38 Types Of Saws For Wood (With Pictures)

Saws, in standard, are a hand or energy tool that are used to minimize via distinct components. There are people that are designed specifically for reducing by means of metallic and even saws that will make fast function of plastic and plastic tubes. There is also a huge choice of saws for chopping via wood, including handsaws, two-particular person saws, and electricity saws. Some are static and meant for attachment to a workbench and others are so portable that you can carry them around the backyard whilst pruning and slicing.

Beneath are 38 kinds of noticed utilised for chopping wooden. Some of them you may possibly have used your self although other folks have these kinds of certain utilizes that you will probably never ever need to have them unless of course you’re a professional tree feller or expert joiner.

The 38 Types of Saw for Wood

Manual Saws

1. Hand Saw

38 Types Of Saws For Wood (With Pictures)
Image Credit: KateCox, Pixabay

The hand saw is the fundamental workhorse of the wood saw globe. It has a prolonged blade and enamel that are slightly offset and there are various sorts of hand observed accessible relying on the task at hand.

2. Bow Saw

The bow observed has a light handle and a slender, slender blade that connects to either stop of the bow deal with. The blade can be turned to any angle, which can make it achievable to minimize curves and to get into tough spots.

3. Carcass Saw

The carcass noticed is employed for reducing the carcass of cupboards and household furniture. It has a stiff blade, which delivers precision, even though the minimize of the tooth makes it ideal for chopping throughout the grain. This is a specialised saw that is only truly employed in skilled cabinetry.

4. Coping Saw

The coping saw has a slender, thin blade that is pulled limited by the frame of the noticed. The blade has sharp enamel and simply because it can be rotated and fastened at any wanted angle, the coping saw is typically utilized for chopping exact curves.

5. Crosscut Saw

The crosscut saw is a huge, handbook noticed that is operated by two people, one particular at either conclude. This could also be identified by the title lumberjack saw, although it can also be utilized to minimize planks to length.

6. Folding Saw

The folding observed is a hassle-free, lightweight instrument that does not serve a certain purpose but can be utilized for a lot of positions. When not in use, the blade folds into the manage, so it can be carried in a pocket, in a bag, or while you are out tenting or mountaineering.

7. Fret Saw

The fret observed is comparable to that of a bow noticed but with a considerably further body and shorter blade. It is used for reducing curves and its design implies that it is appropriate for very exact and limited cutting.

8. Japanese Saw

The Japanese observed is special in that it is developed to lower as you pull again instead than when you press forward. This means a thinner blade and it leads to less tearing of the workpiece when reducing.

9. Keyhole Saw

Despite the fact that most often utilized for drywall, a keyhole noticed does have utility as a wood saw. It has a sharp position at the end of the blade, and the blade receives thicker toward the handle. This makes it possible for you to create a start hole in the workpiece and then to noticed out from the pilot gap.

10. Pocket Chainsaw

A chainsaw uses a chain as the blade and is usually run by a gasoline or electric powered motor. The pocket chainsaw has the identical chain blade but is operated manually and has a handle on both conclude of the chain blade.

11. Pole Saw

The pole saw is most usually employed for pruning trees and tall shrubs. It has a lengthy pole deal with with a blade firmly attached to the end. A manual pole observed needs a good deal of hard work, sawing at entire extend, but there are electricity and motorized variations accessible.

12. Pruning Saw

The pruning observed is used for pruning branches, twigs, and vines. They have a curved manage and blade, a dense row of enamel that ought to make relatively straightforward work out of most trees, and they are a very handy instrument for the avid gardener.

13. Razor Saw

The razor saw is genuinely only utilised for really delicate woods and finds utility in product generating and other precision perform. It has very good tooth that would scarcely function on hardwood and they avoid the harm that greater tooth would make of delicate workpieces.

14. Rip Cut Saw

The rip cut noticed is developed particularly to minimize with the grain of the wooden and not across the grain. It has a long, versatile blade, so is not preferably suited to precision function but its tooth design will minimize with every single press and pull.

15. Tenon Saw

The tenon noticed, or back again noticed, has fine tooth and is made so that the blade stays straight and unflexible. This lends itself to precision cutting and the tenon noticed is used, among other things, for chopping tenon joints.

16. Veneer Saw

The veneer observed is one particular tool that you won’t require except in extremely specific situation. Its narrow blade and offset deal with, as nicely as its double-edged blade, make it attainable to reduce thin hardwood veneer totally flush to the surface area.

17. Wire Saw

A wire saw is related to the pocket chainsaw, other than it uses a wire blade rather than a chain. Relatively than reducing the wood, a wire observed basically rubs the wooden down. The wire observed is moveable and practical, but it can be tough on the arms and fingers.

