Why Does My Toilet Smell? 7 Possible Reasons

No one would like to stroll into their bathroom or, a lot more awkwardly, have a guest walk into their bathroom, and change up their nose thanks to an unpleasant odor.  You have cleaned and disinfected and maybe even lit scented candles, which served momentarily, but the odor is not shifting.

There could be a few causes for the unpleasant odor reeking from your bathroom bowl, so let’s have a search at what you can do to eradicate the odor.

The 7 Reasons Your Toilet Smells

1. Blocked Toilet Drain or Pipe

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If a blockage in your toilet’s drain or pipe is not cleared, it will get started to smell. Very first, you need to have to recognize if products that shouldn’t be flushed have been flushed down the rest room, this kind of as moist wipes, cotton swabs, and dental floss.

You must flush only toilet paper down the rest room and keep away from employing as well a lot paper considering that it can lead to a blockage. If the blockage is substantial, you will want to speak to a plumber as they will have the appropriate instruments and expertise. If the blockage is slight, try out flushing the toilet after to see if it clears the blockage. When there is little water in the bowl, something is most likely preventing ventilation in the pipe. You can use a plunger to release the backup or attempt an enzyme cleaner to split down the blockage.

2. Bacteria in The Pipes

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Most of the time, the horrible bacteria in toilet pipes keep put. Even so, it becomes a issue when germs colonies end up in the rest room bowl and beneath the rim. The germs begin to prosper and increase, and undesirable-smelling odors are emitted when this occurs.

You want to eliminate the micro organism to get rid of the odor, and one particular of the ideal ways to do that is to insert about 50 % a cup of bleach to the cistern and flush it a handful of moments. You should ensure the bleach reaches all the way around the rim. You can also include bleach immediately to the bathroom bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub it. Be confident to cleanse your bathroom at minimum after a 7 days to prevent micro organism from growing.

3. Damaged or Old Wax Seal

Every single bathroom has a waxed ring close to the foundation that is airtight to avoid humidity and bacteria from escaping and growing in little cracks. If the seal gets previous, loose, or broken, sewer gasses can simply escape through the cracks, and you will start off to smell one thing unpleasant. Drinking water that appears to be seeping out of the base of your toilet is the 1st indication of a failing wax ring. Drinking water stains on the ceiling from the ground below are yet another indicator to search for.

Inspect the wax seal to see if it has any harm. If there are cracks, you can utilize caulk to the destroyed location. Even so, if your rest room is free and wobbles, you could require to contact a plumber to substitute it.

4. Low Water Level

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When the water level in the rest room bowl becomes as well reduced, smelly sewer gases can seep out and escape. This could be owing to a blocked pipe that does not permit the h2o degree to achieve exactly where it requirements to be or if you have a pet that constantly drinks out the drinking water bowl and causes the water amount to decrease.

Area the fill tube so that water flows into the overflow tube (the open pipe close to the center of the tank). If this does not take care of the concern, substitute the fill tube. If your thirsty pet is the lead to, hold the bathroom lid shut.

5. Clogged Vents

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Drain vents maintain loos and toilets nicely ventilated. The pipe ventilates and eliminates sewer fuel, permitting air to enter the system and wastewater to stream speedily by way of and into the main sewer line. If this vent is clogged or badly developed, sewer fuel will not be capable to escape. This could be caused by a dead animal, soap scum, or grease that has developed up.

You will need to contact a plumber to repair the dilemma.

6. A Crack in The Toilet

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If your bathroom bowl has a crack on the inside of or outside of the rest room, in the cistern or bowl, over or under the drinking water amount, or anyplace in between, the h2o ranges could get low often and leak out into the drain. Telltale indicators of a cracked toilet are the rest room bowl or cistern are not holding ample water, drinking water pooling on the ground about the rest room, or the filling system is constantly working.

If the crack is considerably less than one/sixteenth of an inch, you should be ready to resolve it oneself, specially if it is over the h2o stage or outside the rest room. You can drain the toilet and fill the crack with a plumber’s epoxy. Cracks below the water will call for the guidance of a expert plumber.

7. Evaporated Water in P-Trap

If the odor comes from a considerably less frequently employed lavatory or you commenced smelling it following returning from an extended holiday getaway, it is because the p-entice has probably operate dry. The “p-trap” is the pipe driving your bathroom that dips down and returns up in the shape of a “p.” It retains sewage gasses from entering your residence and can only perform properly when stuffed with sufficient water. When your family does not use the rest room regularly adequate, the h2o in the p-trap evaporates, allowing sewage gas and its foul odor to enter the bathroom.

This is the most straightforward difficulty to fix. Flush your rest room many moments to re-fill the p-trap with water, making it possible for it to lure and prevent gasses from moving into your property.

Tips for Keeping Your Toilet Smelling Fresh

Making use of a cleanser that is water soluble and can be effortlessly dissolved can help in avoiding foul odors in and around the bathroom. Undertaking this frequently can preserve odors absent for lengthier by stopping microorganisms buildup.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

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Select an appropriate bathroom cleaner that will clear and disinfect the toilet bowl. Your nearby retailer will have a assortment to choose from, or you can make your own by mixing baking soda, white vinegar, and crucial oils these kinds of as tea tree or lavender.

Add Toilet Cleaner to the Cistern

After cleansing your bathroom, insert a couple of drops of rest room cleaner to the flush tank. The toilet cleaner enters the rest room bowl with every single flush, taking away any residue remaining powering. It also assists break down any mineral and limescale deposits and eliminates the require to devote time scrubbing the bathroom to take away stains.

Clean the Outside of the Toilet

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Even though cleansing the bathroom bowl on a standard foundation, we might overlook cleaning the exterior of the rest room, especially the rest room seat. Make confident that the entire toilet is wiped down with a cleansing product even though cleaning it, like the flusher, to avert germs from spreading.

Disinfect Your Toilet Brush

It helps make no distinction how often you scrub and clean your rest room if you use a filthy brush. Soon after every single use, soak the brush and holder in an equal parts vinegar and water answer overnight. Rinse well with sizzling drinking water and permit it to air dry.


There are a couple of factors your toilet could be smelling, and although some are slight and can very easily be remedied, sometimes it is much better to get in touch with in the experts. Even though it’s wonderful to light scented candles and store all around for beautiful smelling air fresheners, they are not remedies and will temporarily mask the uncomfortable scent. Thankfully, the motives for a smelly toilet all have remedies, and there is no need for you or your friends to have to deal with a foul-smelling toilet.



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