12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy

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No matter whether you are arranging your following getaway to Italy or looking for a new spot to dwell, it is crucial that you know what you are getting your self into. Maintain in thoughts that whilst these may be the twelve most harmful cities in Italy, that doesn’t suggest you should not go!

That’s why we also highlighted precautions that you need to take when touring to Italy. Preserve in brain that although these towns have higher criminal offense costs than other individuals in the country, that does not imply they are the most hazardous metropolitan areas in the planet.

Italy is a rather secure place all around, and even the most harmful cities aren’t poor in comparison to some cities in other nations.

The 12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy: A Quick Look

1. Florence

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: darrenquigley32, Pixabay
Population: 382,000
Crime Rate: 7,022.9 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 11.49

When you’re seeking at the criminal offense figures in Italy, Florence ordeals more year soon after year than any other city in the region. Although the criminal offense rate observed a bit of a fall in 2020, it was rising just before that.

The COVID-19 pandemic tamped down crime during the whole region, but in Florence, that nevertheless meant quantities that would’ve topped the region during any non-pandemic year. It’s these large criminal offense numbers that make Florence the most unsafe town in Italy.

What is exciting with Florence is that it’s not an spot rife with poverty compared to other Italian cities, though it’s not the most prosperous either. But that does not seem to matter in Florence, as criminal offense even now prevails.

So, although Florence may well be a stunning metropolis nestled in the mountains and a best-notch tourist destination, it is also a spot exactly where you are going to want to look at your again. In simple fact, when it arrives to the most hazardous metropolitan areas in Italy, no other metropolis even comes close to Florence.

2. Bologna

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: Bboyangel, Pixabay
Population: 388,000
Crime Rate: 6,827.4 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 12.28

Whilst Bologna might not have the exact same crime stats as Florence, it’s not that considerably powering. In a yr of suppressed criminal offense thanks to the world-wide pandemic, 2020 nevertheless saw 6,827 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Before 2020, Bologna was looking at this variety closer to ten,000 crimes for every a hundred,000, maybe the seriously depressed quantities of 2020 will keep on into the long term. Bologna does have a greater common earnings than most other cities in Italy, so with any luck ,, a little prosperity will support hold criminal offense at bay.

Regardless, t’s a beautiful city that draws in a ton of tourism, and it is also critical to observe that although it’s one of the far more dangerous cities in Italy, it’s nonetheless much safer than most towns in the United States.

3. Milan

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay
Population: 1,352,000
Crime Rate: 6,761.6 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 12.52

Milan is a huge metropolis, with a populace of effectively above a million individuals. Even though you’ll find it on the top of many substantial-criminal offense lists, even just before the 2020 pandemic suppressed criminal offense figures across the entire nation, Milan was presently seeing criminal offense drop 12 months following yr.

It’s because of to this fall in criminal offense that Milan is not at the best of this list. It is also why we’re assured that the once-a-year crime figures in Milan will not rise to their 2019 figures again any time quickly.

Milan is a prosperous metropolis when it arrives to the common wages in the region, and it attracts a ton of tourism. We’re hopeful that its crime quantities will continue to drop, even if they are higher appropriate now.

4. Catania

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: lazer_taras, Pixabay
Population: 313,000
Crime Rate: 5,989.5 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 10.83

Catania is a coastal metropolis, and whilst crime is large listed here, it has stayed regular yr right after yr. Even in 2020, when COVID-19 suppressed criminal offense all through the country, it remained steady in Catania.

Part of the difficulty may well reside with income, as the average income in Catania is effectively underneath most of the country. It’s a tourist-heavy town, but it doesn’t get the same recognition that several other coastal towns in Italy get.

Although we really don't count on Catania to come off this checklist any time quickly, we really don't count on crime to get a lot worse there possibly. With Catania, you know precisely what you’re acquiring. You want it to be much better, but you also know it could be a lot even worse.

5. Turin

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: ChiemSeherin, Pixabay
Population: 887,000
Crime Rate: 5,955.9 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 12.19

Even though a portion of the criminal offense fall in Turin in 2020 was associated to the pandemic, contemplating that crime in the town has dropped drastically each and every calendar year since 2016, that is only a component of it.

From 2016 to 2019, criminal offense ranges in Turin dropped by about 600 for each a hundred,000 each year, and if those developments keep on for just a couple of much more many years, you may well see Turin drop off this record totally.

It’s also why there is a good likelihood that the criminal offense quantities will stay minimal over the coming many years. Turin might be a tourist spot for some, but it manages to be a silent metropolis at the foundation of the Italian Alps in northern Italy.

The typical cash flow stages are on the higher aspect for Italy, so it is not likely that Turin will find its way again into the increased criminal offense numbers, even as the city’s inhabitants nears one million.

6. Venice

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: matteoangeloni, Pixabay
Population: 262,000
Crime Rate: 5,363.9 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 11.56

Venice is a enormous vacationer town and this provides criminal offense into city. But as the pandemic confirmed when it shut down most tourism in 2020, travelers don’t bring all the criminal offense.

The pandemic helped fall the crimes in 2020 by virtually 2,000 instances for every a hundred,000 individuals, but the resulting numbers are nonetheless well previously mentioned 5,000 cases per one hundred,000 men and women. Venice’s revenue fee sits all around the nationwide common for Italy, and it’s fairly well off for a tourism-centered economy.

When tourism numbers rise again, we anticipate criminal offense levels to rise with them, which means we count on the figures to settle back about 7,500 situations per a hundred,000 men and women. People are not the very best numbers out there, but they could be significantly worse.

