Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working? (5 Likely Reasons)

Each house is like a functioning organism that thrives on daily rituals. Keeping your kitchen area and trying to keep it cleanse and tidy is essential in having treatment of your personal room. A garbage disposal performs a crucial role in keeping a neat kitchen spot. Because this unit is currently being used several times all through the day, it tends to malfunction from time to time. Troubles with the garbage disposal can be momentary or long lasting, which is why operating these diagnostics is essential.

In the article below, you can uncover some of the most frequent factors why your garbage disposal may stop working and straightforward remedies that really don't call for a expert.

The five Factors Your Garbage Disposal Isn’t Doing work

one. H2o Leak

water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor
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Water leaking in your garbage disposal is a really widespread problem in most homes. The largest explanation for this is the continual vibration that the mounting apparatus has to endure. It is the main stage that holds the equipment to the opening of the sink drain. Problems with your garbage disposal leaking can occur in several locations, and if you suspect your dilemma is of this character, it is needed to check out each attainable place. The most typical places exactly where a leak may take place are the sink flange, the relationship to the discharge, and the connection hose to the dishwasher.

If the concern takes place at the sink flange, 1st verify to see if the mounting bolts are limited enough. If they are, the leak may be induced by a plumber’s putty becoming out of get. Install a new layer of plumber’s putty amongst the sink flange and the sink, likely close to the flange. If the leak occurs at the dishwasher relationship, possibly tighten the hose clamp or change the hose entirely. If the leak occurs at the link to the discharge, exchange the gasket seal among the disposal and the pipe, and tighten the bolts.

two. Problems with Draining

If your rubbish disposal is getting issues draining the squander appropriately, there is probably a clog. These clogs are most most likely to arise in the drain lure of a pipe that is shaped like the letters S or P. One more clear symptom of a clog will be the h2o backing up into the sink or not draining correctly.

Get rid of the drain entice and discharge pipe and cleanse them of any prospective clogs. If necessary, look for further down the drain line. Clear any particles or accumulation of waste you could locate and assemble the drain trap and discharge pipe again together.

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Check with a HEATING & COOLING specialist

Locate a HVAC, AC and duct professional in your spot, and get free of charge, no-determination estimates for your task.


3. Troubles with the Power Resource

woman turning on power strip
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If your garbage disposal does not change on at all, you most probably have problems with the energy resource. There are numerous factors why your rubbish disposal is refusing to begin and to resolve this problem it is constantly best to begin with the most evident reply. If you have accomplished all you could on your part—checked that it is plugged in, made sure the circuit breaker has not tripped or presently tried out urgent the reset button on the bottom of the unit—without any luck, there is undoubtedly a wiring dilemma on your device. In this situation, you can run even more diagnostics or get in touch with a specialist to do it for you.

Right after switching every thing off and generating sure no electrical power is achieving the garbage disposal, inspect the wire connections. The most probable trigger is loose wire connections tightening them can speedily repair your dilemma. You can also change the change in situation it has broken. If your garbage disposal even now doesn’t work after trying all these steps, you might need to have to acquire a new 1.

4. Defective Motor

An additional widespread issue that happens really frequently in the course of the life span of rubbish disposals is a faulty motor. The motor to the rubbish disposal can end operating when the disposal gets to be as well jammed or if a overseas item falls in. When this transpires, you may possibly consider your garbage disposal motor has burned out, which is not constantly the case, so make sure to examine there aren’t any jams. Since a burnt-out motor will have to be changed, it is suggested to make certain there aren’t any other fixable concerns at stake. Prior to leaping to any repairs, make positive to check out the warranty at your disposal. If the warranty is even now in location, stop all repairs and just take it to the place of purchase.

Most models occur with a wrench, which you can use to switch the disposal blades back again and forth to guarantee the motor is not jammed. Sometimes resetting the unit for around twenty or thirty seconds does the task. The reset button is on the bottom of the device. If you persistently want to reset the device or it refuses to change on, the motor possibly failed, and you could want to exchange it.

5. Overheating

Garbage disposal
Impression Credit rating: Minerva Studio, Shutterstock

Overheating is the primary lead to of your garbage disposal not doing work correctly. You will be in a position to tell when your rubbish disposal is overheating if it stops doing work in the middle of a process. It will typically start functioning once more after cooling down. This can happen if you usually use the rubbish disposal with out breaks and give it challenging jobs. Several individuals dread their motor has burnt out when this happens, but this scenario should not worry you, as your unit will soon keep on working as normal.

When your device stops doing work in the middle of the task, reset the device and hold out for it to amazing down. After undertaking these actions, your unit ought to be operating accurately yet again. Make certain to use it in short intervals to stop this from occurring once more.


After you examine this write-up meticulously, you are going to hopefully be capable to take care of your garbage disposal on your possess. It is a excellent concept to consider treatment of those small, superficial troubles on your own, and if the concerns get far more severe, you can often seek the support of a expert plumber.

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