5 Types of Floor Trusses and Joists (2022 Update)

Each time we enter someone’s residence, the first issue we normally observe is the household furniture or the decor. Most folks do not shell out focus to the home structure— the important that retains everything together. Flooring trusses and joists are an essential component of any construction venture, and it is valuable to know their benefits and negatives as well as the types offered. Most folks divide them into 3 categories, but right here are 5 varieties of ground trusses and joists.

The 5 Types of Floor Trusses and Joists

1. LVL Joists

Price $3–$12 per linear foot

LVL Joists (Laminated Veneer Lumber) are engineered lumber joists that are extremely well-liked in development. LVL joists are quite resilient, come in various designs and measurements, and are quite inexpensive. An additional fantastic thing about LVL joists is that they are eco-friendly—which is why numerous men and women use them for their development tasks. Even now, given that LVL Joists are produced from veneer they can be inclined to warping, which can be inconvenient.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Come in various shapes and sizes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be prone to warping

2. Solid Lumber Joists

Price Varies depending on wood type

Strong Lumber Joists are nonetheless common but not as a lot as they utilised to be. In the previous, they had been a should for construction perform, but these times far more people go for engineered wood goods. These joists are not the greatest for the surroundings due to the fact firms need to have to lower several trees to make the joists. Strong lumber beams can be more affordable than engineered wooden when it arrives to the price, but the investment will not pay out off in the long operate. A good point about sound lumber joists is that they are more fireplace-resistant than LVL Joists or I-Beams.

  • Inexpensive
  • Fire-resistant
  • Not the best for the environment
  • Do not pay off in the long run
  • Limited span distance

3. I-Joists

Price $5–$9 per linear foot

I-Joists are a created item largely manufactured from OSB web or plywood materials leading and base flanges. They are lightweight and easy to operate with, so folks really like to use them. They are affordable and environmentally welcoming, and many I-Joists are produced with knockouts for plumbing which will help save you time on drilling. A draw back to making use of I-Joists is that they demand a particular structure and style. Other down sides are that I-Joists are not as fireplace-resistant as some other choices on the market place.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work with
  • Has knockouts for plumbing
  • Affordable
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Need particular layout and design
  • Not as fire-resistant as some other options

4. Steel Floor Joists

Price $1–$75 per linear foot

These days, steel ground joists have become quite well-liked given that they are far more lengthy-long lasting and durable than wood joist possibilities. They are created to offer a better load-bearing program for the help of house structures. Because of that, they are more high-priced than most other joist varieties, but since metal is more robust than wood, you can full a undertaking using steel joists more quickly with less assistance.

Metal ground joists are resistant to hearth and dampness and they creak significantly less when going for walks, which will make your home quieter. Given that metal can always be reused, this is an additional eco-helpful alternative. They are excellent for basements and attic flooring.

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Provide a better load-bearing system
  • Resistant to fire and moisture
  • They creak less when walking
  • Eco-friendly
  • Expensive

5. Open Web Floor Trusses

5 Types of Floor Trusses and Joists (2022 Update)
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Price $5–$80 per linear foot

Open up Net Floor Trusses are a great choice for any home as they give layout independence and offer a dependable structure. They are created with 2×4’s on the base and top, with a “web” between them. The “web” is secured with steel plates for better support. They are sturdy and not prone to bowing or shrinking, generating them the most costly alternative on the market place.

  • Provide design freedom and a dependable structure
  • Durable
  • Not prone to bowing and shrinking
  • Expensive
  • Can’t be easily trimmed

What are floor trusses?

Ground trusses are flooring framing components that will make your development work or undertaking much much more workable. They provide the necessary assist although providing optimum structural effectiveness. You can rapidly install them and make sure that they will not shrink, and they leave a lot of room for plumbing and wiring, generating the entire approach uncomplicated.

What are floor joists, and what are they commonly made of?

Flooring joists are horizontal elements of the flooring method that have the excess weight of the house and assistance the framework. They can be produced from wood, engineered wood, or steel, and each and every substance has its distinctive qualities. Since joists are manufactured to endure the load for an prolonged period, they need to be tough. Which is why we advocate engineered wooden joists or metal joists. They are typically a lot more expensive, but effectively really worth the cost.

5 Types of Floor Trusses and Joists (2022 Update)
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What is the difference between floor trusses and joists?

Both floor trusses and joists are utilized to help weight and supply structural help. We use joists to help floors and ceilings, while trusses can have different employs. Trusses are frequently much more expensive than joists, but joists are easier to perform with. When it will come to excess weight distribution, trusses enable a more stable distribution, producing them much more well-liked than joists. The two alternatives can be a great decision dependent on what sort of a undertaking you want them for.

What size should floor joists be?

Ground joists arrive in numerous diverse dimensions, but they generally variety from 2×8’ to 2×12’. Often, they can also be 2×6’, even though these measurements are not quite common these days and are mostly witnessed in older residences.


Prior to you make a obtain and make a decision which ground trusses and joists to choose, make sure you know everything about them. Contemplate the price, the place, and the longevity ahead of creating your closing option.

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