10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

Regardless of whether you’re doing work on a car, bike, or anything else, wrenching down each nut and bolt as restricted as you can get them is a recipe for disaster. Numerous men and women presume that fasteners need to be as restricted as feasible. Even so, this can trigger all kinds of troubles. Numerous of these are not developed to be tightened past a specified stage. Overtightening them can cause areas to lock up, fail, be out of alignment, get ruined, and much more.

So, how are you meant to know when your bolt or nut is adequately limited? The good news is, there’s a ideal tool for that a torque wrench. In simple fact, there are many sorts of torque wrenches, and every is very best suited for distinct uses. In this post, we’re likely to get a look at the ten most common varieties of torque wrenches you are probably to operate into and go over the distinctions in between them so you know which types are the greatest alternatives for you.

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

10 Types of Torque Wrenches

1. Click Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

If you’ve utilised a torque wrench prior to, most most likely, it was a simply click torque wrench. These are the most typical torque wrenches, and frequently, the most cost-effective as well.

Simply click type torque wrenches are also extremely straightforward to use. Basically flip the deal with until you have attained the desired torque placing. Then, you use the torque wrench like any common socket wrench. The variation is, when you utilize the proper sum of power, the wrench will make an audible simply click, signifying that the appropriate torque ranking has been attained.

These are accurate instruments that uncover use in a extensive variety of settings. But you do have to be careful not to overtighten the nut or bolt you’re operating with due to the fact you can nevertheless continue to tighten past the click on.

2. Electronic Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

Electronic torque wrenches signify a big phase up from standard click on-type torque wrenches. Of system, they are also much much more pricey, which frequently rates them out of numerous hobbyists’ toolboxes. But you will frequently discover them in specialist settings due to their relieve of use, precision, and velocity.

With an electronic torque wrench, you will have a little electronic monitor so you can established your preferred torque ranking. These wrenches are pre-calibrated, so if you need to have to use 1, you will not have to fret about re-calibrating it.

1 significant advantage you are going to get with many digital torque wrenches is the potential to set numerous torque configurations that you can easily and rapidly change in between with the push of a button. This could save you tons of time when dealing with many fasteners that need to have to be torqued to diverse levels. Several of these wrenches can also preserve a setting throughout a lot of utilizes, even if you change the wrench off. This implies you won’t have to set your wanted torque level when you return to your undertaking.

When you get to the desired torque setting with an digital torque wrench, you could get one particular or several notifications. They’ll often emit a excitement or a beep to warn you, but you might also really feel a vibration or see a tiny gentle illuminate. Some wrenches do all of the above!

3. Programmable Electronic Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

Programmable digital torque wrenches are extremely related to digital torque wrenches, but they just take things a phase additional. They function electronic readouts, producing it simple to set your preferred torque ranking, but they can do a lot more than just end at a specific torque setting.

These torque wrenches have a gyroscope built-in into the style that permits them to measure angles. The gain of this is that formerly tightened nuts and bolts can be acknowledged. They can also display a presented fastener’s generate point.

4. Mechatronic Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?
Image Credit: DC-0-MA SDM, U. Laport, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported

Mechatronic torque wrenches are a blend of a simply click-type torque wrench and an electronic 1. You get the ease of use provided by a click-design torque wrench given that they follow the same mechanics. But you will not just get a simply click when you attain the sought after torque ranking. Instead, this digital torque wrench will provide additional opinions and avert overtightening, giving much greater precision than a normal click-style torque wrench.

5. Slipper Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

Slipper torque wrenches are fully mechanical, but simply because of the way they’re developed, they supply outstanding precision in excess of a click on torque wrench by guaranteeing that you simply cannot overtighten any fastener.

These torque wrenches are typically styled like a socket wrench, but they have a ball and cam program within the head. Once the proper torque amount has been achieved, the cam locks into place. If you keep on to use stress, the cam will slip. This stops it from continuing to tighten, which is the main benefit of a slipper torque wrench.

6. Beam Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

Beam torque wrenches are about as fundamental as torque wrenches get. They characteristic two beams and a modest gauge––one of which moves and acts as a needle on the dial. When you utilize pressure, the beam transferring across the dial implies how significantly power you’re implementing.

Normally, these are some of the the very least exact torque wrenches. They are also the minimum costly, which is what tends to make them appealing to a lot of consumers. As opposed to most torque wrenches, a beam torque wrench will not end or even give you an audible seem when you attain your preferred torque environment. Soon after all, you can’t even established it to a particular torque degree.

Instead, you’ll have to view the gauge to see in which the beam is pointing. When it points to your preferred torque rating, you basically cease making use of stress. There is a whole lot of room for error here, even though, so beam torque wrenches aren’t the very best selection when accuracy is of utmost relevance.

7. Split Beam Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

A split beam torque wrench is a type of beam torque wrench that’s much more accurate and person pleasant. As opposed to a standard beam torque wrench, you can really established your wanted torque score on the wrench, and it will quit tightening when you attain it. You can set the preferred torque rating by opening the hinge.

Whilst beam torque wrenches are fairly reasonably priced, break up beam torque wrenches are likely to be pretty dear. This is primarily simply because of their large diploma of precision. Not like some other varieties of torque wrenches, split beam torque wrenches avert overtightening. When you achieve the sought after torque amount, the wrench will not allow you to apply a lot more strain, creating them a great selection when it’s important to avoid overtightening.

8. Dual-Signal Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench

This sort of torque wrench uses deflecting beams instead of the coil springs you will uncover in regular click on-variety torque wrenches. Simply because of this, they are inclined to outlast other kinds of torque wrenches. They provide a number of levels of feedback with an audible sounds and an indicator pin that you can see. Numerous folks feel that deflecting beam torque wrenches provide much more regular readings than other comparable tools.

9. Hydraulic Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?
Image Credit: Hydraulic-wrench1, value-web, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported

Hydraulic torque wrenches are large-obligation apparatuses that are meant for working with industrial-sized fasteners. The most significant nuts and bolts need the most torque, and hydraulic torque wrenches are the resources to use in this sort of situations. In truth, you will most likely have to go to an industrial provider to decide 1 up.

On leading of being amazingly effective, hydraulic torque wrenches are also extremely exact. Remarkably, these are rather light-weight products. They’re also quite peaceful. You can use 1 straight on a nut or bolt, or you can use an affect socket in the hydraulic torque wrench.

10. No-Hub Torque Wrench

10 Types of Torque Wrenches: What are the Differences?

You are going to notice that no-hub torque wrenches look really distinct from most of the other torque wrenches we’ve covered. While most of these equipment see heaps of use in the automotive sector and other similar areas, no-hub torque wrenches are employed most usually by plumbers and pipefitters.

These wrenches are designed to function on pipes and couplings. They’re T-shaped, so they can simply suit in tight areas. Plus, they are gentle and simple for a plumber to have around in a tool belt. They are also very exact because obtaining a pipe connector too tight or unfastened could spell disaster.


A torque wrench is a vital device for numerous jobs. Overtightening a fastener can direct to a planet of problems. Equally, leaving a fastener also unfastened can trigger it to slide off in a crucial instant, result in harm, or 1 of many other unwanted results. The good news is, it’s straightforward to avert both of these situations with a easy torque wrench. As you can see, there are numerous to select from. So, figure out which one will ideal match your needs, and you will never ever have to worry about getting a fastener too limited or free again.

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