10 Clever Uses for Fall Leaves At Home (With Pictures)

Tumble is a superb time of yr. It marks the finish of the extended very hot summer time and ushers in shorter times, cooler evenings, and holiday seasons put in with family. A single issue that will come with drop is leaves. Drop leaves search excellent when they are in the trees, but they can rapidly turn out to be a stress when they begin to tumble and clutter your garden.

Most men and women search at slipping leaves and see yard function. Hours put in raking and bagging can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. There are numerous different methods to use slide leaves at residence that make the chore of collecting and disposing of them inventive and exciting.

Right here are 10 clever utilizes for fall leaves that you can easily do at property this autumn.

Practical Outdoor Uses for Fall Leaves

A single of the very best approaches to use fall leaves is outside in the backyard. Lifeless leaves are unpleasant to seem at and a trouble to deal with, but they have a ton of organic advantages for your yard. Slide leaves can support jump-begin your spring yard, shield your winter backyard and even assist your lawn. Here are 4 low cost, easy, and intelligent ways to use your drop leaves at home by placing them to perform exterior.

1. Free and Natural Mulch

What you will need: Fall leaves, a way to shred the leaves
Difficulty: Easy

Unlike compost, you can flip fallen leaves into mulch in just a couple of times. All you require to do is hold out for the leaves to attempt, pile them up and then shred them. There are many ways you can shred leaves. You can use gardening implements like rakes or hoes to split the leaves into smaller pieces, you can use a mulcher, or you can run them in excess of with a garden mower.

Once the leaves are shredded, all you require to do is bag them or distribute them. Shredded leaves make for a great mulch due to the fact they are completely organic, indigenous to your lawn, and it is free of charge. You can use the mulch proper absent, or you can keep it in a dry area and hold out for spring when you might get far more use out of it.

2. Turn Them Into Lawn Feed

What you will need: Fall leaves, lawn mower
Difficulty: Easy

Shredded leaves are excellent for far more than just mulch. They can also be used to feed your garden. Research present that lawns fed with shredded leaves are often more healthy than people that are not. And that is good news for anyone hunting for a good use for their leaf litter.

All you need to have to do is mow in excess of the fallen leaves without having a bagging attachment. Ideally, you preserve the blade lower, so the leaves are caught up and shredded. Enable the garden mower distribute the leaves on its own and then go away them be. The shredded items of the leaves will crack down and grow to be delicious normal plant foods for the grass underneath.

3. Use Them as a Blanket for Flowers

What you will need: Fall leaves, cold flowers, gloves, a barrier for the leaves
Difficulty: Easy

Leaves normally drop in wonderful quantities for the duration of autumn. This is excellent information for any individual who has a challenging time maintaining sensitive bouquets alive by way of the chilly months. Leaves can be employed to preserve your flowers warm in the winter season. A slender layer of leaves close to and over crops delicate to cold will support to hold them alive.

Some gardeners pack the leaves limited inside of a cage or net to maintain the vegetation beneath nice and warm via the winter. After the cold snaps are in excess of, merely eliminate the leaves and verify on the crops beneath. They will have completed significantly far better with a strong leaf blanket over them than if they experienced been uncovered to months of wintertime cold on their own.

4. Compost Them

What you will need: Fall leaves, water, a turning implement, gloves, time
Difficulty: Moderate

In contrast to the other uses for autumn leaves, composting can be a small trickier. As an alternative of just shredding and distributing, compost piles require months of time and attention to do well. In buy to efficiently compost drop leaves, you require to pile them, shred them, pile them once more, damp them, flip them and then wait. Acquiring the mixture just correct can consider some demo and error. You simply cannot get the leaves too wet, but you also can’t permit them dry out. You also want to choose good leaves that are best for composting as opposed to leaves that will hinder a compost pile. If you manage to trudge through to the end, you will have natural and nutrient abundant compost for your spring yard beds following the winter season.

Fun Seasonal Crafts

If you are not a individual who is into gardening, do not fret, there are lots of other approaches to use old fall leaves around the residence that do not require digging in the dust. Fall leaves are the excellent content to use in seasonal arts and crafts. What is far more autumn than red leaves? What ties Halloween and slide-themed decor collectively much better than a pile of useless leaves? Listed here are 6 intelligent ways to use fall leaves at house that do not necessitate getting a environmentally friendly thumb.

5. Create an Autumn Wreath

What you will need: Fall leaves, wreath cable, hot glue, twist ties
Difficulty: Easy

Spruce up your front door with a lovely autumn leaf wreath with leaves from your personal garden. This plan phone calls for an artificial leaf garland, but with a little little bit of time and interest, you can exchange that with leaves from your very own residence.

