When to Add Compost to a Garden? When’s the Best Time?

Healthy soil is one of the most significant contributing variables to a healthful backyard garden. A tremendous-efficient and straightforward way to enhance soil quality is with compost. There are distinct opinions on how much and how typically, but as a rule, 2–3 inches of compost extra after a 12 months is a excellent beginning point.

Early slide is an excellent time to add the layer of compost because, by the time your springtime planting rolls around, the compost will be broken down and labored into the soil. In addition, when added in the slide, it can aid reduce weed expansion in the yard.

If you aren’t using homemade compost, incorporating the compost a few weeks just before you plant in the spring is ideal. Bagged compost you buy from a provider is currently damaged down, so it can be mixed into the soil appropriate away.

Compost Throughout the Growing Season

Incorporating compost isn’t always a one-and-done point. There are a number of reasons to include compost through the yr, albeit not in as thick of a layer as throughout the slide or spring. Two variables that influence when to insert compost are weather and soil good quality.

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If you reside in an region that receives a good deal of rain often, it can often be very good to include some compost after weighty rainfall to support restore washed-out soil. This will help preserve the high quality of your soil at a sensible level.

Also, if your climate permits for a 12 months-round developing time, you must be incorporating compost twice a yr alternatively of just in the tumble. With out a resting interval between seasons, your vegetation will be draining the soil of its nutrition.

Soil Quality

Trees and vegetable plants need to have lots of nutrients to bloom and bear fruit nicely. So, introducing some compost to boost the soil high quality ahead of they start to flower will give them the extra juice they need to have to provide a excellent harvest.

As the planting cycle proceeds, soil commences to break down. If you discover that the soil seems dense or total of clay, mixing in some compost will assist deliver it back to lifestyle.

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Condition of Compost

The age of the compost is an additional contributing element to when you place it in your backyard. An old, nicely damaged down bag or compost pile will be mostly broken down. So, it will not call for significantly time to mix into your garden’s soil.

Nonetheless, if it’s a comparatively new pile, it will call for far more time to split down ahead of its nutrients function into the soil. This is exactly where adding it in the slide is perfect since it has a handful of months to crack down and perform into the soil prior to you are completely ready for planting.

Compost Isn’t Just for the Garden

While the backyard garden is the most common factor with which we associate including compost, it’s not the only issue. Compost additional to proven grass is referred to as a topdress. This can be done a number of occasions through the yr.

Even if only completed when or two times, it has established to reward grass. Following aerating your lawn in the spring, combine in a slim layer of compost with a rake then blend in some much more in the slide.

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Should I put compost in potted plants?

Including compost to potted plants is an exceptional way of boosting the nutrients in their soil. Incorporating about a single inch for each yr is a excellent rule of thumb. Even so, alter this in accordance to your plant’s certain demands and the beginning soil top quality.

Can I put compost on all plants?

All crops can enjoy advantages from compost. Nonetheless, not all compost is appropriate for all plants. The essential is to know what your compost is produced from so that you have an idea of its pH levels. For case in point, if you have far more acidic compost, it will not advantage vegetation or veggies that call for alkaline soil. In reality, it can be fairly harmful.

Can compost replace soil?

Compost does not substitute the soil it boosts it by incorporating vitamins and minerals and allowing it to breathe better. To thrive, your vegetation need to have their nutrition from the soil by itself. Additionally, compost lacks the density and framework to assistance a plant’s root method.

Does compost replace fertilizer?

It’s a frequent misunderstanding that compost is fertilizer or a fertilizer replacement. But, that is not completely real. Compost enhances the soil, whilst fertilizer provides nutrition immediately to the crops.

On 1 hand, sure, compost can exchange fertilizer if it presents the soil adequate vitamins to give to your vegetation. Nevertheless, if your crops lack distinct nutrients, you need fertilizer.


As you can see, there is no tough and rapidly rule for how typically you should be introducing compost to the soil, but sticking to at least when a calendar year is a good baseline. From there, you can modify the timing as your garden’s demands adjust.

Composting as a gardener is a studying curve. Especially when you start to get into monitoring pH amounts, for case in point. Using your composting to the subsequent stage like this will be a method, but it will make for a great backyard garden.



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