5 DIY Bamboo Headboard Plans You Can Make Today

Bamboo is sustainable, pretty simply sourced, and can be effortless to function with. If you are looking to make a new headboard and have a very good supply of respectable bamboo, why not use it to make a organic-seeking headboard for your room. Gentle bamboo performs specifically nicely in spacious and airy rooms and goes effectively with normal and neutral lined hues, but you can use darker bamboo or adjust the style so that it functions equally effectively as part of a Scandi or Japandi décor, or in a boho bed room.

To help guidebook you, below are 5 Do-it-yourself bamboo headboards you can make yourself.

Top 5 Bamboo Headboard Plans

1. Design Hack Bamboo DIY Headboard

Materials: Bamboo screen
Tools: Saw
Difficulty: Easy

Bamboo screens can be located in numerous stores as properly as occasionally in the attic of your residence. While you may not want the display any more, you can effortlessly vogue it into a bamboo headboard like this Bamboo Do it yourself headboard hack. Thrust the display screen appropriate up towards the wall, use ties to connect it to the mattress or attach it to the wall and in place.

If the screen is too vast, remove some of the aspect part and retie the parts back again in spot. If it’s not the proper top, or you want to neaten the edges, you can saw it down to dimensions. Even so, bear in head that sawing across the grain of bamboo can cause splitting. Spot masking tape on the bamboo and noticed via that to reduce the odds of it splintering. Also, you can use a pruning device to cut by means of slender bamboo or a hand noticed if it is thicker and requirements a lot more function. Organic twine appears good as a binding to maintain the screen collectively, or you can glue and tie the bamboo making use of any technique and then tie the twine over the fastenings for a more ornamental end.

2. Quick And Easy Bamboo Headboard

Materials: Bamboo screen
Tools: Saw
Difficulty: Easy

While bamboo splinters when you reduce across the grain, it retains its construction when you lower with the grain. This rapid and straightforward bamboo headboard uses a bamboo rug, which is yet another generally and inexpensively discovered bamboo item, as the principal board and is framed employing bamboo canes that are minimize in fifty percent down the grain. The canes disguise the tough and uneven edges of the bamboo, despite the fact that you may prefer to leave these exhibiting if you can deal with a good arrangement.

This task genuinely only wants a observed so that you can cut the bamboo, and you will require wooden glue to adhere the bamboo to an present bedhead body. This is a fantastic way to use an existing wooden headboard and convert it to some thing new and unusual for your bed room.

3. DIY Boho Bed Headboard

Materials: Bamboo canes, bamboo steamer, glue, twine
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty: Moderate

Bamboo is not just utilised to make screens and rugs you can often discover bamboo fences and outside screens. Some hardware and lumber merchants even maintain a inventory of bamboo canes. Whether you’ve obtained some laying all around the garage, or have witnessed some in a nearby shop, you can also use bamboo canes to make a elegant hunting fan-type bamboo headboard.

This distinct information uses the rim of a bamboo steamer lid as the tiny body and one of the bamboo canes as the outer body. The remaining bamboo canes are then glued to possibly frame in a fan design. The trick with this specific Diy create is to try out and make positive the fan condition is evenly unfold. Incorporating the organic twine finishes the desirable layout and will help keep the supporter in shape when in situ.

4. Creative DIY Bamboo Headboard

Materials: Bamboo, 1×2
Tools: Wood glue, twine
Difficulty: Easy

Bamboo is a really functional substance. Because it is hollow and can be split in fifty percent, it has been utilized for every little thing from guttering to natural wall covering. It is utilised to make screens, rugs, and fences, and you can turn bamboo canes into a inventive Diy bamboo headboard.

Use 1×2 or properly sized wood to generate two upright bedhead posts and then use wooden or sizzling glue to adhere the canes across the body. Incorporate twine around the joining sections. The glue will do all the operate, but the twine seems to be amazing.

5. Bamboo Headboard

Materials: Bamboo, 1×2
Tools: Wood glue, twine
Difficulty: Easy

Bamboo is 1 of the fastest expanding creating components available, which tends to make it a really sustainable materials. It is versatile, but simply because your headboard shouldn’t have to just take any load and won’t be set below any force, it will be powerful enough to withstand this use. This bamboo headboard guide not only displays you how to make a single from sustainable bamboo but also how to hold it from the wall for better balance and to preserve it in spot.

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How Do You Use A Room Divider As A Headboard?

Try out to select a area divider, or screen, that is at minimum as extensive as the mattress of your mattress. Shift the bed away from the wall, guarantee the screen is flat (you may possibly have to take away hinges but try out not to until essential) and push it up in opposition to the wall prior to changing the mattress. You should not have to connect the screen to the mattress or the wall.


Bamboo is a sustainable, all-natural content, that grows freely in specified elements of the entire world. It is also a wonderful materials to work with since it has a degree of flexibility that other woods don’t offer. It can be bent and moved into form with the worry of it snapping easily. Even so, you will want to consider treatment when sawing throughout the bamboo to steer clear of it splitting and splintering. Due to the fact bamboo is light-weight, it is a helpful content for headboard construction as it can be hung from the wall with out the dread of detrimental said wall.

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