12 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Plans you can Build Today

12 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Plans you can Build Today

When you create a chicken feeder and hold it in your yard, you’re normally hoping to see some beautiful avian specimens employing it so you can catch a good glimpse of their multi-coloured feathers and maybe even listen to a tune or two.

Sadly, birds don’t constantly make it to the feeder initial. Frequently, it’s furry tiny squirrels that discover the seeds, thieving absent all the meals you meant for the birds. It might be amusing or even lovable once, but following it takes place a couple of instances, you are going to be seeking for a way to discourage those sneaky squirrels.

Thankfully, it is not that tough to understand how to develop a squirrel-evidence hen feeder. We’ve gathered twelve distinct sets of ideas to get you started out that you can very easily develop nowadays. They’re comparatively easy projects that will call for only fundamental expertise and materials, generating it easy for any individual to invite some feathered buddies into their yard without having feeding all the community squirrels.

1. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Pole

So lengthy as you really don't spot this bird feeder pole as well near to a tree exactly where squirrels can soar to it from the branches, no squirrels will be ready to achieve your chicken feeder. They merely can’t climb the smooth PVC pipe that provides absolutely nothing to maintain onto. In complete, this venture expenses about $20 to create and can effortlessly be made with equipment you are quite likely to have laying around.

2. PVC Bird feeder

Here’s one more bird feeder design that is crafted out of PVC and prevents squirrels. This layout is much distinct from the first style, and the construct is a bit a lot more associated. It is even now not specifically difficult though, and you can develop it primarily out of PVC, wood, and a wire to cling it.

3. How to Make a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

You can see how successful this hen feeder is since there is a online video of a squirrel failing right after numerous tries to get to the birdseed inside of. You are going to be creating this bird feeder with little pieces of copper pipe and a few of plates of glass. It is one particular of the most appealing styles we have witnessed, as effectively as 1 of the most successful.

4. Guaranteed to be Squirrel-Proof

The maker of this style is completely certain that their bird feeder is fully squirrel-proof. It’s manufactured from PVC and a huge piece of stove pipe, enabling you to hold a number of different chicken feeders from the best. It’s quite massive, but it’s a freestanding design and style that can be set up much away from trees that squirrels may leap from.

5. Squirrel-Proof Stove Pipe Feeder

This layout follows a comparable premise as the very last 1. It’s created largely from a massive stove pipe. There is an “X” produced from 2×4 lumber on the prime, off of which dangle many diverse bird feeders.

6. Bird Feeder with Baffle

Adhere to along with this video clip to make a squirrel-evidence chicken feeder holder that’s freestanding and protected from prying squirrel fingers in numerous ways. A huge pipe helps make the pole sleek, preventing squirrels from climbing it.

7. Easy DIY Squirrel-Free Bird Feeder

Wire mesh helps make a wonderful fowl feeder, but the squirrels can get to the foodstuff way too simply. This crafty squirrel-proof feeder makes use of a plastic bottle to stop squirrels from getting a grip that assists them keep on. There’s even now space for birds to perch on the bottom to feed, but no squirrels can achieve that portion since it’s hanging high off the floor.

8. 100% Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

The principle of this design and style is to quit squirrels from getting able to climb up the pole on which the hen feeders are mounted. The pole is just a regular 4×4 piece of wooden, but metallic has been additional to it so it’s sleek and tougher to climb. The genuine safeguard is the baffle even though, which is mounted partway up the pole and is specific to end any squirrels in their tracks.

9. Instructables Bird Feeder

You really do not need an industrial-sized fowl feeder to hold the squirrels out. This a single is pretty small and follows a basic layout with a dish of birdseed at the best. It stands on a single slim leg and gives no way for squirrels to climb. Just make confident not to set it close to something tall that the squirrels can leap from.

10. Squirrel-Proof Slinky

This one particular isn’t precisely a set of ideas for a birdhouse. Fairly, it’s an awesome way for you to squirrel-proof any standing fowl feeder set up making use of a basic slinky. It is this kind of a basic concept, but it is also quite efficient. Best of all, slinkies are inexpensive, so it won’t price significantly to execute this squirrel-proofing, and you can use it on your current bird feeder.

11. Water Bottle Squirrel Stopper

Here’s yet another way you can use an outdated vacant water bottle to cease the squirrels from reaching your birdhouse. This layout uses multiple drinking water bottles to make it impossible for squirrels to climb up the mounting pole and achieve the birdseed.

12. Squirrel-Proof Aquarium Feeder

We saved the very best for last. Out of all the styles, this is a single of the most appealing. It’s also one particular of the most concerned and time-consuming builds, but the end result is value the added work. It is made out of an previous ten-gallon aquarium and many small pieces of copper pipe. If you purchase the aquarium 2nd-hand, you can create this venture for filth-cheap, however it seems to be significantly nicer than what you will invest on it.


You can find out how to develop a squirrel-proof birdhouse with a little bit of creative imagination and some widespread home components. We have supplied 12 sets of ideas that will make a fantastic beginning position for your generation, but really do not come to feel that you have to stay locked into these plans. Take what you like from any of these suggestions and then make the venture your personal. You can use the materials and instruments you have available to you, modifying these strategies in whatever way you see fit. At the stop of the day, it is your development, so develop it how you envision it.

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