6 Different Types of Car Batteries (with Pictures)

As we move nearer to the age of electric cars, it can be valuable to learn far more about the kinds of batteries that we currently use in our autos. You might be shocked to find out exactly how many various varieties there are. Maintain looking through as we talk about wet cells, gel cells, lithium-ion batteries, and numerous other folks, as effectively as they are employed for.

Wet Cell Batteries

1. SLI Batteries

Characteristics: 12.1 volts, delivers short, powerful bursts of power
Uses: Typical automotive battery

The standard kind of battery in most automobiles is an SLI, which stands for beginning, lighting, and ignition. It’s a damp mobile battery that charges speedily and provides 12.six volts to the starter, which aids get it heading. This battery is also liable for powering your headlights, interior lights, and entertainment technique.

The downside to this sort of battery is that it loses its cost rapidly, so it is not a excellent selection for purposes in which it doesn’t link to an automatic charger, like your car’s alternator. Frequently working it out of charge can also hurt it, decreasing its lifespan.

  • Charges quickly
  • Provides enough power to start the car
  • Powers your lighting
  • Loses power quickly

2. Deep-Cycle Batteries

Characteristics: Holds charge longer than SLI batteries.
Uses: Marine vehicles and recreational vehicles

A single kind of damp mobile battery is the deep-cycle battery. It does not give the potent burst of energy that an SLI battery supplies, so you won’t discover it starting an motor. Nonetheless, it does not get rid of energy virtually as swiftly, so you can use it to power your gadget when the power is off. You can also allow it to get rid of demand without harming it. It is a popular variety of battery in scenarios the place you do not want to begin a huge motor. You will probably locate them in ATVs, RVs, golf carts, motorcycles, and many others.

  • Holds a charge longer
  • Useful for small engines and powering electronic devices
  • Not strong enough to start large engines

3. Dual-Purpose Batteries

Characteristics: High power and long charge
Uses: Large vehicles at rest

Twin-function batteries are a hybrid of SLI batteries and deep-cycle batteries. This battery can give the electricity that you need to start a large engine, and it can keep a demand for a prolonged time, so it is well suited for practically any application. People normally use this sort of battery in big recreational cars, like maritime autos and RVs with substantial energy needs.

The draw back to twin-function batteries is that they are far more pricey than most other varieties, and if you use them to commence a huge motor, it will lose its demand like a common SLI, so you can only use it for a single function at a time.

  • Can use it to start an engine or power electronics
  • More powerful than deep-cycle batteries
  • Expensive
  • You can only use it for one purpose at a time

VRLA Batteries (AGM Batteries)

4. Dual-Purpose Batteries

Characteristics: High power and long charge, enclosed casing
Uses: Vehicles that spend a lot of time in storage

Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are fully enclosed, so they are secure to use in an enclosed area like your vehicle’s interior. You will often uncover them below seats or in modest compartments since they really do not leak. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are among the most well-liked sorts of VRLA batteries simply because they are powerful and maintain a charge for a lengthy time. It’s a wonderful selection for cars that sit for extended periods, and you generally find them in higher-stop and off-roading vehicles.

  • Plenty of power for starting engines
  • Holds a charge for an extremely long time
  • Expensive

5. Gel Cell

Characteristics: Resistant to high temperatures and vibration
Uses: Off-road vehicles

A gel mobile battery is a kind of VRLA battery, and this a single makes use of a particular gel content in its building that assists it be a lot more resistant to large temperatures. The gel also helps hold the battery steady when you use it in an environment with a big amount of vibration, creating it excellent for off-street cars.

The draw back to gel mobile batteries, apart from their high value, is that they really do not do properly in cold temperatures, so they are not best for yr-round use in a lot of elements of the United States.

  • Won’t leak
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for cold temperatures

6. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Characteristics: Extremely lightweight, more powerful
Uses: Hybrid and electric cars

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming incredibly well-known in the energy tool market, and you can also uncover them in numerous automobiles. These batteries are incredibly light-weight compared to most other individuals, and they can store a lot more power, but you won’t discover them in many standard vehicles. They are more frequent in hybrid and electric automobiles.

The draw back to lithium-ion batteries is that the supplies are more challenging to discover, so they are pricey.

  • No lead to weigh them down
  • Plenty of power in a small package
  • Expensive
  • Not common

Which Battery Is Right for Me?

Most folks obtaining a dilemma with their auto battery will obtain an SLI battery alternative, as it’s the most widespread for starting autos. Choose an AGM if you are likely to keep the car for a number of weeks at a time. If you are seeking to power an ATV or other small motor vehicle, a deep-cycle battery is a fantastic decision, but some individuals might choose a dual-goal battery or a gel cell if their requirements are more than what the deep-cycle battery can supply. If you have a present day hybrid or an electric powered vehicle, there is a very good chance that you will need a lithium-ion battery.


Most folks are searching for replacement SLI batteries due to the fact cold climate and recurrent starting can put on them down each and every few years, so they can no more time give the energy required to start an engine. Nevertheless, there are many varieties of batteries, and if you have a large-conclude car, do loads of off-roading, or want to use the battery to power electronics with out the motor operating, you might need to have 1 of the other kinds.



Showcased Image Credit: thirteen_Phunkod, Shutterstock