Why is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue: 4 Possible Reasons

There is a strange secret plaguing bogs about the planet. Occasionally right after ending your company, you go to flush only to observe that your rest room seat looks blue. You are not likely nuts. There are stories of people’s rest room seats inexplicably turning blue. The great information is that blue bathroom seats, so much, are reasonably harmless. The undesirable news is that the stain, as soon as it sets in, can be very difficult to get rid of.

Below are four attainable causes that your bathroom seat could be turning blue.

The 4 Possible Reasons Why Your Toilet Seat is Turning Blue

1. Potent Hormones

The myth is that a blue bathroom seat is a indication of pregnancy. There is some circumstantial evidence that this could be the case, but nothing at all has been explicitly established. That means that if you spot a blue bathroom seat and you suspect you could be expecting, there could be a relationship but not constantly. Some scientists suspect that blue rest room seats are linked to powerful hormones in the body, including estrogen and progesterone. Elevated levels of these two hormones are in fact connected to being pregnant, but there are some gaps in the relationship.

First, some folks can have high amounts of estrogen and progesterone without being expecting. 2nd, while these two hormones are hesitantly linked to a blue rest room seat, there is no powerful proof that can make this url a surefire issue.

If you spot a blue toilet seat and suspect that you could be pregnant, it may possibly be prudent to consider a being pregnant take a look at just in case. The results could shock you. But what if you are not pregnant or are an individual who is not able to get pregnant? What else could clarify a blue rest room seat?

2. Chromhidrosis

Chromhidrosis is a health care problem marked by the manufacturing of coloured sweat. The condition is incredibly rare, but there are documented instances going again as considerably as 1709. Chromhidrosis is a leading suspect in the thriller of the blue rest room seat. If a person is unwittingly struggling from chromhidrosis, they could be staining their toilet seat via their sweat. The sweat created by individuals with chromhidrosis is a blue or gray colour. Sweat from your legs or backside that is tinged with coloration from chromhidrosis could be causing your rest room seat to slowly change blue over time. Although chromhidrosis could be leading to your rest room seat to flip blue, the problem is incredibly uncommon, and the probability that you have this issue is very small.

If you suspect that you do have chromhidrosis, do not fear. The problem is entirely harmless. While peculiar, chromhidrosis has no adverse facet results other than colored sweat.

3. Clothing Dye

1 of the most straightforward explanations for a blue toilet seat is garments dye. Blue jeans are identified to bleed coloration in particular circumstances. It could be as straightforward as leaving blue dye on your bathroom seat even though pulling your pants up and down. More than time, you will leave adequate dye guiding to start staining the normally white bathroom seat. This is specifically real if your trousers are wet for any explanation, like sweat, a spill, or getting been not too long ago washed. If you are a person who wears blue jeans a good deal or blue trousers, then you could be slowly and gradually staining your bathroom seat with each and every use.

4. Bacteria Growth

Yet another principle is that specific kinds of microorganisms can develop and interact with items such as cleaners, sweat, and grime to leave blue streaks on a bathroom seat. This is 1 of the minimum nicely-recognized explanations for the blue toilet seat phenomenon, but it is even now persuasive. There is a lot of germs existing on people’s pores and skin and on lavatory surfaces. It is not out of the issue to believe that these germs colonies are interacting with other things in the environment to generate a blue shade.

Microorganisms colonies can do a good deal of odd things to the macroscopic globe regardless of currently being invisible to the bare eye. There have even been micro organism colonies that have triggered people’s skin and wounds to glow in the dark because of to an invisible expansion of specific species of microorganisms. It is not out of the concern to consider that particular unique micro organism growing under specific problems could trigger a toilet seat to flip blue. Odder things have happened in mother nature.

But No One Knows for Sure

The bottom line is that whilst these theories are interesting, compelling, and have proof to help them, no a single really is aware for confident what brings about a toilet seat to switch blue. Blue rest room seats are nevertheless mainly a secret. None of these theories have been verified by science beyond the shadow of a question. A lot of of the back links are circumstantial or could just be a strange coincidence. The universe is crammed with strange interactions and unusual coincidences. A single of these explanations could quite nicely be the website link in between you and your oddly blue toilet seat, but no one can be particular.

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Cleaning Up the Blue Toilet Seat Stains

Blue rest room seats can be unattractive and unsettling to search at. If you want to try and get rid of the blue stain, you need to have to use some hefty-obligation cleaners. The negative news is that several men and women report currently being unable to fully take away the blue colour from the toilet seat after it sets in. That is since the color is likely related to germs, bodily fluids, or hormones which can make it very difficult to dislodge.

If you want to consider and take away the blue stain from your bathroom seat, it is advised to try out utilizing bleach, vinegar, or enzyme cleaners. In every circumstance, large scrubbing will be necessary, and that may well not even be sufficient to take away the shade fully. Some individuals have described very good final results from utilizing a magic eraser to deal with the job.

If you cannot get the coloration out of your rest room seat, do not be discouraged. You are not on your own. Lots of individuals have struggled to take away the blue color from their rest room seats when it appears. In some circumstances, it may be required to change the rest room seat completely.


Blue rest room seats carry on to continue being fairly of a secret. Experts and professionals have weighed in on the make a difference with numerous theories, but none have been singled out as the very best response to the issue of the blue bathroom seat. It is possible that there is a relationship to sweat, micro organism, or hormones. It could also be one thing as basic as apparel dye or cleaners leaving colored marks on your toilet. It is extremely hard to know for confident, but these explanations may well supply some aid to the secret taking place in your personal house.



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