8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)

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Colombia is a beautiful region, with lush jungles and stunning vistas. It also has a fantastic society that numerous travelers are looking to explore. Though Colombia is a amazing area to check out, there are undoubtedly some cities you should avoid. Because of to problems like medications and poverty, criminal offense costs are incredibly substantial in some parts of Colombia.

If you’re searching at visiting Colombia, examine out our list of the 8 most harmful cities in the country.

The 8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia: A Quick Look

1. Bogotá, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 11,344,000
  • Average monthly salary: $326
  • Number of homicides in 2021: 1126

Bogotá is the greatest metropolis in Colombia, and also the country’s capital. The inhabitants in Bogotá is 11,344,000 and virtually 60% of Colombian individuals dwell there. It’s a lovely metropolis crammed with background and friendly individuals. The nightlife is outstanding, and there are loads of task chances.

Although the town is beautiful and friendly, Bogotá nonetheless has a quite high crime rate. It is a city with 1 of the maximum homicide prices in Colombia. The most common crimes are murder, armed robberies, assault, pickpocketing, corruption, drug dealing, and kidnapping. The common monthly income is around $360, and poverty amounts in Bogotá are climbing and pulling prison routines along. If you even now choose to check out Bogotá— no matter of its safety—be careful not to wander on your own at night, constantly have a card rather of cash, and consider not to seem also flashy, this will aid make your check out to Bogotá considerably safer.

2. Medellin, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 4,068,000
  • Average monthly salary: $395
  • Number of homicides in 2021: 403

Medellin is the second-premier metropolis in Colombia, and there are a good deal of crimes taking place every day. Assault and muggings occur pretty frequently, adopted by crimes this kind of as armed robbery, vandalism, vehicle theft, and corruption. More than forty% of men and women living in Medellin reside in poverty, very likely maximizing the criminal offense charge. Medellin is exceptionally unsafe at evening, so you ought to by no means wander by yourself when it is dark, and the most common targets are younger men and women aged 18 to 24 a long time

Medellin also has an concern with drug trafficking and residence violence, but from what we see, the crime prices in Medellin are dropping when compared to current several years. Nonetheless, 2021 was an superb calendar year for Medellin considering that there ended up 126 times with out homicides which is not very typical.

3. Buenaventura, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 468,000
  • Average monthly salary: $315
  • Number of homicides in 2021: unknown

Buenaventura is a port town in the division of Valle de Cauca. Even though the actual meaning of the city’s identify is very good fortune, this metropolis is not so privileged when it comes to criminal offense. In 2021, there have been multiple studies of homicides, kidnapping, and extortion. Modest criminal companies run the metropolis, so innocent folks are usually caught in the crossfire.

The most well-known prison corporations in Buenaventura are Los Shotas and Los Espartanos. These prison groups are constantly striving to enroll young adolescents and teenagers into their shady companies. Considering that Buenaventura is a port metropolis, it also has large drug trafficking costs that enhance the violence. In 2021, Buenaventura had an approximate unemployment rate of 33%, which likely led people to get concerned in criminal pursuits to endure. There have been stories of missing people that have still not been identified right now.

4. Santiago de Cali, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Santiago de Cali (Image Credit: Aleko, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
  • Population: 2,836,747
  • Average monthly salary: $333
  • Number of homicides in 2021: 1052

Santiago De Cali, just recognized as Cali to citizens, is the money of the Villa De Cauca division and the athletics cash of Colombia. It looks that Cali criminal offense prices keep getting larger calendar year by yr. The most hazardous element of Cali is the so-referred to as “Aguablanca” region, in which most crimes happen yearly. There are several gang crimes, robberies, drug trafficking, and assaults.

In 2021, May possibly was the deadliest month in Cali, with in excess of 177 homicides. The town was shaken up when COVID hit, and considering that a whole lot of men and women misplaced their jobs, they could have had to vacation resort to criminal offense in order to assistance themselves and their households. The vast majority of crimes take place in communes, which are the middle of routines for more than 80% of Cali gangs. Right up until Cali stops the bloodshed and the violence in the city, this is not the place in Colombia that you want to check out.

5. Barranquilla, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 2,325,000
  • Average monthly salary: $326
  • Number of homicides in 2021: 302

Barranquilla is a Colombian town found around the Caribbean Sea, and it’s the fourth most well-known metropolis in Colombia. Barranquilla has turn out to be a really bad metropolis, and above 41% of the citizens dwell in poverty. There have been substantial boosts in kidnappings, carjackings, homicides, and road robberies. Most gangs are positioned in the city’s southwest, the place most violent crimes take place.

