5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

If you are a critical woodworker, you probably have a band observed. It’s one of the most flexible electrical power saws, able of reducing by means of a selection of resources and with programs ranging from metalwork to cutting lumber into thinner boards.

We’ll inform you how a band noticed performs and then go via some of the things it can do for you.

How does a band saw work?

These resources are referred to as band saws simply because the chopping action is executed by a blade that is shaped into a continuous loop. The blade is looped around two pulleys that are turned by an electric powered motor. The blade is clamped firmly in place, and when the saw is turned all around, it moves about the pulleys to generate a continuous slicing motion.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Due to the fact the blade is reasonably thin, you can use a band noticed to make curved cuts or use a fence to make straight ones. Some models enable you to modify the height so that you can cut thicker parts of materials. There are also portable band saws if you want to make curved cuts at a job internet site rather than in your workshop.

If you get a stationary band observed, the blade will stay in spot on the table, and you will need to have to shift the workpiece via the blade. If you have a transportable 1, it’s the workpiece that stays in place whilst you go the blade.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Based on the sort of blade you buy, there are a whole lot of different issues you can do with a band saw. Make positive the blade you purchase is the right size and has the correct pattern of teeth for the job.

5 Uses for a Band Saw

1. Curved cuts

One particular of the most significant issues people use a band observed for is to make curved cuts in wood. Because the blade is stationary and operates on a loop, you can lower bigger, denser items of wooden than with a smaller, portable observed.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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You are going to most likely want to trace out the sample you are cutting on the observed forward of time, because you’ll want to move the wood yourself. This will cut down on operator error. You will also want to use a thinner blade. We’d suggest 1 that is a quarter-inch.

2. Resawing

1 of the most tough jobs in woodworking is cutting a piece of wooden into two thinner pieces of wooden, recognized as resawing. It calls for time, endurance, and a noticed that does not have a limited cut potential. Simply because a band saw stays static on the table and operates the blade in a loop perpendicular to the enamel, you can use it for resawing.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

You’ll want a thicker blade for resawing, simply because it is going to set your blade by way of some paces. The excellent point is that you’re creating a straight reduce, so you really do not want a slim blade. You are going to also want a fence to maintain your cuts straight.

3. Milling lumber

The identical action that permits you to resaw permits you to mill lumber. This is fundamentally resawing a uncooked log along all 4 planes. The first lower is likely to be the most hard due to the fact there are no flat surfaces. Following that, it’s a matter of reducing off the rounds. When you’re done, you can even resaw your tough lumber to your sought after thickness.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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Make positive you use a thick blade, and don’t consider to mill lumber bigger than the vertical room obtainable on your table. Also, go great and slow to avert damaging your blade.

4. Resetting boards

Despite the fact that it’s not normally suggested to minimize several items of wood at one time, if you require to make certain that a number of parts of wood have specifically the exact same angle, a band saw can do that. Tape the parts of wood you need to lower jointly so that they keep quick. Measure out the angle you want to cut and outline it on the prime one particular. Place a fence and use blocks to go the stack via, pursuing the define.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

We’d propose employing a thick blade for optimum protection, but this is a scenario exactly where it is attainable that you want precision since you require to cut curves of some variety. Get the thickest blade you can that will still enable you to cut your curves accurately. If you can get to, as they say, “close ample for federal government perform,” and sand it the relaxation of the way, that’s most likely a great concept.

5. Non-wood materials

You don’t need to restrict your supplies to just wooden. With the proper blade, you can also cut PVC pipe and even some metals. Some band saws focus in cutting metal and are a small a lot more effective, but you can use a wood band noticed to lower certain comfortable metals.

Selecting the correct blade for that is like choosing among a hand noticed to reduce wood and a hand observed to lower metals. The one particular for metals will have smaller sized, sharper enamel that are nearer with each other.

5 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?


A band observed is a adaptable addition to anyone’s workshop. Due to the fact of its distinctive development, you can use it to minimize curves or straight lines. It’s a single of the couple of saws that you can use to resaw lumber or turn trees into usable wooden. It can also cut a assortment of components if you get the appropriate blade.

Before buying a single, we’d advise that you check out the diverse types offered, figuring out what you want it for and acquiring sufficient electricity to do the work. One key, even so, is producing positive that you get the correct blade for the occupation. The blade you want for producing curve cuts is not the blade you’ll want for turning a tree into flooring molding.