10 DIY Raised Planter Box Plans You Can Build Today

Elevated planter containers are the very best of two worlds. They provide you with the space needed to expand your possess veggies, bouquets, and other crops, and they are usually much simpler to take care of than planting a yard straight in the ground. In addition, they’re far more available for those who can’t bend above that well.

In this article, we gathered easy Diy elevated planter box programs that can get you planting rapidly.

The Top 10 DIY Raised Planter Box Plans

1. Simple Raised Planter

This basic raised planter is easy to make and looks fairly wonderful. You can make a cedar elevated planter box with this prepare also, which will aid the crafted box very last even for a longer time.

This box is equally trendy and contemporary. It doesn’t require several methods or resources. You will only need simple materials, like cedar, paint, exterior screws, and wooden glue.

Nonetheless, you do need fairly a number of various tools to get every thing equipped together correctly. For that reason, this selection may possibly not be ideal if you do not have a miter saw sitting down in your garage.

2. Cheap, Multi-Tiered Box

This tiered box by Anika’s Do it yourself Daily life seems nice and is economical. In fact, the program advertises that you can purchase all the lumber for beneath $ten. If you have Do it yourself encounter, creating it need to not get extended.

Of system, this box isn’t the very best-searching one out there. It only employs wooden, even though, which might make it more accessible to those with number of supplies on hand.

All you need is the acceptable components, wooden glue, and finishing nails. Resources are also essential, which includes a miter saw. Nonetheless, significantly much less resources are needed than in some other plans.

3. Wooden Raised Bed

This box by Carefully Intelligent is completely made out of wood. This feature makes it easy to make, but the lack of any accents does not make it search the greatest. It is really basic, however, so it could be appropriate for these with a little Do-it-yourself knowledge.

You are going to want the proper size of wooden, if possible cedar if you want the containers to maintain up to the outside components. Screws and wooden glue are necessary.

A handful of equipment are required also. For instance, you’ll need to have a round saw and a nail gun to end the plan.

4. Planter with Trellis

If you are planting one thing that wants a trellis, this box by Jen Woodhouse is most likely your very best option. The trellis is created correct into the box, so vine vegetation can effortlessly locate the help that they need to have.

This box is fairly a lot more pricey than some other alternatives, mostly because it calls for various resources. However, this is to be predicted since it has a trellis.

That stated, these boxes do seem extremely good as soon as you’re carried out. They make great accent pieces for outside entertainment areas.

5. Counter-Height Garden Box

For these with lumbar troubles, the peak of the box matters substantially. This box by My Outside Ideas is designed to be counter-top, which need to be ideal for these who simply cannot do any bending.

The plans themselves are simple. All you are going to need is lumber, different screws, and wooden glue. Paint or stain is suggested to spruce the box up a bit once you’ve completed it.

6. Basic Elevated Planter Box

This following planter box by My Outside Ideas is extremely simple. This plan is easy to comply with and the consequence is fairly sturdy. It also does not price that much to make. This box is created out of 2x4s, which are easily offered and simple to perform with.

Of system, you require simple creating supplies. Screws, nails, and wood glue are all essential. You really do not want many equipment, the good news is.

7. Tall Outdoor Planter Box

If you’re hunting for anything far more aesthetically pleasing, this box by Bower Electricity is definitely a sound choice. It only charges about $twenty to make, which places it on the lower conclude of the value spectrum. This box is a little bit challenging to develop, nonetheless. It is not some thing that you can just “throw together.”

You need a range of instruments to develop this strategy, and it helps if you have Diy knowledge as properly. Nonetheless, for the most portion, this planter box is fairly straightforward.

8. Cedar Planter

This snap-with each other cedar planter box is ideal for new DIYers. It is also designed to be relatively aesthetically satisfying. It is crafted out of cedar, even though you could swap that out for any other appropriate wood.

You will require particular components for this planter, this kind of as various SnapFences posts and rails. However, this helps make it very effortless for people without having a lot of equipment to assemble the planter.

9. Short Raised Planter Box

Whilst this limited elevated planter box by Charles & Hudson is technically elevated, it is fairly short. We identified it to be a excellent option for kids or these who really do not want super tall packing containers. Developing it is easy and essentially what you would expect. You are going to require a assortment of resources to build this box, but nothing out of the common.

You will want a observed to reduce the boards to length, though.

For the most part, this plan is simple. You’re just cutting and assembling pieces of wooden into a rectangle.

10. Pine Raised Planted Box

This box by The Creatives Hour is manufactured out of pine. Pine stands up nicely to out of doors components and has a bit of a different appear to it. Of program, you could adjust the wooden out with yet another selection that you choose.

This box is very aesthetically satisfying. It is basically a typical planter box with a stand, which helps make it entice attention. It is reasonably little, however, producing it a lot more for display than anything.

Final Thoughts

Elevated planters are a sound way to insert additional suppress attractiveness to your home and a functional way to increase your gardening ability with no needing to kneel in the dirt.

The ideas on this list selection from incredibly useful planters to hard-to-make, eye-catching pieces. You can select which plan matches best with your wants and skills. If you want something with a bit much more aesthetic, you will probably want to set a bit far more work into it.

Most of these planters use cedar of some type, as this wood stands up properly in the out of doors aspects. Even so, you can easily change it out with a diverse wooden in most strategies.

Do not be afraid to alter the materials marginally to make the box yours!

Highlighted Graphic Credit history: Arjuna Kodisinghe, Shutterstock