Barranquilla is a city acknowledged for drug trafficking due to the port, which tends to make trafficking a whole lot less difficult. Most cartels visitors cannabis and cocaine, which often leads to wars among cartels. You need to without doubt keep away from Barranquilla—especially the downtown spot.

6. Palmira, CO

  • Population: 318,728
  • Average monthly salary: $315
  • Number of homicides in 2021: unknown

Palmira is a Colombian town located in the Valle de Cauca office. In accordance to reviews from previous yr, Palmira was among the worst places to reside in Colombia. It is a medium-sized metropolis with wonderful background, but regrettably, it is filled with criminal offense. Homicides and violent crimes are not unheard of, and unfortunately, even young children are often victims of crime in the metropolis.

More than the years, Palmira has had extremely high murder prices that have been way previously mentioned the nationwide common. The violence mostly happens due to drug trafficking which results in rivalries in between cartels. Because Palmira is near to Cali, gangs uncover it a perfect area for criminal offense and trafficking medications to other components of Colombia and the globe.. All round, like other towns on this listing, it’s very best to steer clear of Palmira until finally the scenario increases and the crime charges drop.

7. Arauca, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 82,752
  • Average monthly salary: $310
  • Number of homicides in 2021: unknown

Arauca is the capital of the Colombian Arauca Department. The complete variety of homicides in 2021 in this Colombian city is unknown, but there are constant stories of violence and other criminal routines. In 2022, there have already been reviews of murders of harmless people who were victims of armed clashes among gangs. In Arauca, the gangs manage men and women via kidnapping, threats, little one recruitment, and even murder.

Also, sexual abuse and rape are not uncommon in this Colombian town. Because it’s on the border with Venezuela, Venezuelan gangs function in Arauca way too, which increases the crimes and clashes amongst gangs. An additional typical issue in this town is drug trafficking, and though law enforcement are current, a lot of law enforcement officers are also corrupted. So, this is an additional Colombian metropolis you shouldn’t pay a visit to, at least for now.

8. Tumaco, CO

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Tumaco (Image Credit: Daniel Rosasssss, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)
  • Population: 203,971
  • Average monthly salary: $314
  • Number of homicides in 2021: 258

Tumaco is a metropolis positioned in southwest Colombia, shut to the Ecuador border. It is house to many dangerous teams and drug traffickers, generating the metropolis unsafe. The most widespread crimes taking place in Tumaco are murder, theft, and drug trafficking. The homicide costs have dropped in contrast to previous several years, but they are nonetheless substantial for a metropolis this size.

Like other Colombian metropolitan areas, gangs attempt to enroll young folks and teens in their criminal pursuits. If they do not accept, they generally get hurt or murdered, and even their family members are at danger. Other repeated crimes are kidnapping and sexual violence. The regional police are attempting to stop these problems from taking place, but corruption is rife owing to poverty and stability is quite reduced.

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How has the crime scene in Colombia developed over the years?

It is challenging to observe the development of the criminal offense scene in Colombia. This is because the numbers hold climbing and dropping yr on yr, making it hard to hold observe of almost everything which is going on.  In some places of Colombia, the criminal offense rates keep acquiring greater, whilst they are dropping in other people.

How safe is Colombia for tourists?

Colombia isn’t necessarily unsafe for tourists, but it depends on which city you are checking out. Some areas are not secure for visitors and they must stay away from them, even though other people can be fantastic, but you need to be careful both way. Before you decide to journey to Colombia, investigate the metropolis you strategy to pay a visit to initial. Attempt to stay away from the very hazardous areas, but Colombia is a superb region, and there are excellent areas to check out.

Which places in Colombia are the safest?

Colombia has dangerous cities, but of training course, there are secure places you can visit, which includes:

  • Salento
  • Palomino
  • Minca
  • Barichara

There are the safest cities in Colombia, although there are some other cities that are great for tourists too.

How to Stay Safe in Colombia?

Some simple suggestions will assist you remain risk-free in Colombia. 1st of all, try to learn at minimum fundamental Spanish, which will aid you to suit into the atmosphere. Consider to mix in with the locals, don’t wear flashy apparel, and never have way too much funds with you. If achievable, stay away from strolling on the streets at night time and stay away from public transportation. Of program, if you choose to just take a taxi, make certain it’s a trustworthy firm. Be careful when ingesting in clubs and if someone tries to rob you, it might be best to stay away from resisting and avoid even bigger possible troubles.


Colombia is a lovely region with amazing heritage and stunning cities. There are unsafe metropolitan areas and areas, however, so you must educate your self on each and every location just before choosing to visit. Total, if you do not have interaction in any criminal activities, you need to be fine, but it’s ideal to stay away from the cities that we have listed. Protection ought to usually be your best precedence so consider our listing into thing to consider ahead of visiting Colombia.


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