Power Saws

18. Band Saw

The band saw is an additional noticed that relies on abrasion rather than chopping, but it is powered, fairly than handbook. The band is driven by wheels and, even though it is not recognized for creating precise cuts the band saw is well-liked for its protection and deficiency of kickbacks.

19. Biscuit Joiner

A biscuit joiner is actually far more than just a saw, but it does contain a sawing mechanism. It cuts holes in two items of wood. A wood slither, known as a biscuit, is then glued and inserted in the holes to join the two workpieces. This is the biscuit joiner’s only operate.

20. Chain Beam Saw

The chain beam observed is one more saw with a quite specific use. It brings together the motion of a round saw with the chopping of a chainsaw to make chopping timber frames and logs faster and easier.

21. Chainsaw

38 Types Of Saws For Wood (With Pictures)
Image Credit: WFranz, Pixabay

If you have a great deal of trees in your property, you could previously have a chainsaw due to the fact it is employed to cut down whole trees and to very easily observed off limbs and branches. It can be run by battery or have a fuel motor.

22. Chop Saw

Chop saws can be utilized for woodworking and are a stationary saw that chops up and down. The blade can't be moved, despite the fact that the workpiece can be put and minimize at an angle in some situations. Woodworkers normally favor the flexibility of a miter observed.

23. Circular Saw

The round noticed is a handheld, driven observed. It has a circular blade that can make fast perform of wooden, and the blade can be modified so that the observed can be utilised with metal and other components.

24. Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is an even far more adaptable alternative to the miter noticed and is often used in chopping trim. The blade and head can be tilted and angled, making it possible for for bevel as properly as compound, cross, and miter cuts.

25. Domino Joiner

Like the biscuit joiner, the domino joiner does more than just noticed and has a really particular purpose. It cuts mortises prepared for the link to tenon joints. You will in no way want 1, unless you need 1.

26. Electric Hand Saw

38 Types Of Saws For Wood (With Pictures)
Image Credit: endriqstudio, Pixabay

The electrical hand saw is a driven variation of the hand noticed. The electric energy primarily forces the blade back and forth, mimicking the sawing motion, but these are not popular with DIYers or specialists and there are greater options in this listing.

27. Flooring Saw

The flooring saw can be used to cut flooring and has a degree of portability that implies it can be taken to the worksite with you. It lacks the precision of a desk noticed but does provide the usefulness of mobility.

28. Jamb Saw

The jamb observed makes it attainable to lower out a extremely little area of doorway jamb so that flooring can be laid fully flush with the wall. It’s a very specialist device but it does have its function.

29. Jigsaw

The jigsaw is a popular electricity saw with experts and DIYers. It has a really slender blade, which can be moved and turned close to a template or define so it can be utilised to make a excellent assortment of cuts, although is normally not suited for thick wood or extremely straight traces, without a guide.

30. Miter Saw

The miter observed is a table observed that contains containers and guides so that you can cut angled miter joints on the butt of wood pieces. It is not as adaptable as a compound miter noticed but a good deal a lot more useful than a chop observed.

31. Oscillating Saw

The oscillating noticed has become a extremely well-known addition to the residence toolbag. It is small, light-weight, and it can execute a range of duties. It can also get into areas that a lot of other electricity saws are not able to get to.

32. Panel Saw

The panel saw is a huge noticed that lives in the workshop and is utilised to reduce massive sheets or panels of wood to really specific measurements. It is unlikely that you will have or want one particular of these in your property workshop.

33. Radial Arm Saw

You can nonetheless find radial arm noticed models, but miter saws are desired in most cases. The radial arm saw missing favor since it was regarded as really unsafe for use.

34. Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is related in design and purpose to a jigsaw, apart from that the deal with has been turned and the saw is employed in vertical orientation.

35. Scroll Saw

Scroll saws have fantastic blades and are employed for exact cuts. Historically utilised for sawing scrollwork, the scroll saw is still employed in the production of wonderful wood furnishings and depth.

36. Straight Flush Saw

The straight flush observed is a round saw but it has a recessed blade mounting level so that it can minimize flush in opposition to other surfaces. It can be utilised to minimize studs and frames so that they are perfectly flush.

37. Table Saw

The desk noticed is discovered in workshops, including beginner workshops. It has a round blade and multiple guides and blocks to allow for quick and precise cutting.

38. Track Saw

The monitor observed is an additional kind of circular noticed. This one particular has a keep track of guidebook hooked up to a handheld circular saw. It can be employed to make exact cuts at a preferred depth.


Acquiring the correct noticed can make the task less complicated and less complicated, and with a these kinds of a huge variety of wood saws obtainable, you are practically guaranteed to uncover a single that is properly matched to the task at hand, what ever that may possibly be.

Highlighted Picture Credit rating: JerzyGorecki, Pixabay