Window Glazing Putty vs. Caulk: What Are The Differences?

Even although the window glazing putty and caulk are two really various products, a whole lot of men and women generally feel that they are one particular. Properly, we hate to be the kinds to split it to you guys, but… they are not. And just before you commence throwing tantrums, just hear us out.

Nobody’s disputing the fact that they both near or seal those small gaps located amongst your frames. All we’re saying is, it’s possible to find two really diverse merchandise in the same industry, serving the exact same intrinsic perform. Or don’t you think in co-current?

We know some of these factors can seem a tad bit perplexing, so for the sake of clarity, we drafted this brief piece. If it is all right with you, we’d like to start by looking at the window glazing putty, just before shifting on to caulk.

Need to you hold a diverse impression at the finish of it all, you’re permitted to reach out and share your feelings. Ok? Excellent, let’s start.

Window Glazing Putty Overview

Window Glazing Putty vs. Caulk: What Are The Differences?

Hacking knife chopping glazing putty (Impression Credit history: Andy Dingley, Wikimedia Commons CC SA three. Unported)We honestly do truly feel like the components utilised in the production process are the principal factor that distinguishes the putty from the caulk. Of system, a whole lot of substances are normally used, but calcium carbonate (whiting), ground chalk, and linseed oil, are the principal ones.

There was a time guide was component of that blend, but they had to quit employing it right after health experts exposed that its microfibers have a way of compromising the immune method. And some of the signs it triggered ended up so significant that they could actually drive someone insane or direct to loss of life.

Anyhow, the putty is typically often employed by house owners hunting to guarantee that their windows are securely sealed to their wooden frames. If you have utilised it before, you previously know it assures that no air receives passage among your frames and people eyeglasses.

Would we recommend the window glazing putty to a person seeking for a sealant that’s climate-resistant? Totally.

The trend in which it bonds to those frames is just amazing — whatever’s meant to be sealed out, will be sealed out. And those that are in, will remain in. Also, it can stand up to any volume of solar radiation, and staining has never been an situation for the duration of software. Frankly speaking, it is so productive and genuine that you are going to never have to fear about creating your window search like a 1st-quality artwork venture.

Now that we’ve talked about the application, there are a couple of items that we truly feel obligated to emphasize before ending this section.

Applying the Window Glazing Putty

For starters, the putty knife is the main resource utilized for application in this case. And you can get it from any keep that sells putty, or other residence advancement stuff.

But that wasn’t genuinely our principal issue. What we truly essential you to know, is that the window glazing putty is the type of sealant that calls for time to mend. It won’t be completed therapeutic in 24 several hours or even forty eight. Give it at minimum a week because it’s a lengthy method, and 1 that is meant to make certain the merchandise serves you for really a extended whilst.

Next, ahead of you even believe about how greatest to use it, cleanse all people frames and eyeglasses. Remember, we want the putty to bond with whatsoever surface area it arrives into get in touch with with. And that is not heading to take place, if there are particles in amongst.

Thirdly, do not paint it correct away. Painting should be done as soon as the putty is completely healed and rock-hard. Applying paint right right after application will be really tempting but combat that urge.

We have noticed people make the error of disregarding the directions only to be disappointed down the street. Your putty will get hundreds of years to recover, or not mend at all. If you know what’s great for you, you are going to set down that paint brush and neglect about it for a minute.

And lastly, the eyeglasses and the picket frames ought to be a excellent suit. If the putty can fill up anything at all, is simple dumb. Sure, it could, but it won’t be as powerful as it was designed to be. Some thing that could have lasted you a life time, will only final a few of years. So, what is the point?

  • Easy to apply
  • Very durable
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Can be applied to casement windows
  • Takes too long to dry up
  • Frames must perfectly fit the windows

Caulk Overview

Window Glazing Putty vs. Caulk: What Are The Differences?
Image Credit: Greg McGill, Shutterstock

Just like the window glazing putty, the caulk is also extremely valuable if you’re looking to seal these gaps between your frames. And not only window frames, but doorway frames and plumbing fixtures as effectively. The other issue that they equally share is the simple fact that it’s sturdy. Not as sturdy as the putty, but durable however.

What helps make the caulk stand out is its flexibility. It offers you several other options to discover, unlike the window glazing putty.

The different types of caulk include:
  • Roof and oil-based asphalt caulk: designed to be used by homeowners looking to apply roof and oil-based sealants.
  • Refractory caulk: the type that offers a higher degree of resistance to heat.
  • Mortar caulk: mostly useful if cement is involved. That’s to say, it bonds better with cement and not wood or metal.
  • Silicone caulk: the most durable caulk, with a higher degree of water resistance. The only downside is you cannot paint over it. It’s so good at what it does that it even resists paint.
  • Acrylic latex silicone: quite literally designed to be user-friendly. It’s the easiest caulk to apply. We don’t know if it’s because of the application gun that comes with it, but it’s something.
  • Latex caulk: offers versatility in the sense that you could use it as a substitute to any of the caulks listed here. Also, it comes in different shades of color.
  • Butyl rubber caulk: mostly used with metal and concrete. It’s terrible on wood.

Applying the Caulk

With the caulk, you’ll need an application gun, normally identified as the caulking gun. Go in advance and rent or buy a new 1 if you’ve misplaced or broken yours. Improvising is certainly one thing we would not believe of performing, because it will only mess things up, or make the method intense.

We would also advise you to do your because of diligence before investing in a caulk. The factor is, since they are all designed to provide some thing different, you could effortlessly purchase 1 which is only efficient when used on metallic, pondering it is excellent for wood frames.

  • It’s durable
  • Versatile
  • Dries up quickly
  • Resistant to harsh weather elements
  • Not easy to apply

Factors to Consider

Drying Time

Caulk dries really quicker than the putty. As pointed out earlier, the putty can even just take months relying on the weather conditions. That outer area has to be as hard as a rock before any paint will get on it. But with caulk, the complete set up will be all set to be painted after a working day or two.


The caulk is not as outdated as the window glazing putty. We have been employing the putty for generations, as opposed to the caulk which was only created about fifty a long time back. And not even all the diverse varieties of caulk, in case you were pondering. Just the first ones: the silicone and acrylic latex caulk.

Lengthy story brief, if it’s a issue of longevity, we would go for the window glazing putty. It will undoubtedly provide you for a life time.

Ease of Application

In contrast to the caulk, the window glazing putty is very straightforward to use. Specifically when it will come to generating an edge that appears neat and inconspicuous. Additionally, it only needs a simple-seeking putty knife or makeshift tool. With the caulk, the software can only be accomplished employing a gun that sort of makes the procedure a good deal far more challenging.


The worst error that you could at any time make is to utilize putty to your frames and totally forget about it. You need to preserve it by applying linseed oil each and every 7 or so many years. The oil is meant to maintain it adaptable ample to deal with all the excessive weather conditions elements it’s exposed to on a everyday basis.

The lifecycle of the caulk is ten years max. It does not make a difference if you’re making use of silicone caulk, latex, caulks, or even oil-primarily based asphalt. After that 10-yr period elapses, you’ll start off observing the signs of put on and tear all above.

Casement Windows

The way casement windows have been designed helps make it hard to use caulks on them. That groove of theirs is just also broad for caulks to fill. If you make a decision to power the merchandise in there, it will never recover the way it’s meant to, and at some point slide off.

You should use the window glazing putty since it does not stall with the therapeutic approach even when it is utilized to a better thickness.


That is all we had for you right now, men. We hope this post was enough to support you make up your head, or at minimum find out one thing you did not know was essential. As we stated before, you could usually reach out with any query. Your responses are the explanation we really like what we do.

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