15 Free DIY Spice Rack Plans You Can Make Today

15 Free DIY Spice Rack Plans You Can Make Today

A well-structured kitchen is a gorgeous issue. It does not just appear wonderful either… correct kitchen area organization can generate ease and circulation. Some thing as basic as the correct spice rack can adjust your total cooking experience.

And why spend further cash on some thing that is nearly excellent? With a tiny instruction, you can roll up your sleeves and make just what you require!

Some individuals need to have economy of area, or the potential to go through each and every container, and others an stylish hideaway. Below we have gathered a listing of free plans that will teach you how to create a spice rack that is geared to your requirements.

1. Door DIY Spice Rack from Ana White & Shanty 2 Chic

This door spice rack by Ana White & Shanty two Stylish is a critical space saver. And with some basic woodworking instruments you can make it for as lower as $thirty. A simple project for the ambitious rookie, or a rapid & straightforward 1 for intermediate ability and over.

Resources: (2) 1×4 boards, 10 toes lengthy, (3) ⅜” dowels, four feet lengthy, ⅜” dowel buttons, Cup hooks, (1) 2×4 and ¼” thick plywood sheet, 1¼” complete nails, 1¼” pocket hole screws

Tools Necessary: Drill, ⅜” little bit for the dowels, Tape Evaluate, Pace Sq., Pencil, Kreg jig, Round saw, Brad nailer

2. Magnetic Wall DIY Spice Rack from Instructables

Counter space is top quality true estate in most kitchens, so why not keep vertically? The builder of this magnetic spice rack on Instructables put all their magnetized containers on the fridge. However, you can use practically any wall area with the addition of a sheet of tin or a magnetic white board. We enjoy how couple of equipment are required to total this!

Resources: 4 oz spherical, clear topped tins, one/4” – 1/16” Neodymium magnets (3 per tin), Floor for mixing epoxy (newspaper, or similar), Epoxy (like JB Weld), Damp paper towel

Equipment Essential: Toothpicks, Tweezers, 100-grit sandpaper, Label maker (if desired)

3. Countertop DIY Spice Rack from Construct 101

It’s as easy as cut, nail, fill with these free spice rack programs on Assemble one zero one. Even with these kinds of simple methods you conclude up with a fantastic searching shelf. Splurge on some paint to insert a tiny pop to your kitchen area organization!

Components: ¾” 1×6 cedar board (fence or pallet board function way too), 1¼” finishing nails

Instruments Essential: Jig noticed, Hammer, Sandpaper

4. Test Tube DIY Spice Rack from Handyman’s Daughter

Chemistry and cooking are basically the exact same. And this check tube spice rack by the Handyman’s Daughter tips it’s hat to that idea. It’s our favourite aesthetic layout by considerably – so intelligent and lovable. We just wish the tubes held a more substantial quantity.

Components: 1×4 board, 20 mm examination tubes with stoppers, 18 mm rubber o-rings, Wood glue, Paint or stain (if preferred), Mineral oil (for hardwood)

Equipment Needed: Drill, 21 mm Forstner little bit, Table noticed, Sander, 12” clamps

5. Storage Bin DIY Spice Rack from Remodelaholic

If you’re the variety who prefers a tidy kitchen, perhaps this storage massive spice rack from Remodelaholic will suit the monthly bill. Though it requires up some countertop, it saves a tiny room by stacking spices in the drawer. We believe you are going to really like this spice box if you have intermediate talent and want a thoroughly clean and charming look.

Materials: 1/4 sheet of ½” plywood, Pocket gap screws, Glue, Pre-stain wood conditioner, Stain, Chalk paint, Drawer pull, Polyurethane, Graphite Paper

Instruments Needed: Desk noticed, Miter observed, Drill, Pocket hole jig, Paint brushes, Sander, Clamps, Measuring tape, Sq.

6. Tiered DIY Spice Rack from Joyful Derivatives

The tiered counter or cupboard spice rack melds form with perform. People who like straightforward obtain and readability of their spices will love Joyful Derivative’s strategies. Additionally, by its quite style this rack promotes business and impedes overfilling.

Components: ¾” plywood, Primer, Paint, Nails, Glass spice jars (optional)

Equipment Needed: Desk noticed, Nail gun or hammer, Clamps, Paintbrush

7. Under Cabinet DIY Spice Rack from Instructables

Put people lifeless spaces below cabinets to use with the help of some sheet steel, magnets, and these ideas from Instructables. Although tremendous efficient and beginner welcoming, a single downside for this create is that jars might be tough to read through with much more than one particular row.

Resources: Canning jars, E6000 glue, ¼” x 1/16” Neodymium magnets, Sheet steel (twenty gauge advisable), Liquid nails, Little screws

Resources Needed: Drill

8. Wall Mounted DIY Spice Rack from Angela Marie Made

These wall spice rack programs from Angela Marie Manufactured are easy with plenty of pictures to aid you alongside. There is a apparent deficiency of instruction on the real wall mounting portion, so we don’t suggest this develop for novices. For further type points they even have pantry label decals Do-it-yourself!

