5 Different Types of Stone Flooring (with Pictures)

1 of the ideal techniques to incorporate mother nature and elegance to your house is by adding an excellent flooring that will enhance the home. Stone flooring is a well-known option amid house owners. Organic stone comes straight from nature and can work miracles to the look of the interior. It is not only resilient but also quite lavish.

When it arrives to stone flooring, there are numerous kinds you can pick from. It all relies upon on what you want in your area. The variety is quite assorted, from slate to granite. In this write-up, we get to discover the diverse varieties of stone flooring that can fit various areas.

Stick all around and understand about some popular possibilities available that make the best stone flooring.

The 5 Types of Stone Flooring

1. Granite

5 Different Types of Stone Flooring (with Pictures)
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When you feel about the excellent stone flooring for your residence, granite typically arrives to thoughts. This is a large-end material that delivers a touch of class and class into every single area. A lot of people know granite as the best substance for countertops in the kitchen. But, it also performs for flooring and can be a worthwhile expense. It’s amid the most sturdy stone flooring you can set up.

You can get granite tiles set up on the floors of your property.

This organic materials is made when molten rock cools down via a lengthy and time-consuming pressure. The result is a strong and igneous rock with minerals like quartz and feldspar. This is why it has this kind of a shiny look that’s best for floors and countertops.

It’s a no-brainer that several men and women like granite provided its strong nature. You will not want to fret about scratch marks showing up on your flooring when relocating factors about. In addition, children and pets will not have an easy time making an attempt to scratch the surface area.

Granite surfaces are watertight. It will not cause damage or to the ground or stains. The stain-resistant facet is why granite is perfect for the countertops and flooring in the kitchen. Just ensure the granite flooring is effectively sealed, and you will not have to worry about nasty stains on it.

In addition, this stone flooring substance arrives in various hues for you to pick from. You can have one particular element of the residence seem different from the relaxation. Aside from darkish granite, brighter choices are also obtainable, with each and every piece currently being distinctive from the up coming. Also, there are varying patterns that add to the class and luxury of each and every space that has granite stone flooring.

Set up calls for a professional group to do it proper. They have to make certain the granite flooring is sealed effectively for it to very last and give your property the perfect seem.

  • Waterproof, stain and heat-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Varying colors and patterns
  • Solid and durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Scratch resistant
  • Long installation process
  • Expensive
  • Slippery
  • Fragile

2. Marble Flooring

5 Different Types of Stone Flooring (with Pictures)
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Marble is another sort of stone flooring typical with most house owners. It is mined from mountainous regions and fairly sought-after. The explanation for this recognition is its appear, style, and elegance.

Marble flooring can make any room seem like a million bucks. It is why you can uncover palaces, castles, and mansions across the entire world with this type of stone flooring. You can incorporate it on walls, flooring, and counter tops for the excellent and elegant finish. It is a ideal end to any stately property, and it carries a significant price tag tag.

For marble to form, a metamorphic stone this kind of as limestone undergoes plenty of change underneath warmth and pressure. The outcome is solid and resilient marble rock. The materials is mined as a stone and cut on to tiles and slabs utilised in construction.

It comes in various colors and designs, and at times it can be confused with granite. The distinction amongst the two is the sample distribution. Marble has a wavy veined pattern, whilst granite has a noticed colour pattern.

You call for a specialist team to do the installation if you want the ideal marble flooring. As soon as this is in place, you need to have to have out some minimum maintenance perform to preserve the flooring. Marble requires some sweeping to get rid of dust now and then. Also, move a moist mop typically to preserve it clear. But, be careful when mopping not to use tons of h2o. Marble, not like granite, is a porous material that can take up drinking water.

Make sure you also wipe absent any drinking water or liquid that pours on it pronto to avoid discoloration of the pretty marble floor. After the discoloration will take area, it’s irreversible, which can impact the good quality of the marble flooring. This is due to the fact marble is alkaline, indicating it has a base pH. When it arrives into speak to with something acidic, a reaction requires spot consequently the discoloration. Some folks choose to incorporate a sealant on the marble flooring to stop these kinds of incidents from taking location.

An additional position to be aware is the reality that marble flooring is fragile. You can simply commence to recognize cracks or scratches on the marble flooring after some time. This becomes more apparent the much more you polish the spot. But, on the vivid aspect, it provides benefit to your home the minute you set it up.

You can have marble tiles cut into diverse designs relying on the design and style and design you want. You’ll discover every single piece of this stone flooring is special with distinctive features.

  • Elegant stone flooring
  • Simple to polish and clean
  • Natural stone material
  • Wide range of colors and patterns
  • Ideal for radiant heat
  • Porous material and not stain-resistant
  • Slippery flooring
  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Costly installation

3. Sandstone

Normal stones make the excellent flooring in any area. A very good case in point is sandstone, which is fairly well-liked globally. It is very unique, as it makes a area seem like a seashore or somewhere sandy.

