30 DIY Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Today

30 DIY Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Today

Birdhouses are a single of the finest woodworking assignments to just take on. They’re ideal for constructing with a niece, nephew, or grandchild. You can learn how to construct a bird home in several diverse styles, sized for different types of birds. Greatest of all, when it is completed, you get to dangle it outside and watch one particular or many avian friends transfer in.

If you’re searching to construct a birdhouse task, then we’ve obtained thirty great possibilities for you. These easy birdhouse programs will enable you to construct a birdhouse in an afternoon. Select a style that really appeals to you and take pleasure in the approach. Soon, a feathered friend will be grateful for your challenging perform.

1. Bluebird Birdhouses

These birdhouses for bluebirds are simple to construct and search great. You will only need a standard set of resources to construct them, producing this an accessible task for just about everybody.

2. Birdhouse Manor

This amazing birdhouse is not for the faint of heart. It’s a considerably bigger task than your regular birdhouse, meant to consider birdhouse-creating to the up coming degree. Develop this if you want to produce one thing truly noteworthy for the birds in your community.

3. Easy DIY Birdhouse Plans

A single of the very best things about birdhouses is that they are extremely easy to create, but this effortless Diy birdhouse will take it to the up coming level. You can easily set this with each other in an hour or two, and it is a fantastic very first task for the youthful aspiring woodworker.

4. Simple Wood Birdhouse

One thing can be straightforward and fantastic at the exact same time, these kinds of as this straightforward wooden birdhouse. It may well be a simple design and style, but it is also effective and appealing. Insert a coat of stain and you are going to have birds combating to just take up home in your birdhouse.

5. Birdhouse from a Single Pine Board

These strategies present you how to create yet another very simple but time-analyzed birdhouse. It is a basic layout that needs only a handful of objects to build. Best for fledgling woodworkers, this birdhouse will not demand many pre-current expertise.

6. Log Cabin Birdhouse

Stepping away from some of the easier patterns, this established of plans will support you develop a birdhouse that seems to be like a log cabin. There’s even a online video to aid walk you by means of the method. It is a little bit far more concerned than some of the other strategies on this list, but the final results are also more remarkable.

7. Outhouse Birdhouse

This is the birdhouse to build if you have got a sense of humor. Relatively than sticking to standard birdhouse designs, this one particular mimics an outhouse. Dads just about everywhere will get a kick out of joking about the birds dwelling in their outhouse.

8. Swinging Wren Chickadee House

Particular birdhouse patterns are manufactured particularly for certain hen species. For instance, this birdhouse is manufactured for wrens or chickadees. It’s a swinging design that you’ll dangle from a department on extended cables.

9. Easy Cardinal Birdhouse

Cardinals are colorful birds that can be loads of fun to observe. With this simple Do it yourself cardinal birdhouse, you are going to be capable to get a bird’s eye check out of a cardinal’s activities considering that the total entrance is open and exposed.

10. Cedar Board Birdhouse

These ideas call for the use of a cedar board to construct the birdhouse, but other woods could definitely be utilized instead. It is an straightforward undertaking with a simple drawing that demonstrates you all the dimensions you need to have to lower out the 6 necessary items.

11. Wren Birdhouse

This wren birdhouse in the shape of a diamond will most likely just take a little bit longer to develop than most of the other assignments on this list. The drawings are nicely laid out and you’ll have all the measurements you need.

12. Simple Birdhouse Plans

These birdhouse ideas are about as simple as they occur, but it is a very good-searching design and style which is effortless to mount and will home numerous different varieties of birds easily.

13. Build a Birdhouse with Minimal Tools

You don’t want several tools to build this birdhouse, which is why it is a excellent undertaking for novices. If you do not have a very good tool selection developed up but, then attempt taking on this birdhouse for a skill-boosting undertaking that you can make with out getting a total new established of tools.

14. How to Build a Basic Birdhouse

Numerous of the well-known birdhouses are useless-easy due to the fact they just do not want to be extremely complicated. These plans are simple to create and will let you to generate a nice birdhouse in just a couple of several hours with a one piece of wooden.

