8 Expert Tips on How to Hang a Frame With a Sawtooth Hanger

Whether or not you just obtained a new body and it already has a sawtooth hanger, or you are placing a sawtooth hanger on the back of a frame you have, it can be a minor annoying. Even though they’re affordable and extensively obtainable, they do have their constraints, and it can be a problem to use them to dangle your photograph up the way you want.

But if you comply with these tips on how to cling a frame with a sawtooth hanger, you can get your photo up in no time and you will not have to fret about it once again until finally it’s time to redecorate!

How to Expertly Hang a Frame with a Sawtooth Hanger

1. Use Ample Sawtooth Hangers

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Value: Higher
Ease of Completion: Average

If your body doesn’t previously have a sawtooth hanger or only has a single, you require to make sure adequate. If the frame is more time than two ft, you are going to need to have two or 3 sawtooth hangers to safe it correctly.

Component of this reasoning arrives down to the excess weight, larger photo frames tend to weigh more, but the main explanation is just the bulkiness. If you don’t want the body to swing to one particular side or the other or to fall down totally, you are going to need to use far more than a single sawtooth hanger for greater frames.

2. Protected the Sawtooth Hanger Properly

Importance: Substantial
Ease of Completion: Simple

Just since the sawtooth hanger does not help a ton of bodyweight doesn’t indicate you need to skimp out on firmly securing it to the again of the body. If the sawtooth hanger can only assist 10 kilos, that’s if you set up it correctly.

If you really don't, then it can’t even help that a lot! Firmly and totally put in all the hardware that way, it does not rip out after you dangle the body. It’ll also give you a flush fitment from the wall. If one of the parts of hardware is sticking out a little bit, then it won’t hold up correct.

three. Take into account the Bodyweight

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If you’re employing sawtooth hangers, please do by yourself a favor and look at the frame’s fat. Most sawtooth hangers can only assistance between 7 and 25 pounds. They’re basically not suited for heavier pieces.

And even though including a few additional sawtooth hangers can up the excess weight ability, you should not use sawtooth hangers for any frame that weighs over 25 lbs ..

4. Really don't Be concerned About the Stud

Relevance: Minimal
Ease of Completion: Easy

Since you should not be making use of sawtooth hangers on heavier frames, there’s really no reason to locate a stud when you are hanging them up. Even though there is nothing wrong with using a stud, you will have to work a bit more difficult to get the nail or the screw into the wall if you are at a stud.

But with sawtooth hangers, you can do by yourself a favor and basically uncover the location on the wall you want to hang the frame!

5. Mark the Wall

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Ease of Completion: Simple

When you determine out the actual place you want to dangle up the body, use a pencil to frivolously mark the wall. Mark from the prime of the frame and make certain it’s precisely in which you want it. Not only that, lightly mark every side of the body.

Although you can consider to eyeball things while you are hanging every thing up, it is only a matter of time until you are a minor off with anything with this strategy. By taking the time to mark out every little thing, you can make certain you hang up almost everything the appropriate way the very first time.

six. Measure!

Value: Average
Relieve of Completion: Reasonable

After you’ve marked the location on the wall exactly where you want to cling your photograph, you require to make a couple of measurements for every sawtooth hanger. Very first, evaluate the length from the best of the frame to the base of the sawtooth hanger.

2nd, evaluate from each and every facet of the body to the heart of the hanger. At this point, you need to have three different measurements. Use these measurements to mark the correct region of the wall in which you want to insert the nail or screw.

Even though using these measurements might consider a bit for a longer time, it ensures you only put 1 gap in the wall for every single sawtooth hanger and that you have your body just exactly where you want it.

seven. Use a Nail or Screw

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Simplicity of Completion: Effortless

When you’re hanging up a sawtooth hanger, do not overthink it. Nails perform just as good as screws, just use whatsoever you have on hand and are more comfortable employing. If you really do not want to place a gap in your wall, we recommend steering clear of sawtooth hangers completely and using an adhesive strip of some type rather.

But with sawtooth hangers, basically place a screw or a nail in the location you marked in the wall and hang up the frame!

8. Use the Correct Sawtooth Hanger

Value: Higher
Ease of Completion: Straightforward

All sawtooth hangers are not the exact same. There are distinct variations, and these different styles use different mounting components. The variation in hardware affects the dimensions of the nail or screw you need to use when hanging them up and how significantly excess weight the sawtooth hanger can keep.

Take your time and discover the right sawtooth hanger for your body, and you are going to get much far better results than just going with the 1st thing you find.


Now that you know a tiny bit much more about how to use a sawtooth hanger, all that is remaining is for you to get your pictures up on the wall! Even though sawtooth hangers might not be the optimum-quality hangers out there, they’re simple to use, cost-effective, and really powerful!

So go in advance and cling up your photograph frames and then sit back again and enjoy the view of your pictures on the walls.


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