When mining normally takes location, the miners get rugged and rough materials from the floor. This has to be processed by means of a method recognized as gauging to get the lovely closing solution. The huge slabs that miners get have to be minimize into smaller sized tiles, which the building crew can operate with. Gauging also consists of smoothening and polishing the surface area of each sandstone tile.

Whilst there are imitations of sandstone in the market, it’s challenging to beat the true point. Sandstone is a robust and sturdy material. It is not as robust as slate and granite, but it will get the occupation accomplished although including that natural touch.

Thanks to it currently being a natural substance, each piece is unique in conditions of shade and sample. You can get it in colours like brown, reddish, tan, gold, and different shades of white. You will recognize every piece of sandstone seems diverse from the subsequent. That way, you have a floor which is really unique and appears elegant for all who notice it.

One particular stage to observe is that sandstone flooring shares a similarity with marble. This is a porous natural material which means you can’t have puddles of drinking water or any liquid on it for extended. It has an up to 6% absorption charge. This helps make it quite susceptible to humidity injury and staining. Consequently, it’s better to steer clear of getting sandstone flooring in places like the kitchen or the rest room.

In addition, sandstone flooring does not fare properly in regions exactly where there’s tons of action. Even though this is a type of organic stone, it is gentle and tends to scratch or crack easily. It is inclined to use and tear, so added care is required to keep your house seeking pretty and sophisticated. But the flooring will not appear the identical following a decade. Places with plenty of pursuits and foot targeted traffic will require substitute following a limited duration.

  • Natural elegance and beauty
  • Soft to walk on
  • Unique colors and patterns
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to replace
  • Porous material not stain-resistant
  • Easy to scratch and discolor
  • Slippery when wet

4. Slate

5 Different Types of Stone Flooring (with Pictures)
Stone floor 01 (Image Credit: Lionel Allorge, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

The fourth kind of stone flooring you can think about for your house or house is slate. This is a organic substance which is quarried in mountainous areas. It’s quite elegant and seems so beautiful as soon as the floor set up procedure is total.

Slate is a sort of metamorphic rock that’s fashioned over a extended period of time and is fairly durable. But, it is also fairly brittle and needs additional treatment when installing. Even though there is synthetic slate made in China, the organic alternative is often better.

Many folks choose slate flooring since it’s very sturdy. It presents you peace of brain that you won’t need to have new flooring following a short period.

It’s also quite a strong material that won’t scratch or crack simply in an spot that has tons of actions and foot visitors in the home. Just make certain the set up team seals the slate flooring to stop staining. This is particularly essential in the kitchen area. You can have the sealing team arrive in now and then to guarantee this place stays stain-proof for a lengthy time. Stains and water can very easily affect the top quality of slate in your property when there’s inappropriate sealing.

Nevertheless, slate flooring remains a single of the very best normal options you can pick for your residence. There are so many shades and designs to choose from and even coloration combinations ranging from black to gray and even blue. You can choose brilliant or subdued shades based on the type you want in your room.

Every single slate tile is distinctive and provides to the good quality of your residence. In truth, you can incorporate financial price to your property when you have a organic slate flooring.

  • Quite durable material
  • Waterproof and Stain-resistant
  • Varying colors and patterns
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low maintenance
  • Improves value of a house
  • Expensive
  • Complex installation process
  • Not comfortable to walk on barefoot
  • Fragile

5. Travertine Flooring

Lastly, you can contemplate Travertine flooring, a sort of limestone that is really lovely. It can make the perfect flooring material many thanks to its resemblance to marble. It has some classy and unique earth tones that boost the aesthetics of any place.

Travertine flooring has been all around for a lengthy time. Italy was the most popular producer but right now, most of it comes from Peru, Iran and Mexico. It is fairly a strong and sturdy all-natural stone material ideal for any room. It comes in earth tones like tan, beige, rust, and brown.

Nonetheless, it tends to be heavy and will need an set up group to install it correctly. But the setup is related to any other ground tiles in your residence. The group will start off by preparing the floor then putting a layer of cement on it. The tiles will arrive on best of the cement layer then the areas have to be filled with grout.

It’s very resilient, making it the ideal for places with heaps of foot visitors and actions. Nonetheless, it is a normally porous substance and it can absorb h2o and other liquids. The ideal way to avoid moisture and stains from forming on the ground is to apply a sealant to maintain it looking wonderful.

Following some time, it is crucial to re-apply the sealer. This also preserves its price and keeps your home hunting stylish. You won’t have to worry about scratches or cracks considering that this is a in a natural way challenging content.

  • Durable
  • Lovely appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Costly
  • Porous


Stone flooring is quite lovely and provides your house an classy seem. In this write-up are five examples that you can decide on for your area. Every has its pros and negatives, so think about this just before settling for 1. The outstanding news is that whichever type of stone flooring you decide on, you are confident of sturdiness, and the value of your residence will go up.

Highlighted Image Credit: Photographee.eu, Shutterstock