15. Chickadee Nuthatch Downy Birdhouse

These drawings are laid out in these kinds of a way that you can very easily see the shape and dimensions of every single piece you require to minimize out. Then, it’s a easy make a difference of assembling every thing collectively.

16. Side-Mounted Birdhouse Plans

The aspect-mounted birdhouse you’ll create with these ideas is effortless to mount and sticks out in a triangle form, generating for a special style. It’s a excellent choice if you want to build something that is just a minor diverse than the norm.

17. Red-Headed Woodpecker Birdhouse Plans

Even though these programs say they’re meant particularly to residence a woodpecker, we’re confident that other birds are just as probably to make this their home. Sadly, you simply cannot often determine what kind of bird decides to call your birdhouse their new nest.

18. Wren House

These plans for a wren house are easy and effortless to create. What is most helpful about them is that they supply instruction for shifting the entrance gap diameter to impact what sort of species is most likely to shift in.

19. Mourning Dove Platform

Simply because of the further head room this dove platform has from the gable roof, it is perfect for larger system nesting species, this kind of as doves, robins, and blue jays.

20. Robin Nesting Platform

This system is developed to seem like a cliff edge. You are going to need to mount it fairly high, but it’s a wonderful way to get robins roosting in your yard.

21. House Finch Birdhouse Plans

If you want to attract a loved ones of property finches, try out building this nesting box. It is bigger than many other variations, creating it suitable for more than just 1 chicken.

22. Peterson Bluebird Nest Box Plans

The complete entrance of this birdhouse hinges open up for simple entry. It’s a basic to mount birdhouse with nailing locations at the best and base. You will find phase-by-step instructions that make this project simple to adhere to and create.

23. Free and Simple Birdhouse Plans

Many of the assignments we have coated were designed to be nailed to a tree. This task is a bit various. You will set up two little eye hooks in the roof of this birdhouse, permitting you to cling it from a branch alternatively of mounting it to the trunk.

24. Basic Hand Drawn Birdhouse Plans

However these plans are hand-drawn, they’re so straightforward that they’re still effortless to stick to. You’ll only have to reduce out six items, but a number of of them share a form and proportions, so there are only 4 styles to mark.

25. License Plate Birdhouse Plans

If you are searching for a really exclusive birdhouse, attempt developing this 1 with an old license plate. It is a great way to repurpose some outdated scrap into something exciting and special. If you get the wooden from an previous pallet, then the complete task could be crafted from recycled resources.

26. $2 Cedar Birdhouse

Several woodworking tasks are fairly expensive to build, basically due to the fact of the substance value. But this cedar birdhouse is on the far opposite conclude of the spectrum. You can obtain what you want to make it for just two bucks!

27. Owl House Plans

We don’t know about you, but if there’s one particular fowl we’d specially enjoy to have nesting in our yards, it would be an owl! These graceful and extraordinary creatures of the evening are some of the ideal site visitors you could have. And if 1 calls this owl home their residence, you can say goodbye to any rodent problems.

28. Robin Bird House

Robins don’t require a entrance wall on their residence. This makes them excellent visitors since you will often have a great view of what they are up to. You can build this birdhouse in an afternoon with relieve.

29. Chickadee Nesting Box

Intended particularly for chickadees, this nesting box is a bit much more difficult to develop than some of the simple birdhouse tasks. This is mostly due to the triangles that you’ll have to reduce out for the front and again partitions.

30. Bluebird House

Basic yet successful, this bluebird property is an effortless project you can construct to try out and attract a bluebird to your backyard. These colorful critters are a pleasure to observe, generating them one of the best prospective customers for yard residency.


Irrespective of exactly where you live, there are guaranteed to be a lot of gorgeous avian species inhabiting the trees and skies close by. Learning how to build a birdhouse is a great woodworking project that will enable you to boost your capabilities, have some fun, and offer 1 of these feathered flyers a personalized-created house. It is a task that retains giving back again, long right after you set on the finishing touches.

Featured Graphic: Jonathan Hanna, Unsplash