7 DIY Wood Countertop Plans You Make Today (With Pictures)

1 of the 1st things that you see when you enter a bathroom or a kitchen area is the countertop. Although you can shell out a person to put in a new one particular for you, which is pricey! You can generate that expense way down if you Do-it-yourself your personal countertop.

If you’re contemplating about developing and installing your possess wooden countertop, you’ve appear to the appropriate area. Below, we highlighted seven distinct countertop strategies that you can appear by way of. If you discover one that you like, the directions will guidebook you by way of the measures to develop it oneself!

Top 7 DIY Wood Countertop Plans

1. Butcher Block Countertop

  • Materials: Hardwood, wood glue, screws, sandpaper, pre-stain conditioner, and stain
  • Tools: Table saw, planer, pencil, clamps, drill, tape measure, scraper, and sander
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
Materials: Hardwood, wood glue, screws, sandpaper, pre-stain conditioner, and stain
Tools: Table saw, planer, pencil, clamps, drill, tape measure, scraper, and sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Butcher block counter tops are between the most common types of wooden counter tops out there, so it is good to see that there is a way that you can Diy one particular. It’ll take very a bit of perform, but you will get a top-notch result.

Most of the trouble creating this countertop will come from access to equipment, but if you have someplace you can use them, it’s not all that tough. Following this Do it yourself guidebook, you can have big chic wood counter tops in no time!

2. Reclaimed Wood Countertop

Materials: Plywood, poplar, pine trim, wood putty, screws, brackets, nails, stain, and sealer
Tools: Palm sander, circular saw, drill, pencil, and tape measure
Difficulty Level: Easy

More mature vintage wooden countertops give you a unique appearance that tons of folks love. While this will not truly get you a reclaimed wooden countertop, if you do it right, no a single will be in a position to tell the distinction!

Building a faux reclaimed wooden countertop gives you loads of space for creativity, and surprisingly, it’s an simple undertaking to do by yourself. You should not want a ton of super-expensive resources, which is a large perk!

Additionally, you’ll insert a traditional look to your countertops, so it is a get-get all the way around.

3. Plywood Countertops

Materials: Plywood, wood glue, nails, screws, sandpaper, laminate, and contact cement
Tools: Tape measure, pencil, circular saw, straight edge, jigsaw, rasp, clamps, sander, router, and a pressure roller
Difficulty Level: Easy

Plywood countertops may possibly not give you the most “luxurious” physical appearance in contrast to some other wood countertops that you can create, but plywood counter tops give you the capacity to customize issues a little bit more.

With this plywood countertop manual, you can add a laminate complete to the best, and people finishes appear in tons of various shades and designs. Plywood counter tops are also amid the least difficult countertops to create, so if you’re not tremendous self-assured in your abilities, it’s a top-notch option.

4. Maple Wood Countertops

Materials: Maple wood, wood glue, sandpaper, sealing rags, waterlox sealer, sealer, stain, and hardwood biscuits
Tools: Table saw, planer, jointer, plate jointer, circular saw, clamps, measuring tape, paintbrushes, and a pencil
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Although you can technically use any sort of wooden with this Diy prepare, if you want the precise benefits in the manual, stick with maple. It has a ton of advantages on its own, as it’s a hardwood which is resistant to each day dress in and tear, but it is not as costly as exotic hardwoods.

This countertop isn’t all that difficult to make — assuming that you have all the correct tools for the work. You can often reach out to your neighborhood lumber mill to see if they’ll support you with the cuts if you do not want to invest in the tools for oneself.

5. Expensive-Looking Wood Countertops

Materials: Edge glued pine, wood glue, stain, sealant, wood glue, and sandpaper
Tools: Measuring tape, pencil, circular saw, jigsaw, sander, and clamps
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Who doesn’t want costly-hunting wood countertops with out obtaining to deal with the significant price tag tag? This Do-it-yourself guide is about developing expensive-hunting counter tops for an RV, but it operates just fine for any counter tops, anywhere.

What’s great is that you don’t have to invest a lot on both resources or resources if you’re following this guide, so you can preserve cash and nevertheless get a quality-looking last item. Nevertheless, developing this countertop does take a little bit much more talent in contrast to several other alternatives.

6. Super Affordable Wood Countertops

Materials: Hardwood, wood glue, screws, stain, and sealant
Tools: Clamps, pocket hole jig, sander, and circular saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are seeking to build wooden countertops but really don't want to spend a ton of cash to do so, this is the information for you. While the web site states that you can construct them for much less than $50, it might cost you a little bit more depending on the value of wooden in your region.

So, rather of promising you a particular greenback amount, we’ll tell you that this is 1 of the least expensive-priced wood countertop alternatives out there — and you’ll nevertheless get a leading-notch ultimate merchandise that you can be happy of.

7. Herringbone Pattern Countertop

Materials: 2” x 4” wood, stain, sandpaper, sealer, screws, wood glue
Tools: Miter saw, tape measure, pencil, earplugs, framing square, clamp, drill, drill bit, and sander
Difficulty Level: Hard

This may possibly be the most challenging Diy countertop on this checklist, but the last outcome of a herringbone pattern countertop is absolutely beautiful.

Even greater, as lengthy as you follow the element of the guidebook that will help you measure out and minimize all the wood, it’s definitely some thing that you can tackle on your own.

People Also Ask

Constructing your own wooden countertop can be overwhelming. We completely recognize, and that’s why we answered a number of frequently asked queries about developing your personal wood countertop.

What Kind of Wood Is Best for Countertops?

Whilst it arrives down to what you’re seeking for, there is a reason that maple is the most frequent type of wooden employed for countertops. Maple is an cost-effective hardwood, and it does a wonderful work of resisting harm.

It also has deep grains that answer incredibly well to different stains, which offers it a leading-notch physical appearance. Add in the simple fact that it’s easy to sustain, and it earns our nod as the top wooden selection for countertops.

What Is the Hardest Wood for Butcher Block Countertops?

While there are several distinct wood options out there, one particular of the most difficult woods you will typically uncover in butcher block counter tops is Brazilian cherry, which has a Janka score of 2,five hundred. For reference, maple has a Janka rating of one,450, and which is deemed an very hard wood!

Can You Epoxy Butcher Block Countertops?

Totally! Epoxy is a great way to seal a butcher block countertop, and you can even use epoxy resins if you want to develop a river table-fashion butcher block countertop. You can also use epoxy to include shade to the countertop if that is what you want!

How Do You Waterproof Your Countertop?

Seal it! You can use a commercial merchandise, epoxy, or even a home made formula to seal a butcher block. All you want to do is implement a coat of polymerizing oil, hold out for 15 minutes, buff it in, hold out 24 hours, and then do it once more!

Final Thoughts

Building your possess wood countertop is a exciting task that you can deal with oneself, and it can totally rework the appearance of a room. Conserve yourself a bit of cash, have a blast doing it, and get to constructing your new countertop!

Highlighted Image Credit rating: Photographee.eu, Shutterstock