Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches In My House?

In the wild, cockroaches reside in forests, caves, and brushes. They feed on and dispose of natural waste. They also stay in and travel through unsanitary locations and numerous of them favor residing in the warmth of our houses. Not only is it unpleasant to think of roaches dwelling in our houses, but they do have germs, which they go away guiding when walking throughout perform surfaces and in cupboards with food and dishes.

Whilst it isn’t unusual to see one particular or two lifeless roaches, if you see a massive improve in the quantity of lifeless kinds in your home and you seldom, if ever, see any living roaches, it is very likely to be a negative indicator. Often, viewing a massive variety of useless cockroaches in your house implies that you have a sizeable infestation, but it could also indicate that the roaches are currently being killed by predators which includes hearth ants or lizards. In any case, it demands further investigation and actions to eradicate these bugs from your residence.

Cockroaches In The Home

Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches In My House?
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Cockroaches choose dark and risk-free areas to reside. In houses, this signifies that they will live in cracks and crevices of partitions. They can reside in unused drawers, and they are often found powering the fridge, particularly if there is a collection of crumbs and other foods debris to be identified there.

Roaches are tricky to location and notoriously difficult to eliminate. They have a adaptable exoskeleton, which means that they can squeeze through very small gaps and can run the equal of 50 body lengths in a next. Even if you do location 1, and it doesn’t get away, a cockroach can survive strain equivalent to 900 times its possess bodyweight.

Normally, a cockroach will enter a house searching for someplace to nest, shelter, foods, or drinking water. They feed on organic and natural materials, which can include leftover foodstuff, but even the most fastidious of housekeepers will not often avert an infestation. You can minimize the chance of an infestation, however, by cleansing absent filthy dishes straight absent, wiping down worktops and models, and cleansing close to and behind appliances. Pay out specific interest to fruit bowls, perishable goods in the pantry, and to pet meals that is still left in open luggage or in bowls right away.

At the same time, look for indications of cockroaches. Standard symptoms contain modest droppings that are comparable to people of a mouse, egg sacks that are formed like little purses, and shed cockroach skins. Although not likely, it is feasible that you will see a cockroach when you change the gentle on at night and catch them unaware.

Causes Of Dead Cockroaches

If you do see a big variety of lifeless roaches, there are numerous possible triggers:

  • Mice Or Rats – Mice and rats don’t necessarily prefer a cockroach diet, but both will eat them as a food source if hungry enough. While a rat infestation may get rid of a cockroach infestation, it just leaves you with another problem to deal with.
  • Lizards – Pet owners that keep lizards know that roaches are a good source of protein for their pets. If you don’t keep lizards as pets, but you do have a number of house lizards or geckos residing in your property, they could well be eating the roaches, although with rats, mice, and lizards, you are unlikely to find too many leftovers.
  • Fire Ants – Fire ants are predatory insects, and they will attack any insect that they find on what they perceive to be their property and land. They will eat cockroaches and may leave small parts of the body and the wings behind.
  • Playing Dead – Cockroaches do have some excellent defence mechanisms to help them elude capture. One such technique is playing dead, so the dead roach you see may not actually be dead but simply biding its time to make an escape. You are unlikely to find large numbers of cockroaches playing dead, at the same time, however.
  • Cockroach Infestation – Unfortunately, the single most common cause of their being multiple dead cockroaches in your home is that you have a considerably cockroach infestation that has gotten worse. More cockroaches means more competition for water and food, and this ultimately causes more of them to die. If you see a marked increase in the number of cockroaches you have, it may be time to call in a professional disposal service.
Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches In My House?
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Cockroach Eradication

There are some techniques you can use to help get rid of cockroaches if they have nested in your house:


Cockroaches are unappealing and can be unhealthy, spreading micro organism and creating disease. They are also tough to discover, really difficult to catch, and similarly hard to eliminate. Seeing an increase in the amount of dead roaches in your property need to not be regarded as a positive indicator, either. Indeed, it indicates they are dying, but it also very likely signifies that you have a sizeable infestation, and you want to get action to eradicate the problem as soon as possible.

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