What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)

You can use just about any wooden for exterior trim, but that does not imply that you are likely to get great or simple benefits out of each variety of wooden. All types of wooden have various houses, and some of them operate much better than others for exterior trim.

However, there is no one particular sort of wood that is basically the very best. Rather, there are several sorts of wood that do a very good task as exterior trim, however the actual 1 you should use depends on your tastes and demands. We’ll just take a appear at some of the most well-liked and very best possibilities in this post.

The 4 Best Types of Wood for Exterior Trim

1. Fir

What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: TasfotoNL, Shutterstock

Fir is easily one particular of the most widely employed woods for exterior trim. It is broadly accessible, affordable, and fairly straight. You can discover it at most lumber yards so you don’t have to fret about likely on a hunt for wood. At times, you can even choose the items you want, enabling you to steer clear of knotted and twisted parts.

The good news is, fir tends to have extremely handful of knots and these that do exist are tight and really don't pose a issue. You can also paint fir rather simply with out significantly prep perform, which can potentially preserve you a lot of time. Fir is also a really stable piece of wood and tends to stay away from use and tear with simplicity.

2. Pine

What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Next to fir, pine is almost certainly the most popular. It is a bit more affordable than fir which is likely 1 explanation it is so common but it is also lighter and vulnerable to much more flaws. You’re receiving what you pay for in this scenario. Nevertheless, the price tag big difference can nevertheless be appreciable in between the two.

Pine has a a bit elastic nature that makes it possible for it to bend a bit. During some installs, this can be quite useful. Nevertheless, it also means that it might or may possibly not be straight if you’re making use of it along a prolonged wall.

With all that explained, pine does not are inclined to bend after it is nailed in place or everything like that. It generally stays how it is placed.

3. Redwood

What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Above the very last few years, redwood has turn into progressively well-liked. It is the leading type of trim wooden. It is incredibly weather-resistant, which can make it fantastic for any outdoor operate, additionally, it is powerful and incredibly straight so it’s very effortless to put in in most circumstances. It also has a good deal of character and is aesthetically pleasing.

Nonetheless, redwood is also very expensive so you will have to have the budget for it. If you do purchase it, it may possibly be ideal to cut it into smaller items and use it as accents—not as the principal sort of trim. A small can go a prolonged way. The entire board can be used simply because it is free from flaws.

4. Cedar

What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: CentrArredo, Pixabay

Cedar can make a wonderful exterior trim wooden in several circumstances. Nevertheless, it is underutilized and not as extensively available. Instead, redwood is typically utilized, which cedar is a immediate competitor to. Cedar never rots and will stay tough throughout the home’s lifespan.

The most common product made out of cedar is fences, mainly simply because they really do not rot and keep up forever. If you want the exact same advantages for your home, it does not get a lot greater than cedar. Plus, it also smells very great. You don’t have to execute a lot upkeep both, so it is easily one of the simplest woods to take treatment of on the market.

Can I Use Pressure-Treated Wood for Outdoor Trim?

Pressure-treated lumber is not the biggest alternative for exterior trim. Typically, most strain-taken care of wood is made from southern yellow pine and this type of wood cannot keep paint very effectively. Consequently, it can be demanding to use on the exterior as any paint is probably to rub off rapidly.

You technically can use stress-taken care of wood, it just might not be the greatest option.

Also, to paint the wood you will need to clear it given that most are treated with some sort of chemical that prevents the paint from sticking. This extra stage of scrubbing the wooden can make it much more expensive to install considering that you have to pay out added labor. Receiving the wood to dry all the way to paint it is frequently difficult—it may possibly need to have to be dried for a number of weeks ahead of you can really paint it.

Most strain-treated wooden has problems and knots which make it unusable as exterior trim. You’ll have to very carefully decide on the boards that have the least flaws, and you may be unable to use the entire piece of wooden. With that stated, some lumberyards do market top quality grades of force-treated wooden that do not have as several problems, but this grade of wood can be difficult to uncover.

Stress-handled wooden also tends to warp and crack speedily, so it is typically not the greatest option for exterior use. It basically does not maintain up extremely nicely.

What Is the Best Wood for Exterior Trim? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Hans Isaacson, Unsplash

Is Radiata Pine Good for Exterior Trim?

You can use radiata pine for exterior trim. It tends to hold up really well in the aspects and has a uniform density. As a result, it is straightforward to set up and set up. Furthermore, it grows instead quick, generating it a lot more sustainable. It is also cheaper than many of the other woods on the marketplace, so it is far more accessible than some other premium cuts.

Is Pine Good for Outdoor Trim?

Pine is a single of the softest and lightest woods and is simple to function with. It also paints very easily, as prolonged as it is coated with an exterior-quality distinct coat to end it off. If not sealed accurately, it can warp and crack. Although it is simple to perform with, it is often best to depart it to the specialists.

In addition, pine is a single of the least high-priced woods and is a wonderful choice for these that are searching for a spending budget option.


There are many varieties of wood that perform properly for outside use. The greatest wooden out there is typically deemed to be redwood, however this wooden is fairly pricey. On the other hand, pine is also very excellent and a lot cheaper, so it tends to be far more common.

When you’re selecting the wooden, you’re probably likely to consider the aesthetics of the wooden, which signifies that you’re searching beyond functional applications. As a result, although woods like redwood and pine could objectively be the greatest options, there may be another kind of wooden that matches your wants and style far better.

We recommend that you stay away from pressure-dealt with wooden, as it tends to be much less helpful than other options on the market place. It is effortlessly broken and warps, and it is notoriously challenging to paint. It could be typical and inexpensive, but you are going to most likely spend for it over the many years.

Take your time to pick an exterior trim wooden, as there is not one particular proper reply for absolutely everyone.

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