How to Stop Birds from Flying into Your Garage (10 Methods)

As a homeowner, you probably have seasoned concerns with birds traveling into your garage at the very least once. Although birds could be very good business to have in your backyard, they can effortlessly turn out to be bothersome, particularly if they make a practice of traveling into the home. Birds are usually captivated by the vast-open up garage doorways as they find heat, nesting grounds, foodstuff, and defense from predators.

As adorable as birds may possibly seem to be, in your garage, they can simply turn out to be a nuisance. To keep birds from flying into your garage, you have to make it challenging to entry and considerably less fascinating by eliminating all attainable meals resources. Common deterrents include maintaining all garage windows and doorways closed even though not in use. Sealing holes in your siding will also make it hard to nest.

This report provides diverse methods on how to end birds from traveling into your garage. We will also search at reasons why birds fly into garages, as well as how to get a fowl out once it has made a house in your garage. Read on to discover more.

Why and How Birds Fly into Garages

Before we appear at preventative actions in opposition to birds traveling into your garage, we initial require to realize why birds fly into the garage and how they get into the garage in the initial place.


Like any other animals, birds are frequently seeking for a protected and suited location to nest and increase their young kinds. Their instincts typically attract them to places that are sheltered from weathering factors and predators and are around a secure food source. The garage provides precisely what the birds are looking for. The garage roof safeguards them from immediate sunshine and rain and is usually large sufficient that most chicken predators can’t get to.


Birds can enter a garage in many methods. Probably the most clear way would be a massive gaping gap at the entrance of your home when the garage door is still left open. Most usually, birds fly into a garage without realizing that they are getting into an enclosed space. Gentle from the garage windows tends to confuse them, and they consider they can fly correct via.

Yet, as soon as the birds enter the garage, it becomes difficult for them to uncover their way out, particularly after your door closes ahead of they try to flee. If they get stuck, they typically search for a protected place to shelter, usually large up near the ceiling or a sturdier location like the garage doorway opener.

These chirping animals can also get into a garage by means of the siding or little holes in the roof. Similar to flying in by means of the garage doorway, when the birds fly in, navigating again outside the house can be challenging, too.

The 10 Methods to Keep Birds From Flying into Your Garage:

Now that you know birds can obtain your garage and why they do it. Let us delve into the various strategies to avert birds from flying into your garage. These methods are effective and humane enough to maintain birds out of your garage with out unnecessarily harming them. We have classified these steps into diverse groups: utilizing deterrents, creating bodily obstacles, and chemical repellents.


1. Place Decoys or Scare Crows Around the Garage

Owl decoy statue
Image Credit: Bev, Pixabay

Birds are very easily frightened away by the sight of their natural predators. Therefore, imitating a carnivorous bird by environment up an proper scarecrow is a popular bird deterrent technique. The birds will feel that there is something unsafe in the garage and will keep away from it for as prolonged as they can. Most of these decoys and scarecrows are conveniently available at most components stores and on-line stores.

Decoys you can install include:
  • Silhouettes of hawks, owls, and other predatory birds
  • Plastic raccoons, coyotes, or foxes
  • Windsocks or shiny objects to distract birds

2. Light Reflection Devices: Scare-Rods, Tapes, and Disks

This is one more well-known visible deterrent strategy that performs fantastic at maintaining birds out of your garage. The method is even employed on a larger scale by cities to maintain birds like eagles away from electrical power traces. These mild reflection products have twin performance. Initial, they blind their victims with mirrored light-weight, then they scare them off your residence with sound. This is the best protection for garages, especially on a sunny, windy day. Simply set up them outside your garage doors and birds will no lengthier be circling your garage making an attempt to uncover an exit.

A good illustration of a light reflection gadget is the reflective scare tape ribbon. In accordance to the makers, it looks aggressive to the bird’s eye and can reflect off of pests. It steps 350 toes lengthy and has a extended lifespan. It is also two-sided and can be positioned outside your lose or garage. The tape is also affordable, straightforward to use, and very reliable. Additionally, it is pretty quiet, so it will not disturb your loved ones.

