15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)

Some individuals are content when the grass won’t expand due to the fact it provides them a explanation to do something special with their backyard. But other individuals are sad because they genuinely appreciate a lush, environmentally friendly lawn and the remarkable odor it has when you minimize it.

Where ever you fall in that spectrum, we have compiled a checklist below that will give you fifteen incredible landscape suggestions for the place the grass will not develop. Some will rework your garden entirely, whilst other folks will only modify it, so it continues to be all-natural but with out the eyesore of no grass.

Top 15 Landscape Ideas For Where Grass Won’t Grow

1. Water Feature

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
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If the grass will not develop, just dig a gap and fill it with drinking water. Nicely, it is a minor more difficult than that, but a water function can be an extraordinary addition to your garden. If you plant a tiny backyard close to it, the room can become your personal personal oasis.

One more issue about water features is that they are extremely eco-friendly. You’ll be delivering a swimming and bathing region for a lot of distinct critters. So, not only will you be solving your no-grass problem, but you will be carrying out some thing good for the setting close to you.

2. Concrete Patio

A concrete patio doesn’t have to be as industrial as it appears. If you have a patch of lawn that refuses to dwell up to anticipations, then flip it into a concrete patio. An exposed rock slab or stamped concrete will search fantastic. Incorporate some chairs and a black steel hearth pit, and you have a comfortable and present day spot to cling out with close friends in the yard. The very best factor about concrete is that it is quite lengthy-lasting and durable.

3. Gravel Patio

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: CandyGuru, Pixabay

Similar notion to the concrete, but with gravel. After yet again, this can be carried out very properly to create a warm and inviting spot to cling out with friends. There are several colors and designs of gravel offered. A gravel patio is far more Diy than a concrete one is, but it will even now just take a little bit of perform. And it has to be accomplished correct, or you could have weeds popping via the gravel in excess of time.

4. Raised Flower Bed(s)

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
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Whether or not you have a dead patch of grass in a random location in the property or patches all above that refuse to grow, there is most likely a way you could make a raised flower bed perform if gardening is your thing. The neat issue about container gardening is that it’s marginally considerably less intensive than a big vegetable backyard garden, for example.

A elevated flower mattress would give you a wonderful Do it yourself landscaping option. There are tons of strategies online that most people could set together with basic resources and constrained understanding.

5. Rubber Mulch

Did somebody say eco-pleasant possibilities? Rubber mulch has developed in popularity more than the years. Rubber is 1 of those things that is not biodegradable and requires up room in our landfills, so organizations have started to repurpose it and preserve it out of the dump.

If you have received children at home, this idea is for you. Get a playset for the backyard, but alternatively of filling the spot with sand, fill it with rubber mulch. You can get the mulch in different hues, and you will be generating fantastic use of the location in which the grass is not increasing in any case!

6. Rock Garden

Big rocks or tiny rocks they can all occur with each other to generate incredible, inventive shows. You can incorporate bouquets and crops into a rock backyard garden, or possibly a water function. Some spectacular rock gardens are just rocks of a variety of colors and dimensions. The neat factor about a rock backyard garden is how functional it is. In addition, you can adjust it all through the 12 months based on how you do it.

7. Add a Shed

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Blueee77, Shutterstock

If you’re in constructing manner, you aren’t restricted to a small 4’ x 8’ get rid of. This could be your chance to construct that guy or she-cave you’ve constantly desired. Enable your imagination run wild. Depending on how wild your creativeness runs on this one, it may possibly even be a Diy venture. There are some excellent strategies available on-line if you have a couple of construction instruments and a realistic quantity of knowledge.

8. Wood Chips

Possibly you are one particular of those individuals that merely does not like grass. So, when it stops expanding effectively, you’re ready to get rid of it all! Wooden chips are a tremendous alternative to grass. With wooden chips, your property maintains that normal or rustic appear. And truthfully, possessing a yard like this truly smells rather excellent too. It is not the most inexpensive choice to do your total garden. So, if you are just performing a certain spot, it’s a equivalent notion to the concrete or gravel patios.

9. Swimming Pool

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Irina Borsuchenko, Shutterstock

Grass will not increase? No problem—having a swimming pool in your backyard is much better than mowing grass anyway! To provide this landscaping notion to life, you will definitely want a skilled. Some individuals focus in building the most amazing backyard swimming pools and they can help you design the pool of your desires. An alternative to a common concrete or stone pool would be a all-natural pool. Similarly as expensive in its personal way, a all-natural pool is significantly far more eco-helpful and much healthier for your pores and skin.

10. Rewild

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
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If your grass doesn’t grow anyway, then get the prospect to rewild your backyard. This is a totally various design that operates opposite to what numerous people look at as a ‘perfect’ yard. Nevertheless, it provides a way to link with the earth.

Planting wildflowers, putting stones or woodpiles in locations where the grass isn’t increasing presently, and letting the relaxation of the grass go untamed are all methods that you can rewild the property.

11. Outdoor Living Area

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: JayMantri, Pixabay

Generating an outside kitchen area or outside living location is a excellent way to make the best of an area in your lawn the place the grass won’t increase. This can be as simple as setting up a gazebo of some sort with some out of doors chairs, or you can get severe about it and build an out of doors kitchen area with a created-in BBQ, stove, and sink. Your only limit with this is your imagination—and the spending budget. Whatever you come up with, absolutely nothing beats hanging out beneath the stars with the individuals you adore.

12. Work with the Slope

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Hannamariah, Shutterstock

If your yard has an intense slope, then very usually, it’s hard to care for the grass effectively, and it will stop growing totally or look horrible. One particular way to get all around this is to bend the earth to your will, or at the very least landscape some methods in and place some retaining partitions up with a good rock backyard or plants. This will include a great flair to your yard, and yet another furthermore is that you won’t have to attempt and mow the lawn up and down a hill any longer.

13. Vegetable Garden

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Ivonne Wierink, Shutterstock

Sustainable residing is front-of-head for many people these days. One way to get management of your grocery bill and assist the atmosphere is by increasing your own food. If you’re not hooked up to your lawn, or it is not developing properly in any case, then think about turning the total area into a vegetable backyard.

This one is hugely dependent on in which you dwell. So, ahead of you get as well carried away and start off tilling up your backyard, make confident you do some study on how viable a vegetable backyard will be in your USDA Zone.

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14. Make a Stone/Gravel Path

15 Landscape Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Inspector, Pixabay

Large regions of gravel are pretty typical in yards now. There are some genuinely rather options for shades and styles of gravel that can truthfully be more desirable than grass in some situations. If that is the route you are heading, then you may think about finishing the effect with a good stone route by means of the gravel. While it won’t scent fantastic like a wooden chip property, it will undoubtedly stand up to the test of time. Gravel and stone will last for several several years, and the stones will actually search better as they age—especially if they are set down correctly.

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15. Fake Grass

Suppose you are completely unhappy that your grass is not expanding appropriately in the backyard, and you cannot do without that eco-friendly stuff. In that situation, synthetic grass may be the solution you’re looking for. There are a pair of possibilities for this. You can decide for entirely synthetic grass, or you can lay sod, which is all-natural grass that eventually will take root in the floor.

Hold in head that artificial grass is not fully servicing-cost-free. It still needs to be cleaned and cared for you just will not have to reduce it as you would sod.


We hope that some of these ideas have impressed you. Most of these tips can be combined in a single lawn if you have the area and the price range! If accomplished correctly, the result could be the most extraordinary and various lawn.

Envision massive shale stepping stones major down to a organic swimming pool from a luxurious, contemporary outside BBQ spot.

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