Basically get a strand of wreath cable, some leaves, scorching glue, and some ties, and start to arrange your leaves in a tasteful sample. When you are done, near the cable into a circle and simply cling it on your doorway or in your property. This is a fantastic way to create an incredible fall-themed decoration using vivid fall leaves you can select up in your own entrance garden.

6. Craft A Leafy Centerpiece

What you will need: Fall leaves, clear containers, a table runner
Difficulty: Medium

Another simple way to turn bothersome leaf litter into some thing charming is by making use of tumble leaves to develop tasteful centerpieces. This prepare employs amber bottles and brown leaves to produce an eye-catching focal point for an outdoor desk placing. Nonetheless, the possibilities for this thought are nearly endless.

You can place colourful drop leaves into vases, jars, and other distinct containers to create a intelligent visible result for an autumn get jointly. No matter whether you want to beautify the family desk for Thanksgiving or include some non-spooky decor to your Halloween scene, this is a great way to integrate leaves into one thing easy and enjoyable. You are only certain by your possess creative imagination and creativeness with this awesome notion.

7. Press and Save Them

What you will need: Pretty fall leaves, a heavy book, laminating machine (optional)
Difficulty: Easy

1 thing that folks of all ages have been carrying out for a long time is discovering notably excellent-looking leaves, urgent them, and conserving them. This is a wonderful activity to do with children or for someone who has a love for autumn or trees. This program exhibits you how to press leaves utilizing a standard book or cardstock for a different strategy.

All you need to have to do is gather up your favored leaves, currently being mindful not to harm them, then allow them dry. When they are dry, you can place them in a heavy book and permit them sit. Afterward, you can use the leaves in potential artwork tasks or laminate them, glue them to card inventory or shop them in an album. You can conserve leaves from huge daily life occasions, leaves from a range of various trees, or just leaves that talk to your soul. This is a really versatile way to reuse leaf litter that would have in any other case just dampened your working day and clogged up your property.

8. Create A Scarecrow

What you will need: Leaves, old clothes, wood for framing, string or staples
Difficulty: Medium

Scarecrows are an American classic and one of the most iconic photographs for autumn. The good news is that scarecrows are fairly effortless to make oneself at property. These strategies do not use leaves, and that will go away your scarecrow hunting flimsy and wan.

The great news is that it is very easy to things the outdated garments with leaves to fill out your scarecrow a tiny little bit. All you will require is some string or staples to secure the openings so that when you stuff your leaves into your new lawn ornament, they do not drop out. In just a handful of hours, you can have a scarecrow all your very own. Use whatever old outfits you like to flip your scarecrow into no matter what variety of character you can picture.

9. Cover Your Pumpkins

What you will need: Fall leaves, pumpkins, decoupage or hot glue
Difficulty: Easy

This helpful thought turns an average pumpkin into an fascinating drop piece. Every person has normal orange pumpkins and warty gourds lying all around during autumn, but number of people have hand-crafted pumpkins coated in lovely tumble leaves. The strategies phone for an synthetic pumpkin, but considering that you are preparing on using true leaves from your garden, it is risk-free to use a stay pumpkin as properly.

All you need to have to do is layer your leaves more than the pumpkin and attach them. There are two techniques of going about this. You can dry and press your leaves and very carefully sizzling glue them to the pumpkin, or you can use decoupage and brush the leaves on. The advantage of the leaf protected pumpkin is you get to put a twist on a common drop product. The leaf coated pumpkin is ideal for the entrance porch or can be utilized as an indoor ornamental piece as properly.

10. Unique Autumn Leaf Bowl

What you will need: Pretty fall leaves, a balloon, decoupage, a brush, shrink wrap
Difficulty: Hard

If you are seeking for a distinctive and motivated way to use fall leaves, look no additional. These strategies will aid you develop a stunning and fully personalized leaf bowl that will stun your pals and neighbors. By cautiously layering leaves above a balloon and holding them into location with decoupage, you will produce a bowl that is excellent for keeping Halloween candy or can act as a beautiful drop accent.

The completed merchandise is actually outstanding. It is tough to get the leaves layered correctly and established so that the bowl does not sag or fall aside. If you persist, you will generate one thing totally unique and personalized that tends to make for a perfect slide item.


Whether or not you simply want to mow over your leaves and aid feed your garden or accumulate the most fetching illustrations and change them into remarkable crafts, there are ideas below for absolutely everyone. Fall leaves are gorgeous, and they embody the spirit of the period like absolutely nothing else. Do not let your slide leaves go to squander but alternatively, locate a new use for them. From decorations to compost, there are many distinct and imaginative approaches to use the leaves that would normally clutter your garden.

Featured Impression Credit rating: Elena Elisseeva, Shutterstock