How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps

Previous bathtubs do not automatically need to have to be changed to be renewed. A bathtub can be painted to give it a fresh lease on daily life. Changing a bathtub can be an expensive occupation that calls for the use of expert plumbers and contractors. Painting a bathtub can be accomplished by anyone with tiny time and perseverance. Just before you make a decision to rip out and exchange your aged bathtub, contemplate painting it alternatively.

Listed here is how you can paint a bathtub in 10 simple measures!


Painting a bathtub is not significantly diverse from any other portray work. Numerous of the components needed to full the occupation overlap with any big portray task. Nonetheless, there are some extra things to take into account. 1 of the most essential things to keep in mind is that portray in a modest area like a rest room is likely to require a good deal of ventilation and a respirator. This is really important for your wellness and basic safety.

Time to complete 3–5 days
Skill level Beginner–Intermediate
Average cost $200

In order to total the work, you are heading to need the subsequent components:

  • Spackling knife or caulk remover
  • Two tubes of caulk
  • Caulk gun
  • Paint
  • Primer or epoxy
  • Screwdriver
  • Bleach and or acetone
  • Cloth
  • Respirator
  • Roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Dropcloth or plastic

You might also require:

  • Grout
  • Bathtub repair kit
  • New hardware

Portray a bathtub is not extremely complex or hard, but it will just take time. The time to total the task will get everywhere from a few to 5 days. It is advisable to do the work in excess of the program of a lengthy weekend to give oneself enough time for every single action to established effectively. It is also advised to have a strategy for bathing for the duration of the occupation. Once you begin, the bathtub is going to be out of fee for at least 3 times and probably lengthier. If you only have a single bathtub, you may want to prepare to shower in other places for the duration of the undertaking.

With all of that out of the way, allow us get started.

How To Paint a Bathtub

1. Remove caulk

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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The initial phase to portray your bathtub is to remove all of the outdated caulk from close to the tub. Making use of a spackling knife or caulk getting rid of device, pull up all of the caulk. Take care to uncover all of the caulk from all around the tub and from about the components. As soon as you have all of the caulk out, throw it away.

2. Remove hardware

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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Up coming, eliminate the components from the tub. Eliminate the drain cap, the faucet, and the handles. You do not want to have to paint close to these items. The drain cap can usually be unscrewed by hand. The handles are held in by Phillips head screws. The spigot or spout is frequently held in by a single screw at the foundation, and then it slides off.

Established the hardware aside so you can put it again on afterwards. Even if you are arranging on changing the components later, maintain the originals because you know they suit in case something goes incorrect with the new components.

  • Remember to ventilate!

This is the most important basic safety tip for this occupation. The toilet wants to be well ventilated in get to safeguard your well being and protection. The up coming actions contain the use of chemicals, smelly paint, and acrylic. The lavatory demands to have the door open up, a window open, and the supporter managing. In get to get a better cross-ventilation impact, you might want to run a standing admirer to blow the air out the window as well.  This is vital. You will also require to use a respirator to safeguard by yourself more from the fumes.

Not appropriately ventilating the rest room can lead to fainting, slipping, or even death in intense cases. Prior to moving on to the following action, make confident the bathroom is appropriately ventilated.

3. Thoroughly clean the tub

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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Having a clean tub is necessary to get a great consequence following painting. The tub wants to be completely cleaned. There are numerous diverse recommendations on how greatest to cleanse an previous bathtub, and what distinct technique you pick is up to you. Most men and women suggest employing powerful bleach or acetone, or equally. Scrub the tub down from leading to base. Get up any dirt and staining.

Receiving the tub spotless is very important, so it is advised that you give the tub a good scrub at the end of working day one and then begin day two by scrubbing it once again. This is to make positive that the surface of the tub is clean adequate to consider paint and primer. A tub that is improperly cleaned will disrupt the primer and paint which could guide to cracking, flaking, and bubbling. That will wreck the total work more than time.

