26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)

Most men and women have witnessed a lily of some form during their life span. However, you most likely do not know that there are tons of various lilies out there – not just the kinds you have witnessed. These flowers are known for their classy physical appearance and powerful scent, producing them a great addition to most gardens.

They are functional flowers that can be utilized in gardens and containers. You can also lower them and make fantastic displays with their blooms. Normally, these flowers are simple to treatment for, and breeders make new hybrids every single yr. There is constantly some new vivid lily coming out.

In this article, we’ll get a look at the most well-known lilies out there. Lily species are divided into a number of diverse “divisions” or groups, which we will use to divide the species in this write-up.

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)

The 26 Most Common Types of Lilies

Asiatic Hybrids

There are about 12 different Asiatic lilies accessible. These are mostly non-aromatic bouquets, but they are quite lively. Consequently, they are a excellent choice for individuals who want placing blooms but really don't necessarily care about the flowers’ smell. Even so, the precise coloration may differ depending on the certain species.

These bouquets are really simple to increase, and you can anticipate upwards of 20 bouquets for each stem for most experienced bulbs.

1. Heartstrings

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Handkerchief69, Shutterstock

These lilies are possibly some of the most common. They sprout about 5 to seven blooms for each stem and are a bright yellow and pink colour. The center is covered with deep pink suggestions. You can purchase these varieties for quite inexpensive from most stores.

2. Netty’s Pride

These eye-catching flowers are also very popular thanks to their unique coloration. They have deep purple center and white suggestions. They typically bloom in late spring or early summer, so they are not early birds. Even so, they are about a few to 4 ft tall when entirely grown.

3. Night Rider

As the name suggests, these bouquets are pretty much totally black. They expand to a few to 4 ft for every stem. Blooms are broadly available in most regions, as black flowers are fairly well-liked.

4. Rosella’s Dream

These lilies bloom in the late spring or early summertime, so they are not early bloomers in the least. They have a light-weight pink coloration with a creamy-white towards the middle. The suggestions are vivid pink.

Rosella’s Desire is considered a compact range, expanding amongst two to 3 feet tall. For that reason, it is perfect for pots or equivalent locations.

5. Starlette

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

These prolific bloomers really don't demonstrate their encounter until the summertime. They have a quite vivid yellow, pink, and black coloration that appears far various from most other bouquets on this list. These two-toned bouquets are ideal if you need anything a small diverse from your backyard.

Martagon Hybrids

These divisions II are known for their extremely long stalks, increasing four to six ft tall. Every single stem is covered in bouquets, with at times as several as 50 for every stem. These flowers are also really fragrant and have really recurved pedals. They arrive in a lot of different shades, ranging from pink to purple to white.

They generally bloom later on in the summer than other varieties. They are also some of the most shade-tolerant crops on this record. A lot of of them do excellent in the entire early morning sunlight with afternoon shade.

6. Mixes

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

Most people plant a mix of these flowers so that they can appreciate a broad assortment of different colors in a single spot. You can easily discover a mix of flowers from most backyard retailers and nurseries. Since they are so simple to treatment for, mixes are an straightforward selection if you want to plant them and then forget about them.

Candidum Hybrids

This division is 1 of the most common options out there. They are known for their white trumpet styles and sweet fragrance. The at any time-popular Madonna lily falls into this category.

These flowers are indigenous to the Center East, but they are widely cultivated in a variety of locations these times. They generally increase to about a few or four feet tall with all around 20 blooms for each stem. They are later bloomers, usually blooming in mid-summer time.

There are really couple of of these flowers cultivated for the standard industrial marketplace. For that reason, you are going to most likely have a harder time discovering several of them.

7. Nankeen

This yellow-orange flower blooms in late spring and is one particular of the a lot more common choices in this category. They grow to about four toes tall and generate as numerous as eighteen scented bouquets per stem.

8. June fragrance

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

As the identify implies, these flowers tend to bloom sometime in June. They increase to about four feet tall and have a very robust fragrance. Their bouquets are creamy-white, and their stems can grow to about 4-ft tall.

