10 Great Spare Bedroom Ideas to Try Today (With Pictures)

If you have a little one planning to move out of the property or have acquired a residence with a lot more rooms than you require, it can be interesting to occur up with a new use for a spare bed room. However, with so a lot of choices, it can be hard to kind by way of them all to locate one thing that you like. If this sounds like your circumstance, maintain reading as we current you with a checklist of suggestions to aid you start off redesigning your residence.

The Top 10 Spare Bedroom Ideas

1. Chill-Out Zone

Materials: Fuzzy pillows, blankets, rugs, lamps

If you have a spare room, generating a chill-out zone can be a fantastic way to escape your day-to-day difficulties. Fill it with cozy surfaces, which includes pillows, blankets, cushions, and far more. You will also need to have a lot of lights, but you shouldn’t put any electronics in this room: no Television, online video game titles, or even cell telephones. Preserve this area for time to your self or actual conversation.

2. Game Room

Materials: Video games, pool table, board games, darts

A spare bed room can make a amazing recreation room. You can put in a tv, the most recent match method, and a modest desk for cards or board video games. If the area is massive adequate, you may possibly even be capable to fit a pool desk or a ping-pong desk. You can even put in a miniature fridge.

3. A Daybed

Materials: Daybed, plants

A daybed is a little mattress that nearly appears like a couch. There are no blankets or bedding supplies, and you can sit on it easily to talk with organization with out it looking like a bed room. Decorating the place with lots of crops can assist make the area more cozy and inviting, and the very best part is that you can consider a nap if you need a single.

4. Office

Materials: Desk, couch, lamps, chair, computer

Working at residence is extremely popular correct now, but it’s not constantly effortless to perform with loved ones and animals existing. Converting a spare bed room into an business office can be a wonderful way to increase your job functionality although minimizing the time that you commit doing work due to the fact you are now far better ready to target.

5. Sewing Room

Materials: Sewing machine, pegboard, lighting

Stitching can be a excellent pastime that aids you relax and target even though creating or restoring initiatives. Turning your spare bed room into a sewing room will give you a location to keep all your materials so they won’t be disturbed by loved ones members or animals. You can also incorporate lighting to see your supplies greater. This Seamwork prepare gives you numerous a lot more guidelines for environment up a sewing space in a spare bedroom.

6. Library

Materials: Books, shelving, light

Turning your spare bed room into a library can be a wonderful concept if you like to study. It’s not challenging to add shelves that can maintain all your guides, and you can even purchase affordable bookcases, so you don’t need to have to make long lasting adjustments to your property. Textbooks usually look attractive, specifically if you have stacks of them. Include a great couch or even a daybed and lighting for a cozy area to take pleasure in your looking through time.

7. Home Gym

Materials: Weights, exercise bike, treadmill

There will by no means be a better time to get into condition than appropriate now, and converting a spare bed room into a residence health club can aid you make it come about. You can start small and insert gear as you get it. This fantastic plan from Sima Spaces covers numerous specifics that will help you get likely.

8. Play Room

Materials: Toys, bright colors

Turning your spare bedroom into a playroom can be a great thought if you nonetheless have children in your house or count on kids to visit. The options are almost limitless, and it is not challenging to please most children and hold them entertained. Of course, the age of the little ones will enjoy a portion in the layout of the playroom, but Decorating Daily life gives lots of ideas on this topic that can aid get you commenced.

9. Dressing Room

Materials: Mirrors, clothes racks, lighting

Generating a wander-in dressing room can be a excellent use for your spare bed room, particularly if you devote a great deal of time out of the property and your appearance is important to you. The stroll-in dressing space can give you the room to get completely ready. You can established up lights and mirrors for optimum result, and you can successfully organize all your things. Gathered Dwelling provides a guidebook with numerous concepts for maximizing your room to create a useful dressing space.

10. Home Cinema

Materials: TV, surround sound system, comfortable chairs

Changing your spare bed room into a house cinema can be a great idea, and it does not just take considerably to get shut to the true knowledge. A big television, a great surround seem technique, and a few relaxed chairs are all that you need to have. It’s one of the handful of programs that does not require lights or unique decorations to make the place search excellent, as you will largely be looking at the Tv set.

Tips for Creating a Usable Room

  • Try it before you commit. Make smaller changes to see if you like the new purpose for the room before you make permanent changes to your home.
  • Ask friends and family for ideas to get even more options.


Turning your spare bed room into something new can be a great way to get more function accomplished, stay better arranged, or even generate a location to get absent for a while. We recommend starting tiny and inexpensively until you are certain you are on the correct path.

Featured Impression Credit history: Point3D Professional Imaging Ltd., Unsplash