How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car: 7 Practical Options

People positive love to publish cute photos of their animals these times, really don't they? But 1 thing you won’t see men and women publishing (as frequently) is the dark side of proudly owning a dog. The gross aspect. Let’s encounter it —if you personal a puppy, no matter how properly educated they could be, you’re heading to wind up having to clean pee out of something.

If that anything takes place to be the inside of your auto, you’ll also want to make positive you do a very good task. The odor of puppy pee in the confines of a vehicle is awful—you require that odor out, yesterday!

Effectively, it just so takes place that we have below a step-by-action manual entire of tried out, tested, and real methods to get that puppy pee out pronto, so you and your pooch can go on residing your ideal life.

The 7 Tips on How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car

1. Open Up the Car

Whether the accident is fresh or it has only just lately been identified, you’ll require to open up to make this task bearable. If you come about to be on the road, try and remain tranquil, and roll the home windows down. When your pooch has an incident in the car, it can be really the circumstance!

That variety of uproar on the road can go away you with some adrenaline, so make confident you uncover a safe spot to park—ideally at property. The following point you want to do is to open up up all of the doorways and windows and permit the air in, or it’s heading to be very uncomfortable.

Chances are, you have presently jumped on to the following step at this stage.

2. Soak Up Whatever You Can!

This practically goes without having expressing. If you are fortuitous to have somebody in the vehicle with you, at the time of the pooch’s incident, possibilities are they have already started out. See? This is why you by no means toss out further napkins! Instinct has possibly kicked in which tells us simply and superbly that much less liquid = less odor. Of training course, for old stains and odors, this possibly won’t be an option, but we’ve acquired you coated in step seven.

Soaking up as considerably urine as you can is the 1st action to actually eliminating the odor. The much more you can get out at this stage, the far better. Once you have blotted till the stain is almost dry, it’s time to strike it with some cleaner to make positive it does not stain or odor.

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car: 7 Practical Options
Image Credit: peeonelove, Pixabay

3. Enzyme Cleaner

Our first suggestion is going to be a shop-bought selection. Enzyme-based cleaners can be identified in the pet or cleaning aisle in most grocery retailers, or at your nearby pet shop. They are quite successful for acquiring the odor out of absorbent materials like the upholstery in most vehicles. You should be careful to adhere to the guidelines intently, however, specially if they direct you to test the cleaner in a discreet location.

These often call for that you go away the cleaner in for a set period—usually around ten minutes or so, and then soak it again up. If you aren’t mindful and go away it in as well prolonged or use too much without testing it out, you may possibly locate your upholstery stays slightly discolored, so stick to the recommendations! As soon as you are finished this process, hold the doorways, or at quite the very least the home windows open to permit the inside air dry.

4. Homemade Cleaner

If you haven’t obtained the time, funds, or inclination to use a retailer-purchased cleaner, you are not sunk however. It’s quite straightforward to whip up a home made cleaner making use of a couple of components that can be identified in most kitchens. One of the most powerful, age-old cures for receiving rid of the smell of dog pee is a vinegar-dependent cleaner.

Based on how sturdy you want the cleaner you mix vinegar with equivalent components drinking water. If you want a more powerful pee-cleaner then you can mix it at one-part water to two elements vinegar. The software of this cleaner is the same as a retailer-purchased enzyme cleaner.

Merely spray or pour it on the influenced location, permit it sit for 10–15 minutes, absorb it again out, and repeat till the scent is gone. If vinegar is not obtainable then vodka can be substituted. Most kitchens ought to have one or the other… Oh, and we know we really don't have to tell you not to go driving until the odor has dissipated, correct? Okay, excellent! Let the region air dry, just like the enzyme cleaner.

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car: 7 Practical Options
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5. Leather Seats

Leather seats will cleanse significantly the exact same way as most modern day interior components like nylon or polyester, with a few small exceptions. The treatment for cleaning the canine pee odor out of a leather-based interior starts with airing out and soaking up the excessive, exactly where feasible. Making use of an enzyme cleaner or homemade version on the leather is entirely satisfactory, but what you may possibly need to do is eliminate the leather-based to clean the foam.

If the canine pee has soaked by way of the leather-based, you can generally take away the leather and pull the foam out. Clean it utilizing the exact exact same approach as the enzyme and selfmade cleaners and allow it air dry completely. That portion is essential. If you put damp foam in the car and include it up it will mildew, and no person needs that. Make confident it is totally 110% dry before replacing it.

6. Old Stains and Smells

If you’ve just discovered an outdated hidden stain or purchased a utilized vehicle with a awful surprise, then the vinegar cleaner is going to be your largest support. The reason we’d advise using a vinegar-based mostly cleaner more than an enzyme cleaner on previous stains is that you will need to do his process considerably a lot more occasions to get an more mature scent out.

Utilizing vinegar is less expensive, but it also assures that you will not discolor the upholstery in the method. Other than that, it’s pure elbow grease and tenacity. Obtaining an old smell out of a automobile isn’t effortless, but it can be accomplished!

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car: 7 Practical Options
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A Few More Extra Tips

When possible, you are heading to want to use gloves—ideally plastic. Outdated dish gloves or medical-fashion plastic gloves operate fantastic. Even employing an old shopping bag is better than absolutely nothing. Also, if you have any sort of enthusiast handy, it helps to maintain the odor moving absent from your experience and out of the car.


A vehicle is a single of our most significant investments, and it can be very nerve-racking when our small friends have an accident. Always don't forget to remain tranquil and really do not get way too mad at the minor dude or gal! With a small patience and some good aged-fashioned elbow grease, you’ll be laughing this story off in no time!

Featured Image Credit rating: Andrew Pons, Unsplash