7. Naples

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: ML5909, Pixabay
Population: 3,085,000
Crime Rate: 4,972.8 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 10.48

Naples is entire of individuals, and it looks like a classic circumstance of less income foremost to a lot more criminal offense. The typical hourly earnings is much more than two Euros less than some other cities on this checklist, and for a big metropolitan spot, that only sales opportunities to much more problems.

That said, Naples has a ton of tourism, but it does not seem to draw in as much criminal offense as Venice. The 2020 pandemic dropped the total criminal offense rate to below five,000 for every 100,000 individuals, but even ahead of then, the quantities stayed continual, appropriate close to 6,000 circumstances per one hundred,000.

We totally assume the numbers to elevate back to the 6,000 mark when items begin to open back up, but it might just take a couple of several years to get there. Although the 6,000 mark puts Naples on the listing of the most harmful metropolitan areas in Italy, the truth is that it is far safer than many cities in other nations around the world.

8. Rome

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: Trimlack, Pixabay
Population: 2,873,000
Crime Rate: 4,829.4 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 11.47

Rome is the greatest city in all of Italy with regards to landmass, but with more folks will come a lot more criminal offense. While Rome isn’t the most harmful city in the country, it even now sees its truthful share of criminal offense. While 2020 saw much less than 5,000 crimes for each one hundred,000 individuals, that quantity normally sits appropriate all around 6,000.

It is nonetheless lower than numerous other cities on this list, but it is not undesirable for such a enormous area. Its common hourly revenue is proper about typical for Italy.

Given that a massive portion of Rome’s economic system comes from tourism, there are a lot of low-income positions about. The large volume of tourism is also why you can expect the crime charge to continue to be frustrated until finally international tourism reopens.

When that happens, we count on the yearly criminal offense charge to go correct back again to the 6,000 crimes per a hundred,000 folks that it was sitting at before the pandemic strike.

9. Bari

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: suesun, Pixabay
Population: 324,000
Crime Rate: 4,304.7 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 10.39

Bari is a modest city of the Adriatic Sea, and it’s regarded as a hidden gem. Even greater for Bari is that the criminal offense figures ended up previously substantially dropping just before the 2020 pandemic strike. As a result, it would not shock us if the current crime price stays even when factors commence to open back again up.

Bari does have a decrease common hourly income than numerous other metropolitan areas in Italy, but except if you are considering about moving there, this will not have as well much of an effect on you.

10. Genoa

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: ptrabattoni, Pixabay
Population: 583,000
Crime Rate: 4,428.5 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 11.95

Genoa has comparatively lower crime figures and a very good keep track of report of the amount of crimes decreasing ahead of the pandemic hit in 2020. It sits off the Ligurian Sea in Northwest Italy, and it is a peaceful place that doesn’t appeal to as a lot tourism as other Italian cities.

That’s why the pandemic didn’t suppress crime ranges here as a lot as in other cities. Whilst crime levels did fall some, it is at the moment difficult to figure out if these drops came from all-natural developments or if they artificially deflated simply because of the pandemic.

Genoa does have a higher average cash flow than most other components of Italy, so we expect the criminal offense levels to remain lower even when things begin to reopen.

11. Verona

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: alex1965, Pixabay
Population: 257,000
Crime Rate: 4,066.4 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 11.65

Verona is a gorgeous Italian town nestled at the foundation of the Italian Alps in central Italy. In 2020, the average criminal offense rate sat just previously mentioned four,000 for every one hundred,000 people, but that was a significant fall from the place it was just before items started to shut down owing to the pandemic.

Normally, Verona has more than five,000 crimes for each 100,000 men and women every single year, but that’s even now on the reduce conclude of the spectrum for a metropolis.

That stated, the typical hourly cash flow in Verona is on the substantial side, so it is not likely that the numbers will drop any additional in the long term.

12. Palermo

12 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy
Image Credit: 12412158, Pixabay
Population: 674,000
Crime Rate: 3,995.7 per 100,000
Average Hourly Income: 10.99

Palermo is the only town on this checklist to have a criminal offense rate underneath 4,000 for every 100,000 individuals. It did encounter a little bit of a drop in 2020, but even before then, the quantities were usually nicely under 5,000 circumstances for each 100,000.

Palermo has a bit higher criminal offense figures than the relaxation of the cities in Italy, however not by significantly. The common earnings is just beneath 11 Euros an hour, but that is typical for Italy.

Although it created the record of the most hazardous cities in Italy, it is certainly risk-free enough for you to make it a single of your following tourist locations in the place!

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How to Stay Safe in Italy

If you’re arranging a getaway to Italy, you should consider the correct safety measures to continue to be secure. Start off by mapping out your routes, studying the nearby area, and sticking with whatsoever prepare you arrive up with.

From there, hold valuables out of sight, and try out to avoid heading out during hours of darkness. Lastly, the greatest worry that you have to worry about when touring is pickpocketing. We extremely suggest safeguarding all valuables.

Have your wallet in a entrance pocket, or use a purse hook and always totally close it when relocating about. When utilizing public transportation, get additional precautions and attempt to hold your valuables in front of you the place you can see them.

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Is Italy a Safe Country?

According to just about any statistic in the European Institute for Criminal offense Prevention and Justice, Italy ranks between the leading international locations in Europe and the globe when it comes to how risk-free it is.

It is also close to the base of the checklist for homicides, assaults, and drug trafficking. Keep in thoughts, even though, that Italy utilised to have larger crime rates in some of these crucial regions, which has led to the belief that Italy may not be as safe as it is.

But when you get a difficult appear at the numbers, it gets to be abundantly clear that Italy is one particular of the safest international locations out there.


With a bit of foresight and knowledge, there is no cause that your next journey to Italy cannot be the two entertaining and secure no make a difference exactly where you go. Of training course, if you want to play it additional safe, you can steer clear of all the metropolitan areas on this record and even now have a great Italian trip!

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