Resources: (one) 1×3 @ 6ft, (1) 1×4 @ 6ft, (two) ½″ x 3 @ 3ft, (2) ½″ x 2 @ 3ft, 1″ and 1¼ ″ Kreg screws, 1 ¼″ Brad nails, Wood glue, Paint or stain (optional)

Resources Necessary: Kreg jig, Drill, Miter observed, Clamps, Brad nailer

9. Magnetic Fridge DIY Spice Rack from Instructables

This magnetic spice rack for the fridge on Instructables will get total marks for value and relieve of create. Almost no equipment essential for these serviceable, place conserving racks – they’re so rapidly and straightforward to make! We hugely advocate this design for people with a restricted spending budget and beginners.

Materials: Modest plastic bins (like pencil holders), Magnets

Tools Essential: Very hot glue gun

10. Rustic Wall Shelf DIY Spice Rack from Ana White

Ana White’s rustic wall shelf is a fashionable and useful solution to kitchen area storage. Novices with a stock of resources ought to uncover these easy plans effortless to follow. And we enjoy how the affordability doesn’t influence this design’s stunning completed product.

Materials: (one) 1×8 board @ 8ft, (1) ¾” wide flat metallic inventory, 41″ lengthy, 1¼” brad nails, 2” self-tapping wooden screws OR 1¼” pocket hole screws, 2½” drywall screws

Resources Necessary: Drill, Kreg jig (if employing pocket gap screws), Stud finder, Jigsaw with metal blade

11. Hanging DIY Spice Rack from Dremel

Love the below-shelf spice jars thought, but want something a minor sturdier than a magnet? These plans for a hanging spice rack by Dremel may be just appropriate. As an alternative of affixing steel and magnets with glue, this build screws the jar lids straight to the shelf. You will not be in a position to transfer the jars around freely, but you also really don't need to fear about knocking them down accidentally. Beginners will also enjoy that Dremel suggests a observed package – excellent for these looking to spend in electrical power instruments for the 1st time.

Supplies: 1×3″ Poplar Plank, Attractive trim (if sought after), Wood stain (if wanted), Small Screws, Jars with metal screw tops (like Mason)

Resources Essential: SM20 Observed-Max Resource Kit, SM500 Wood & Plastic Carbide Wheel, Drill with ⅛” bit, Screwdriver, Pencil, Clamps, Dremel 4200 (if etching the jars)

12. Built-In DIY Spice Rack from Shanty 2 Chic

We adore this spice rack developed into the wall from Shanty two Stylish. And if you’re all set to just take on a much more complex venture, we think you will also! The builders stroll you by way of each action, so even lower ability ranges with obtain to the equipment can confidently craft this stunning place saver.

Materials: A few 1×4 planks at 10ft, A single 1×4 planks at 6ft, ¼ ” plywood to match (57”x 14 ¾” utilized right here), A few ⅜” dowel rods at 4ft, Wood glue, Wooden filler

Instruments Required: Miter saw, Drill, Kreg jig, Rotary saw, Sander, Nail gun (or hammer & ending nails), Stapler (or hammer & finishing nails)

13. Simple DIY Spice Rack from Sawdust 2 Stitches

Need a no-frills cupboard organization resolution? Sawdust 2 Stitches has you coated with these rustic spice rack strategies. And they don’t just show you how to construct a custom made match cabinet or countertop shelf. This builder contains tons of tips for including design & creativeness to your undertaking – and other kitchen organization suggestions too!

Supplies: (two) 1″x 4″ Boards, Primer, Paint, 1½″ finish nails, ¼″ Paneling, Wooden Glue, Glass Jars, Black primer

Instruments Necessary: Miter Saw, Sander, Paintbrushes, Nail gun or hammer, Compressor

14. Simple Wall Shelf DIY Spice Rack from Rona

These spice rack strategies from Rona are a useful mix of magnetic and wall mounted shelves. The tins are retained in location by the magnets, not suspended. Developed for affordability, Rona’s shelf is mainly created from medium density fiberboard (MDF), glue, and magnetic tape. With the appropriate saws this project is simple ample for novices.

Supplies: 48″ x 48″ x ½” MDF sheet, 48″ x 48″ x ¼” MDF sheet, 1″ x 24″ x ½” pine board, 24″ x 6″ metal sheet, Vinyl stickers (if wanted), 1″ finishing nails, Glue, Primer & paint, Magnetic tape, Hooks

Equipment Essential: Desk noticed, Jigsaw, Hammer, Pencil, Drill and ⅛” little bit, Screwdriver, Paintbrush, Level, Added fantastic sanding sponge

15. Travel Ready DIY Spice Rack from Instructables

Backpackers, travelers, and out of doors enjoys rejoice – we found the best spice rack for you! This vacation spice rack strap on Instructables has it all. It’s lightweight, simple to pack & use, cheap to make, requires couple of tools… the listing goes on. You are going to by no means have to sacrifice fantastic cooking although touring yet again with this intelligent construct.

Materials: Nylon ribbon or webbing (at least 18” advisable), Pairs of one or 2 oz Nalgene containers, ½” long stainless metal bolts, Matching nuts, Matching locknuts (for dry spices) or rubber washers (for oils)

Equipment Needed: Hand Drill

Final Thoughts

Last but not least revamp your kitchen firm for a cleaner, easier, a lot more visually appealing cooking expertise. You will save funds. Learn new issues. You may possibly even have some entertaining!

We hope that this list has aided teach you how to build a spice rack that you adore. Magnets, countertop cabinets, wall & doorway mounts – no matter what your ability stage, there is a Diy prepare for you.

Content constructing!

Featured impression credit history: Market place stand spices by Tama66, Pixabay