What Is The Best Wood For Laser Engraving? Top 3 Choices

Laser engraving is a great way to personalize presents and crafts, but you have to select a material on which to engrave. Wooden is typically the variety 1 choice for laser engraving since It is attractive, reasonably priced, and conveniently accessible.

Even so, you can not choose just any wooden for laser engraving tasks. On the opposite, there are certain woods you ought to not use for this undertaking owing to streaking, resin content, and wooden type. Most laser engravers concur that alder wood with a high resin rely is the very best, but there are other possibilities to think about based mostly on aspects relating to your task.

Keep reading to learn what wood is best for laser engraving and which factors to consider for your project.

The 3 Best Woods for Laser Engraving

Technically, you can use most wooden sorts for laser engraving, but not all wood is greatest suited for the job. Right here are the a few ideal kinds of wood to think about for laser engraving assignments.

1. Alder

Alder is the preferred wood sort for laser engraving merchandise. It is technically a softwood, and it darkens in excess of time. It frequently has a increased resin content material, which generates a dark melt away that laser engravers adore. If you are unfamiliar with this wood, it seems a great deal like cherry.

2. Cherry

What Is The Best Wood For Laser Engraving? Top 3 Choices
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Speaking of cherry, cherry wood is another highly popular material for laser engraving. It looks pink whenever it is first cut, but it darkens to a rich reddish-brown color. It is easy to work with and cut, but it is expensive.

3. Maple

What Is The Best Wood For Laser Engraving? Top 3 Choices
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Tough Maple is a favored for outdoor laser engraving merchandise. It is extremely dense, but it finishes fantastically and is extremely resilient.

What About Plywood?

Plywood can be a difficult wooden content for laser engraving products. The conclude result ultimately is dependent on the good quality of the plywood. Substantial-top quality plywood consists of forty five-degree grain rotation, which boosts axial toughness. Lower-quality plywood only has correct angle grain, creating it unsuitable for laser engraving.

If you locate large-high quality birch and bamboo plywood, you can think about engraving on the floor. Birch is dense and comparatively easy to work with in a plywood sort. Beginners may possibly enjoy birch plywood for this explanation. Bamboo plyboard is a little bit far more challenging to perform with because of its a lot more delicate mother nature, but it is a very good choice if you are seasoned and have a steady hand.

Factors That Impact Which Wood You Should Select

Each time you are selecting a wooden variety for laser engraving, there are 3 factors you have to contemplate: streaking, resin material, and hardwood compared to softwood. These factors will assist you choose the ideal wooden kinds so that the last product is uniform and eye-catching.


Streaking describes natural smudging on wooden. The streak is the dark stain that runs on the lighter wood. Most laser engravers will stay away from streaking due to the fact it takes away from the style. That becoming stated, other laser engravers like streaking and integrate it into their design to add character to the undertaking.

If you are opting for a detailed engraving, you most likely want to stay away from woods susceptible to streaking. However, streaking will include to the item if it has a minimalistic design and style. Contemplating the streak very carefully can help you create the best final merchandise.

Resin Content

Wood by natural means has wood resin or sap amounts. These diverse ranges will impact how the wood burns. If your wood has a high resin content, the melt away will show up darker as it burns the sap. Wooden with reduce resin articles has a lighter shade since there is less burning. Tree kind, year, and moisture amounts all affect how significantly resin is inside of the wooden.

In order to see what you are working with, test out your engraving laser on a small piece of wood. This will give you an idea of what the final appearance will look like.

Hardwood vs Softwood

All wood sorts classify as possibly hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is naturally darker, heavier, and denser, which makes it far more normally weather resistant. It is also far more pricey. In contrast, softwood is lighter and usually requires therapy so that it lasts for numerous several years.

Depending on the supposed function of the venture, you need to select hardwood and softwood carefully. Any initiatives that are meant for out of doors use are best created from hardwood, but indoor projects can be produced from softwood instead.

Final Thoughts

Alder wood is typically regarded the ideal wooden materials for laser engravings. It is straightforward to perform with, but it has a substantial resin depend which produces a darkish burn off. Alder wooden is good for detail work and minimalistic styles alike. You can also opt for cherry, maple, or higher-top quality plywood rather if you desire.

Before you determine on which wooden variety to use, contemplate streaking, resin articles, and hardwood compared to softwood. These factors will aid you to figure out which material is ideal for your layout. Although alder is usually considered the very best wooden, one more wooden variety may possibly be far better dependent on these factors.

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