3. Sonic Bird Deterrent

As described earlier mentioned, birds will not obtain any part of your house if their organic predators are existing. Sonic hen deterrents broadcast pre-recorded predator and distress phone calls that birds routinely identify as danger. These phone calls final for about 2 minutes and are recurring in a 10-moment interval. A very good instance of sonic chicken deterrent gadgets is the Photo voltaic Fowl Chase Super Sonic system. The device retails with a created-in speaker and a quantity control panel to adjust the sonic output at the correct level to maintain birds absent. You can mount it inside or exterior your garage entrance.

4. Motion-Activated Water Sprinklers

You could also choose to use water sprinklers to maintain birds from flying into your garage. Nonetheless, drinking water sprinklers will only be efficient so extended as their action radius is adequate. Merely turn on the sprinklers in your property and the birds may possibly reconsider traveling and getting trapped in the garage. As shortly as they get shut, the sprinklers will turn on and attack the birds with a potent h2o jet. For the best possible outcomes, make sure the detector has a a hundred and twenty-diploma field of view and is experiencing in the appropriate route in progress.

Physical Barriers

5. Keep the Door Closed

closed bifold garage doors
Image Credit: Jason Finn, Shutterstock

As easy as this may seem to be, you would be shocked to find out that some folks frequently depart their garage doorways open up for a significant sum of time. The garage doorway is the focal point that allows birds to enter the garage, so you should preserve it shut whilst not in use.

6. Cover the Garage Door Opener

In numerous residences, the garage door opener takes place to be one of the favorite nesting grounds for birds. Consequently, trying to keep it lined is crucial in stopping birds from regularly flying into your garage to roost.

Luckily, you can get suitable addresses, such as a mesh screen or a circular cover, from your regional components shop. These coverings will take away the floor on which the birds perch. Considering that nesting components are a hearth hazard, you ought to regularly check out to see if birds have made nests in your garage and get rid of them.

7. Install Spikes

man installing bird spikes
Image Credit; Chemari, Shutterstock

Installing spikes is one of the least difficult methods of deterring birds from perching inside of your garage. These spikes are usually able of scaring away not only crows and pigeons but also smaller sized hen species like swallows.

The spikes can be attached with glue that retails with the package deal. The spikes generally have a flexible foundation, making it possible for you to connect them even to uneven surfaces. You can even paint them with spray paint to match your home.

8. Install Netting to Limit Access to the Garage

Bird netting is considered the most effective hen defense you can set up for your property. Nettings can be placed in the eaves and windows of the garage the place birds may be attaining access inside. Use the netting to include up all crevices and holes that would otherwise allow birds to enter.

The netting can also be hooked up close to beams and sills the place birds typically construct their nests. Good nettings are produced from high-high quality and sturdy polypropylene. Make sure it is securely hooked up so that the birds are not able to go around it and access your garage. Nettings could appear cumbersome, but they are a really effective answer.

9. Put Up Obstacles to Prevent Landing

Wire mesh
Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay

If a hen is ready to land on the roof or the surface area of your garage in the first spot, it will likely choose a new spot to create a nest.

The best way to prevent birds from landing on your garage roof is to install:
  • Boards: Should be placed on the garage ledge at a 45-degree angle
  • Bird Wire: Place the bird wire along the roof and ledge of the building to discourage landing
  • Glazes: Coat the roof of your garage with a glaze. It usually dries to form a hard, slippery finish

Chemical Repellents

10. Liquid Chemicals

If the over approaches demonstrate to be unappealing, cumbersome, or ineffective at retaining birds away from your garage, you may possibly have to consider some a lot more drastic actions. This avian management evaluate involves utilizing chemical repellents. Liquid chemical repellents are usually professionally used in airports and farms since they are effective at bird control. Right after all, they are harmless to human beings and some other animals.

Most chemical repellents contain methyl anthranilate, methiocarb, and anthraquinone. These chemical substances repel birds by annoying or affecting their anxious technique. Though bird lovers may possibly abhor the use of chemical repellents, they are also an powerful strategy of discouraging birds from producing a habit of obtaining into your garage.

One popular chemical repellent is the Bonide (BND238) – Repels-All Prepared to Use Animal Repellent. This repellant not only impacts birds via contact but by odor and taste, also. The energetic substances in this chemical are garlic oil, cloves, and putrescent total egg solids. When in a bird’s mouth, the energetic substances result in a light-weight discomfort of mucous membranes. For that reason, the animal will flee from the probably unsafe spot. This spray not only functions on birds but mammals as effectively.