4. Repair and patch any damage

After the tub is clear, appear for any damage on the tub. The most common kinds of harm are cracking and pitting. If you find any cracks or pits, now is the time to patch them. This will stop paint from seeping into the innards of the tub and will help hold your tub appropriately maintained. Seal any cracks and fix any pits with the needed components. You can buy a bathtub mend kit at your local property improvement shop that will have the materials needed to protect virtually any fix you uncover.

5. Prep the bathroom

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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Now, it is time to prep the toilet for paint. Set down a drop fabric in excess of the flooring, tape the edges of the tub to prevent paint from obtaining on the walls, and double-check your air flow technique. Include any crucial objects. Take away any artwork or household furniture you have nearby. Get up the bathroom rugs. Get rid of or prep everything you really do not want to accidentally get paint on.

6. Prime the tub

It is time to primary the tub for portray. Depending on what sort of tub you have, this action will vary marginally. Most tubs phone for an acrylic primer that pairs with a special paint made especially for bathtubs. Some bathtubs will demand something a bit diverse, like an enamel-based primer. Seek advice from your decided on paint and bathtub kind for further details. But most bathtubs will take the easily available acrylic paint and primer sets.

Give the tub 1 good coat of primer. Make positive you are donning your respirator. Cover the entirety of the bathtub surface but do not lather it on way too thick. The primer is the base coat for the eventual paint that will go on. Use a roller to coat the inside of the tub and use a brush to get the regions on the best of the tub and about the piping.

Allow the primer dry totally. It is recommended that you enable the primer dry right away before shifting on to the up coming action.

7. Paint the tub with two starter coats

It is ultimately time to paint the tub. Following enabling the primer ample time to dry, it is time to paint. Paint the tub in the very same way you primed it. Roll the paint onto the inside of the tub, coating it completely. Then use a brush to get the prime of the tub and the places all around the pipes.

Painting the outdoors of the tub is the trickiest portion and the messiest. Use a roller to paint the outside the house of the tub meticulously and then contact up difficult-to-achieve areas with a brush. Give the bathtub one total coat and allow it dry completely. Then repeat this stage and include a next coat. Let it dry entirely.

Two coats are usually enough for most jobs, but there are some instances when a third coat may be essential. Examine the paint right after two coats and decide regardless of whether a 3rd coat is needed seeking for any fading or patchy places. If you truly feel the tub wants a third coat, repeat this approach again. Let it dry.

8. Inspect paint and tub

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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Right after you have finished the two coats of paint and let every single coat dry, it is time to inspect your work. Look to make certain that you are not viewing any bubbling or streaking in the paint. Make confident you have sufficiently coated each region with paint so that the tub seems to be the way you want it to. At this point, the look is not likely to change. If you locate an imperfection or an location that requirements a touch-up, now is the time to repair it before ending up the task.

This is also the time to thoroughly clean up any paint splatters or blunders that you may possibly have made. Get the paint off the floor and the bordering tile prior to shifting on to the following step.

9. Recaulk, replace hardware

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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The penultimate phase is to recaulk the tub and change the components. Using lavatory caulk, reseal all of the regions all around the tub. Exchange the components or insert new components and seal any gaps close to the handles or faucet. Allow the caulk dry for the advisable amount of time. The time to dry will be obvious on the tube.

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10. Run water

How To Paint a Bathtub In 10 Easy Steps
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The closing step in the approach is to run drinking water in your freshly painted tub. This is crucial for two crucial motives. Very first, it will allow you know that all of the paint has dried appropriately. Do not run the h2o till you are absolutely sure everything is dry. If you see any paint in the water, the tub may well not have dried effectively, and it may possibly need to have additional focus. Second, it makes confident that you have reattached all of the components properly and that the spigot is working as meant.

If the h2o is flowing and the tub is sealed and looks good, then you are completed. It is time to appreciate your tub as soon as once more.


Portray a bathtub is an simple way to insert some new lifestyle to an aged tub. New tub replacements can value hundreds, or even countless numbers, of bucks. You can preserve a whole lot of income and trouble by basically repainting an previous tub to mirror a new look. This variety of task is turning out to be far more common now that colors are returning to the new lavatory designs.

Whether or not you are a manufacturer new property owner looking for an eye-catching venture or an aged professional attempting to steer clear of serious up grade fees, painting a bathtub is basic.

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