have to break it down into smaller sized areas to get accurate measurements. A swift notice: if you want to dehumidify an area which is greater than two,five hundred square ft, it would be clever to get in a whole-home dehumidifier. Accurate, it will cost a pretty penny, but if you join it to a central heating/air method, in the extended run, it will be a useful expenditure.

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Are Dehumidifiers Effective?

Indeed, these units are properly value their value. If you have a hygrometer, evaluate the humidity stages in a place ahead of and right after employing a dehumidifier. You will have to give it at minimum 5–6 several hours to do its job, but you’ll evidently see that moisture stages in the air are, certainly, dropping. Besides, as mentioned before, the significantly less humid a property/room is, the tougher it will be for mould to develop.

More importantly, if you have trouble breathing or bronchial asthma, a dehumidifier will assist with that. And lastly, lower humidity ranges eliminate most allergens, retaining every single single individual (and domestic animal) in the home more healthy. So, yes, dehumidifiers are quite efficient, and in a lot more than one way.

What’s the Ideal Humidity for My Room?

For most people and pets, the excellent humidity degree is 30–50%. Anything at all decrease is regarded as to be also dry anything at all increased than fifty% is extremely humid. Some specialists assert 30–40% is the best selection other people say even 60% is normal. These values will vary a little bit dependent on the local weather, of program.

People dwelling in most South American nations are utilised to substantial humidity, although the northern US states are recognized for their reduced humidity amounts. Bear in mind: the colder it is, the drier the air will be, and vice versa. For that reason, if you live somewhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Maine, you will probably need to have to get a humidifier alternatively of a dehumidifier.

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How Long Does a Dehumidifier Last?

On average, these gadgets serve for 5–10 several years, which is really a good lifespan for their price (a lot more on that quickly). So, how can you make a humidifier very last longer? As usually, the solution is servicing. Initial, really do not overlook to regularly modify the air filters. To maximize the lifespan of the dehumidifier, set up a brand name-new filter each 6–12 months.

The drinking water bucket, coils, and grills really don't require to be replaced. Instead, hold them thoroughly clean, and they will go on for a lot of several years. A swift note: most brands promote their products with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Sometimes, it’s a 1-12 months offer in other instances, they include the device for its life time. Make sure to examine the warranty prior to producing a purchase.

Common Signs of Failure

Dehumidifiers do not previous without end, and they do split down when in a although. Here’s a swift seem at the most widespread issues:

  • Takes a couple of tries to turn on. Before you take the dehumidifier to a repair shop, check the electric outlet (just plug a phone or a lamp into it). If the outlet is working fine, it’s the dehumidifier’s control board to blame. Don’t try fixing it manually—let a pro handle it.
  • Hard to shut it off. This is another common issue: the device turns on easily but refuses to turn off. This could be a sign that the dehumidifier’s capacity is too low for the room. If not, most likely, it’s the humidity sensor’s fault—it’s getting the wrong readings. Sometimes, this can lead to frost building up inside of the device.
  • Makes lots of loud noises. Check all the screws and brackets. If they’re loose, a screwdriver will help solve the issue and avoid costly repairs.
  • Leaking water. This is often caused by a displaced collection bucket. Or, there might be a crack here and there letting water escape. Is the bucket in prime condition? Then a poorly connected drain hose is what’s causing all this trouble.
  • Poor performance. Speaking of the hose, it can also affect overall performance. So, if you’re noticing that the dehumidifier isn’t collecting water like it used to, diagnose the drain hose.

How Much for a Brand-New Device?

This is dependent on the dimension of the dehumidifier. A medium-sized system that you can go from one particular space to one more will set you back again $200–450. A complete-home set up, in switch, will be accessible for at the very least $one,000, with the typical value hanging in the $1,000–2,000 variety. That’s how considerably it is likely to price to have a dehumidifier set up in a tiny or average-sized home. If you possess a a lot even bigger residence, the cost will be 20–45% increased.

Along with the measurement and the ability, the price tag will be dictated by the ductwork and the furnace/HVAC technique that is presently in location. The spot that you dwell in will also influence the closing cost. So, prior to generating an order, get estimates and rates from at least a few of neighborhood contractors.


If you stay in one of the southern states, you know what it feels like to get your outfits soaked following 5 minutes of operate. And this is the least of the troubles! Fatigue, weariness, and the danger of your entire body overheating are some of the worst facet consequences of abnormal dampness stages. Thankfully, there is a treatment for that—a portable or total-home dehumidifier.

Stick to our instructions closely, get a unit that can “handle” the measurement of your space, get it related, and enjoy a dry weather! Dehumidifiers have a fantastic lifespan, arrive at a sensible cost, and get minor hard work in routine maintenance. Far more importantly, they get the task accomplished. Just change it on, and the device will do the relaxation!



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