American Hybrids

As the identify suggests, the species are indigenous to the Americas, however most had been bred and cultivated in captivity these days. This division is recognized for its flared guidelines.

Typically, these bouquets appear in brighter colors, this kind of as orange, pink, and yellow. They typically have apparent freckles and have between 5 to twenty buds for each stem. Every single stem can grow from 3 to eight ft tall and produce big colonies if remaining by yourself.

These hybrids are excellent for zones 3-nine, encompassing a broad area. Of program, diverse hybrids will have various distinct demands. Not all of them are ideal for everywhere.

9. Bellingham Hybrids

The Bellingham group is the premier team of lilies cultivated in this group. Generally, they have vibrant shades of maroon, orange, and yellow. Spotting is very typical. Up to twenty blooms seem on every stem, increasing up to 6 ft tall.

Generally, these crops are excellent when you need a showy bloom for a spot with plenty of shrubberies. They choose dappled light, so they do greatest when planted underneath high tree branches. They can also do well in partial sunshine and shade. Nevertheless, these crops are not especially picky.

Longiflorum Hybrids

This division is native to Japan and Taiwan. Usually, the petals are lighter, this kind of as white or a pale pastel. They really fragranced and grow in between 12 to 15 bouquets per stem. The stems are not as well prolonged and develop around two to 3 feet high.

These plants are very late to bloom. Some of them don’t bloom till late summer. They are also only hardy between zones four-eight. Nonetheless, there are some kinds like the Easter lily that blooms before.

This division is identified for its great minimize bouquets. They mature speedily, which helps make them an elegant addition to perennial beds.

10. White Heaven

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

This pure white, trumpet-shaped flower has a extremely gentle-yellow centre. The fragrance is light and sensitive. They bloom in early spring with a few to 6 bouquets for every stem, which grows two to a few ft tall. They are perfect for container growing, which is what they are generally utilised for.

Trumpet Hybrids

The term “trumpet hybrids” is a little bit confusing, as many trumpet-shaped flowers are not in this classification. Nevertheless, all of these flower divisions are bred from two Chinese species. They have about 25 huge flowers per stem, which is on the larger stop of most lilies.

These flowers are generally quite tall. The flowers are massive too, sometimes growing as huge as 10 inches. They experience outward and upwards.

They occur in many distinct shades, including purple, pink, white, and hi there. Typically, the bouquets are made up of a number of shades. The genuine flower form differs as well. Not all of them are trumpet-shaped – once again, triggering some confusion.

Often, these bouquets are huge and showy. They are wonderful if you need a assertion piece.

11. African Queen

These huge, orange bouquets are highly fragrant. Each and every flower grows up to 6 to eight inches throughout. Typically, they seem close to mid-summer time. These flowers have won awards, including the Award of Backyard Advantage from the Royal Horticultural Culture.

African Queen grows from four to six feet tall and has up to 20 bouquets.

12. Regale

These white flowers have a yellow throat. The exterior of the petals has a gentle pink hue, however how pink can differ from flower to flower. These flowers are actually trumpet-shaped, as the identify of the division indicates.

These flowers are decently tall, developing from 3 to 4 toes large stems. They make 10 to 12 flowers for each stem.

Oriental Hybrid

These hybrids are really extravagant, measuring up to 9-inches long. They arrive in diverse hues, like pink, purple, and white. Generally, they have contrasting shade bars and lots of freckles.

Oriental Hybrids are known for their long-long lasting attractiveness and designed fragrance. They are native to Japan and desire warmer temperatures generally. However, their extravagant character has manufactured them common across the planet.

Generally, these flowers have only about 8 flowers per stem, but they can increase wherever from two to seven ft tall. They generally bloom among mid to late summer.

Usually, these bouquets are used for reducing and perennial gardens. They need massive containers, so they are not usually often employed for containers.

13. Casablanca

With the milky white blooms, it is not surprising that this flower is 1 of the most well-liked out there. They are well-liked in wedding bouquets and make excellent reducing bouquets in basic. They are also effectively-identified for their sweet scent, which is why they are generally employed as minimize bouquets.

These flowers grow from three to four ft per stem, with six to 8 bouquets. They typically bloom about midsummer.

