When Is the Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub? (2022 Guide)

While hot tubs are a requirement for some, they are far more frequently a luxury for most. Generating the selection to acquire a scorching tub is not as impulsive as selecting to get takeout for dinner, and there are a number of variables to take into account. The correct time to acquire a scorching tub will differ from individual to particular person, dependent on their needs, price range, and time body.

In this post, we split down the ideal and worst moments to buy a very hot tub and how you can catch a fantastic deal.

Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub

1. Low Demand Season

The reduced-demand period typically commences in September, even late August, and is a expense-successful time to acquire a very hot tub. Very hot tub manufacturers generally have minimum purchase quantities or will offer generous reductions on huge quantity orders. As a result, most retailers will acquire way too a lot stock and try out to offload excessive inventory by means of a sale.

2. When Retailers Clear Out Their Inventory

When need is reduced, suppliers will commence clearing out their extra inventory. You will typically discover discount rates on their in-stock warehouse products. They will typically go for a much better price tag since there is an urgency to get rid of it.

This is since their stock is generally financed, and what doesn’t get offered will start off accumulating fascination. By late summer season, most sizzling tub merchants return their focus to sizzling tubs and get started planning their Drop hot tub income.

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3. Floor Model Clearance Sales

When suppliers have started receiving rid of their inventory during the lower-demand from customers year, the subsequent period is clearing out demo models on exhibit on the keep flooring. Stores will typically preserve dropping the cost as the season progresses, making this a fantastic time to purchase a hot tub if you are prepared to wait. This may possibly also imply that even though you are getting a excellent value, your choices might be restricted.

Worst Time to Buy a Hot Tub

1. High Demand Season

When scorching tubs are in demand from customers and product sales peak, so does the price. Until your spending budget is not an issue, this is the worst time to acquire a hot tub.

2. County Fairs and Off-Site Events

Numerous consumers are unaware of the genuine expenses of buying goods, which is one of the motives they are led to think that outdoors functions are the greatest place to purchase a very hot tub. County fairs are one particular of the most pricey areas to show and sell hot tubs. Renting a booth is a high cost, with additional fees this sort of as insurance policy, water, electricity, setting up and breaking down, accommodation, vacation, and commissions, which signifies a higher markup. It can be useful to window store or look through about at these off-site occasions, and if you see something you like, seem up the producer on the web and identify your closest store.

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How To Find a Good Deal on Hot Tubs

Whilst purchasing a hot tub at the proper time can preserve you some cash, it’s not the only aspect that can make it a great deal. A scorching tub consists of extended-time period costs and could not be suitable for each and every loved ones. To get the greatest price, think about these factors:

  • What is your reason for buying a hot tub? There are various models with different features, so it’s important to know what you need from your hot tub. Before you search for a hot tub, fine-tune your reasons for wanting or needing one. If it is to simply relax, you won’t need one with all the bells and whistles.
  • Are there any ongoing costs? The purchase price is not the most critical factor in getting the best deal; you also need to consider ongoing costs. Consider how much it will cost for you to run, maintain, and fix. Cheaper models will generally need more repairs, and more expensive models may be costly to run.
  • Don’t be hustled by sales reps. Most sales reps earn money through commission, and their number one goal is to make a sale. They will also try to sell you something you don’t need, with extra features that raise the price. Make sure you do your research and stay within your budget.
  • Don’t hold back on negotiating. There is typically always wiggle room to negotiate a price, as the markups are generally high. Be confident and willing to take your business elsewhere, but don’t be greedy and unreasonable. Negotiating skills can go a long way in getting you a good deal.
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What To Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

Just before sealing the deal on a hot tub, consider these variables:

  • Where will you put it? Hot tubs generally need a flat and even surface. Consider your space availability and whether your yard or deck is suitable for a hot tub.
  • Additional Features: Some hot tubs come with various added features. Do some research beforehand to understand what they are and whether you need them.
  • Climate: Your location will also determine what type of hot tub you should buy. Certain materials will suit different environments, so consider what is ideal for your location before shopping.


The greatest and worst time to buy a hot tub differs from individual to man or woman, according to their wants and spending budget. If you are searching to conserve cash, the greatest time to purchase a scorching tub would be in the minimal-demand from customers season when retailers are cleansing out their inventory and obtaining rid of floor designs. When searching for the ideal offer, take into account the lengthy-term expenses, and do your analysis to stay away from acquiring hustled by a revenue rep. Take into account your causes for wanting a very hot tub to fine-tune what you are seeking for, which will support you uncover the best sizzling tub for you with the ideal deal.


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