Tips and Tricks to Get Birds Out of Your Garage

Obtaining a fowl out of your garage can be really challenging. The best way would be to open up the garage doorway and permit the hen fly out, but even then, this doesn’t always perform. Consequently, understanding preventative strategies of keeping birds out of your garage is essential.

If your preventative measures do not perform and you locate that birds have decided on to make a home in your garage, there are a few tricks that you can use to get them out properly.

1. Lure Them Out With Lights and Food

bird feeders
Image credit: nickfish03, Pixabay

Birds are frequently attracted to shiny objects. So, you can use this against them by location up a trail of shiny objects, like reflectors. They can commence from the inside of of the garage, ending in your property so that the birds can stick to. After outside the house, the birds can now fly absent. The identical logic applies to utilizing food as a lure.

2. Make Them Tired

Most hen species are not nocturnal, meaning they are energetic throughout the day and sleep at evening. So once a bird flies into your garage, just close all doors and include all home windows to make the garage as dim as feasible. This will trick the chicken into believing it’s nighttime, and they will likely go to snooze. Soon after a even though, open the garage door as quietly as achievable and shoo out the disoriented fowl.

3. Create an Alternative Living Space

rustic birdhouses in the fence
Image Credit: Pixabay

Think about placing up feeders or bird houses outside in your yard so that birds have somewhere to roost as soon as they have been taken off from the garage. You can bait them with foods or use the foods path technique to direct them to their new residence.

4. Remove Their Nest

This should only be tried if there are no eggs or hatchlings in the nest. Making use of a pair of gloves, cautiously detach the nest from its current place in your garage and transfer it to a close by bush or tree. If eggs are existing, wait around for them to hatch just before having any action that might endanger the hatchling’s lives.

5. Place a Towel Over Them and Pick Them Up

If the fowl is modest sufficient, you can area a towel in excess of them and choose them up. Make positive you hold them gently and carry them outdoors. You can then release them on the flooring and allow them fly away. This is, however, less complicated said than accomplished simply because the fowl may well even now be swirling about attempting to discover an exit. You can make them sleepy or hold out right up until they are exhausted just before covering them up with a towel.

6. Guide Them Out With a Broom

If you cannot or do not want to open the garage doors and home windows, you can use a broom to guidebook them out. A broom is extended sufficient to reach the ceiling in which the bird is likely to be perched. Just make confident they have a clear way out possibly through the garage doorway or a hole in your roof. Also, steer clear of hitting the hen with the broom.

7. Seek Assistance From Animal Control

An animal control vehicle on duty in an urban setting
Image Credit: Jim Parkin, Shutterstock

Occasionally, it can be so frustrating making an attempt to eliminate a hen trapped in your garage that you may consequence in cruel measures like killing the bird. It is in no way recommended to utilize cruel methods whilst attempting to take away a bird trapped in your garage.

Consequently, it would be best if you sought help from animal control companies. You can rely on their expertise in obtaining birds out of your garage without having harming the fowl or destroying something saved in the garage.


As you may possibly have collected by now, garages offer risk-free havens for birds hunting to create a residence. They offer you a warm and dry spot to create nests. Yet, if left to their gadgets, they can wreak havoc in your garage, not to mention the variety of nuisance they can be.

To maintain a fowl out of your garage, you have to make it genuinely tough for them to entry by utilizing physical limitations, this kind of as putting in nettings, masking the garage door opener, placing up hurdles to prevent birds from landing, or simply maintaining your garage doorways and windows shut whilst not in use. You could also patch up holes in your garage and use sound and visible deterrents. For more severe measures use chemical repellents to keep your garage hen free.

If the preventative methods do not function, you can entice them to yet another housing supply like a bird feeder using foods or shiny objects. Alternatively, you can disorient them in darkness then carefully choose them up and launch them outdoors. In no way outcome in barbarous approaches of eliminating birds from your garage. Alternatively, get in touch with animal handle to aid you with your hen dilemma.


Featured Impression Credit score: J K Formal, Shutterstock