Parts of a Screwdriver (Explained with Pictures)

Parts of a Screwdriver (Explained with Pictures)

Screwdrivers are extremely versatile instruments that look like quite easy types. You insert the tip into a screw, change it, and, depending on your movement, it both goes in deeper or comes out. But it is a little bit far more difficult than that. When you are in the market for a new screwdriver set, make certain you get the correct tool to optimize the accomplishment you have with it. That indicates realizing the different elements of a screwdriver and how they match with each other.

The parts:

1. Head

The head is the screwdriver’s idea. It’s what you insert into the screw or nut that you attach a component to for flexibility. This is also the most crucial part of the screwdriver. Acquiring it appropriate will determine whether you have the proper resource for the job or whether or not you want to operate to the components retailer to steer clear of stripping a lot more screw heads.

2. Head type

Traditional screwdrivers are used for basic slotted screws. Later on came a much more refined crosshead, which is normally recognized as a Phillips head screwdriver. There are a assortment of various heads on the market place for a broad assortment of makes use of, from woodworking to advanced customer electronics like telephones.

3. Handle

There’s not a lot of description essential for what a screwdriver handle is. It is the component that you maintain on to. Screwdrivers with molded plastic handles are inclined to be a minor lengthier-long lasting and much better than handles created of wooden. The wood kinds are outdated college, and most screwdriver sets are created from synthetic components.

4. Ferrule

Amongst the handle and the shank on some screwdrivers is the ferrule. It is a tiny metallic cup in the manage that holds the shank in place. The base line is that screwdrivers with ferrules are a little bit much better than screwdrivers that are just molded plastic close to a steel shank.

5. Shank

A screwdriver’s shank is the slender rod of steel between the handle and the head. On most screwdrivers, it’s a quite easy piece of steel. Nonetheless, some screwdriver sets let you to swap out shanks of various length for higher versatility. Even more widespread are shanks with openings at the prime in which you can slip in what ever kind of head you need.


Most screwdriver areas are quite self-explanatory. However, it’s nevertheless useful to recognize what they do, particularly if you’re in the marketplace for a resource that is as flexible as attainable. Being aware of the diverse areas will aid you get the right toolset for your wants and pack as a lot likelihood into as tiny a frame as you can.