14. Dizzy

In spite of the peculiar name, these flowers are fairly lovely. They have pale-pink bloom with vibrant pink stripes and freckles. They are quite aromatic and exotic-searching, which is one cause that they are so common.

They can grow up to 4 toes tall, making them great cutting bouquets.

15. Love Story

These crimson flowers have a yellow throat and white edging. They are a dwarf varietal, so they only expand up to a few feet tall – with several currently being shorter. They are best for container expanding due to their more compact dimensions.

These bouquets bloom in late summer, so they are ideal for tumble gardening.

16. Magic Star

These lilies are really special. They have an abundance of diverse pink petals, which make them seem a bit like a star. These petals have small purple stripes and light freckling, which assists bring some fascination to the flower.

These bouquets are best for making a focal level in your backyard garden. They normally bloom in late summer and develop to about 3 ft tall, producing them smaller than other alternatives out there. They are wonderful for container gardening for this cause.

17. Dwarf Muscadet

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Happytotakephoto, Shutterstock

This showy flower has creamy-white petals and soft pink stripes. The blooms are also mild freckled. Like most lilies, they show up in late summer time.

Due to their more compact size, they are most suited for container gardening.

18. Playtime

Like numerous possibilities in this group, this is one more unique flower with a exclusive title. These big white flowers have a golden-yellow throat that then turns into a crimson band, creating them one particular of the most exciting bouquets on this listing.

19. Red Eye

As the identify implies, these bouquets are incredibly pink with white edging. They have some small, dim freckles, but these seem really comparable to the background colour.

These bouquets can develop to a height of up to 4 ft. They normally bloom in the late summer time, like most lilies.

20. Stargazer

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

This is a single of the most well-known Oriental hybrids. They had been first released in the late nineteen seventies and have become more and more popular because then. These bouquets are light pink with freckles of darker pink. They are quite aromatic and increase six to 8 flowers for each stem.

21. Soft Music

These bouquets have numerous diverse petals, just like some of the other flowers on this listing. They expand enormous flowers that can attain up to a foot throughout. They grow on rather thick a few to 4 toes stems. Usually, these bouquets don’t bloom until early slide.

22. Tiger Moon

These fellow and white flowers have darkish crimson freckles, which provides them their identify. They can expand up to nine inches throughout, generating them some of the bigger blooms on this listing. The stems them selves increase up to four feet tall, and they bloom in late summer.

Other Flowers

There are some flowers that do not match into any of these categories. These flowers are often a hybrid among two different divisions, technically disqualifying them from either division. Several of these bouquets are the far more popular options given that they have a tendency to be very unique.

Generally, these flowers are lightly colored and typically have contrasting colors. They are normally utilized in container gardens, although you can also use them for reducing gardens and naturalized areas.

23. Corleone

This flower has a vibrant red coloration and a light-weight fragrance. Corleones are a sound choice if you require to incorporate some effortless shade to your yard since they generally are not challenging to take treatment of. They are an LA hybrid, which means that they are a combine in between Longiflorum and Asiatic flowers.

These flowers usually develop to 4 ft tall. They make superb slicing bouquets, as they have lengthy and durable stems.

24. Giant OT Altari

These big blooms are greatly fragranced and have pink petals with white edges. Their stems are quite strong and can expand up to 6 toes tall. Generally, they bloom in the summertime.

25. Big Brother

These massive bouquets are creamy-white with a yellow tint. They develop up to 5 ft tall, but the blooms are substantial. They have sturdy stems to aid the blooms stand up.

26. Giant OT Zambesi

These creamy white flowers are most distinguished by their ruffled edges. They carry a distinctive seem at any yard, which is why most men and women employ them. They are fairly big, so they do not do excellent in containers. Nonetheless, they are huge sufficient to use in most other kinds of gardens. When fully developed, they can achieve up to eight ft tall. Usually, they bloom in mid to late summer.

26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)


Lilies are fairly a exclusive flower for any individual to employ in their yard. They arrive in all diverse types, producing it simple to choose one thing best for any circumstance you’re up against. There are some dwarf options for containers and some that increase virtually as large as sunflowers.

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