10 Tips on How to Clean a Wood Fence Without a Pressure Washer (Step-by-Step Guide)

When was the previous time you took a difficult search at the picket fence in your lawn? Whilst it nevertheless may well be in wonderful condition, if you haven’t taken the time to thoroughly clean it lately, you are going to possibly discover a lot of mildew, dirt, and grime.

But although some web sites recommend utilizing a pressure washer, they can be pricey. Furthermore, if they have way too considerably electricity, they can injury the fence in the procedure. Regardless of whether you really don't have the needed connections for a strain washer or really don't want to devote the funds on a single, these 10 ideas and tips will help you get your fence searching like new without a strain washer!

The 10 Suggestions on How to Clear a Wood Fence Without a Stress Washer

one. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

baking soda and vinegar
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Usefulness: Minimal
Price: Lower
Ease of Completion: Tough

Although there are tons of costly cleaning solutions out there, all you truly need to have to clean your fence is some vinegar, baking soda, and some elbow grease. It is a risk-free and successful cleaning resolution you can make by yourself from reduced-cost substances you can get from the grocery store.

Blend the two elements with some h2o, and it’ll go a long way, offering you a low-value resolution to get your fence hunting like new once again.

two. Use a Increased Conclude Cleaning Item

Performance: Substantial
Price: Large
Relieve of Completion: Average

Whilst you can use a vinegar, baking soda, and water cleansing solution to cleanse your wood fence, if you want to use a little less elbow grease you use a larger-end cleansing merchandise as an alternative. There are tons of wooden fence cleansing options out there, and although some function much better than other folks, for the most part, they all do a relatively powerful task.

And by likely with a wood fence-certain cleansing merchandise, you won’t want to scrub very as tough compared to employing a home made cleaning remedy.

three. Do not Be Frightened to Scrub

scrub brush wood fence
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Efficiency: Large
Price: Cost-free
Ease of Completion: Moderate

Whether you go with a selfmade or a skilled cleaning item, you need to get prepared to do a little scrubbing. Some cleansing products make it so you don’t need to scrub really as significantly, but no make a difference what alternative you go with, you will need to scrub.

If you want good quality benefits with out a strain washer, be prepared to set in some elbow grease.

four. Get a Great Brush

Effectiveness: Substantial
Value: Lower
Relieve of Completion: Effortless

We have already mentioned that you are going to need to have to do a good deal of scrubbing if you are cleaning a picket fence with out a stress washer. And if you are heading to scrub a whole lot, you should do by yourself a favor and get a higher-top quality scrub brush to make things a little bit less difficult for you.

You want hard bristles that can scrape off any filth or grime on the fence, and a brush with gentle bristles merely will not get the occupation done.

five. Take into account a Scrub Broom

Scrub Broom on concrete
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Efficiency: Higher
Expense: Minimal
Relieve of Completion: Effortless

Whilst a scrub brush is a great selection, a wooden fence signifies a good deal of room for you to scrub. A broom with a scrub brush on the conclude helps make it easier to scrub above a more substantial area, and you can achieve the higher and reduce portions of the fence without having modifying your position.

If you are cleaning a bigger fence, a scrub broom will make almost everything a lot simpler for you.

6. Safeguard the Vegetation

Usefulness: Moderate
Expense: Lower
Relieve of Completion: Straightforward to Challenging

With all the substances you are making use of to clear your wood fence, you are going to want to be watchful about any crops. Whilst grass can normally manage the chemical compounds with no any key troubles, some flowers are a little bit a lot more sensitive.

The quantity of function that goes into safeguarding your bouquets is dependent on what’s all around your fence, but no subject what, you shouldn’t need to have to devote a ton.

seven. Let the Resolution Soak

wet wood-pixabay
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Efficiency: Higher
Price: Cost-free
Simplicity of Completion: Simple

If you’re using a specialist quality merchandise, go through the recommendations on how prolonged you must allow the answer sit on the fence ahead of washing it off. But if you’re employing a homemade cleansing remedy, we advise letting it sit on the fence for a bare minimum of five to 10 minutes.

This will give the cleansing answer plenty of time to work into all the different filth and grime, generating it considerably less difficult to get everything off when you commence scrubbing.

eight. Contemplate Sanding

Effectiveness: Large
Price: Reasonable
Ease of Completion: Tough

If you are obtaining that just scrubbing your wooden fence isn’t obtaining it as clean as you’d like, sanding can give you a clean start. You are going to want to use some thing like an orbital sander to help the approach alongside, but no make a difference how you appear at it, sanding an entire picket fence is going to take some time.

But as prolonged as the slats them selves are in excellent shape, sanding can make your fence search brand name-new. Even so, you will require to stain or paint the slats once more afterward to give them a much more concluded visual appeal.

nine. Fix Hurt Together the Way

handyman installing wooden fence
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Effectiveness: High
Value: Reduced to Substantial
Ease of Completion: Effortless to Demanding

When you’re placing in the function to thoroughly clean your wood fence, do your self a favor and resolve any harm you discover alongside the way. Hammer in nails, substitute broken boards, and do any other essential repairs.

You are cleansing your picket fence since you want it to seem nice and final, and correcting damaged portions of the fence goes hand-in-hand with that.

10. Do not Forget to Re-Stain

Effectiveness: High
Value: Average
Relieve of Completion: Moderate

This is not some thing you need to do but re-staining your wood fence has two important results. First, re-staining your wooden fence basically can make it seem wonderful.

2nd, re-staining your wooden fence really assists shield it from foreseeable future wear and tear. It is a labor-intensive approach, but it’ll aid safeguard your fence so you do not have to cleanse it really as typically.


Cleaning a wooden fence can seem like a challenging activity, but if you adhere to the guidelines and tricks we highlighted below, you can get prime-tier benefits, even if you never ever bring a stress washer around your home.

It’s likely to take a tiny elbow grease, but with a minor time and patience, you get a thoroughly clean and sparkly fence even without a stress washer!


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