How to Safely Dispose and Recycle Batteries: What You Need to Know!

How to Safely Dispose and Recycle Batteries: What You Need to Know!

When the batteries are toast in your units, do you toss them unashamedly in the trash, or feel undesirable for two minutes then throw them in the trash anyway?

And fail to remember throwing them in your recycling bin, as most recycling collection companies do not take batteries. So, what do you do now?

Batteries include weighty metals and substances that aid electricity your electronics and cars. These parts are fine for our health within the battery, but can leak out and be poisonous when disposed of improperly. With Americans getting 3 billion dry-mobile batteries every single yr, it is valuable and needed to have the knowledge to know what to do with individuals batteries when they go out.

We’re listed here to take away disgrace in throwing batteries away, simply because some are all right to toss, but other individuals are undoubtedly not. By the end of this quick guide, you will know just how to safely and securely dispose and recycle any kind of battery.

Why are you not supposed to throw away batteries?

How to Safely Dispose and Recycle Batteries: What You Need to Know!
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Recycling specified kinds of batteries keeps resources recirculating and large metals out of landfills, and therefore the air we breathe and the h2o we drink. When incinerated at the landfill, or remaining to sit, the heavy metals that make up batteries can be released into the air or leak out into the groundwater encompassing the spot we dwell in.

Beyond just currently being a participant of this great, inexperienced earth, properly disposing batteries can help you steer clear of fines and pitfalls to your and your family’s life.

In several US states, it is towards the regulation to toss absent batteries or mobile telephones in with household trash. Check out your neighborhood point out legal guidelines if you are curious about this.

Even even though you might call batteries that are used up “dead,” that does not imply that they are lifeless. Some batteries have the potential to ignite a fire if not disposed of the appropriate way. It could be very frightening and hazardous if your trash were to abruptly capture on fire.

Not to fear, we will start to go over the basics now.

Types of batteries

Let’s assessment what types of batteries you may possibly operate into in your daily daily life.

Single-use batteries

These batteries are utilized for typical home electronics and occur in a few various varieties:

  • Alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries (AA, AAA)
  • 9-volt batteries (C and D)
  • Button-cell batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries typically include lithium-ion or direct. These batteries consist of:

  • Car, boat, or other small vehicle batteries
  • Cell phone, laptop, or digital camera batteries
  • Industrial batteries (like the kind used for phone lines and building alarm systems)

AA, AAA, and 9-volt are safe to toss but can be recycled

If you have to toss these away, AA, AAA, and 9-volt batteries are risk-free to go in the trash, except in the point out of California, where it is from the regulation.

Since they could even now have some electricity in them, spot them in a plastic container or cardboard box prior to mixing with other trash. It is also ideal to tape the ports of 9 volt batteries off before tossing.

If you live in California, or just want to recycle these batteries, they can be recycled (we will go over the place to recycle them under).

How to Safely Dispose and Recycle Batteries: What You Need to Know!
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Everything else should be recycled

All rechargeable batteries, like the a single in your personal computer or smartphone, ought to not be trashed and need to be recycled.

Button-mobile variety batteries should be recycled simply because the components within these are specifically beneficial and reusable. They also have components like mercury, silver, lithium, and other heavy metals that are not excellent for the surroundings if remaining for the landfill.

Guide-primarily based batteries, like the ones utilised to electrical power automobiles and industrial gear, must undoubtedly not be thrown absent.

Places that accept used batteries

Now that you’ve made a decision not to throw batteries absent in the trash and recycle them rather, the subsequent phase is discovering out exactly where to consider them. We have appeared all that up for you for your ease.

Local waste agency

Generally, your nearby city waste provider business or landfill will have a certain working day of the 12 months exactly where they accumulate batteries from the neighborhood. Examine their site for particulars.

Automotive store

Today, motor vehicle batteries are produced of above half already-recycled components. It’s turn into normal follow for most automotive retailers to take utilized or damaged car batteries for recycling. This is probably the easiest way to recycle these kinds of batteries.

Car Battery Store

The area where you purchased your vehicle battery, or in which you go to purchase a new 1, will often get your old battery for recycling.

Hardware or office supply store

How to Safely Dispose and Recycle Batteries: What You Need to Know!
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Examine your neighborhood components or place of work provide franchise for tremendous-straightforward battery recycling drop off. Right now, these shops have recycling bins (usually equipped by the business Call2Recycle) for all kinds of tiny batteries:

  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Radio Shack
  • Office Depot

Some of these stores might even take little electronics for recycling, like cell phones, electronic cameras, and laptops.

A note about battery safety

Never, ever, at any time open any type of battery your self. Like we talked about just before, batteries are considered safe even however they have hefty metals within of them. The metals enclosed are protected from immediate get in touch with with your pores and skin. If everything is leaking out, do not contact it!

If it is an alkaline battery that is corroded, you can securely cleanse it (with protective gloves) with vinegar or lemon juice on a cotton swab. Any other battery, however, need to be dealt with with a lot care, put in a container, and recycled quickly.


Now, you have no more disgrace in your battery regimine. You know which batteries are protected to toss in the trash, which want to be recycled, and in which to take them. Many thanks forward of time for assisting our world by recycling your batteries! It’s a little one phase, but not an insignificant one, toward sustainability and a pleased planet.