Can You Put Solar Panels On a Metal Roof? What You Need To Know!

A lot of property owners have been heading with metal roofs for some time now. With a prolonged lifespan, fashionable aesthetic, and excellent energy effectiveness steel roofs are an exceptional expense. It only makes perception that homeowners would think about including solar energy to optimize the positive aspects of the two programs.  So, can you have the greatest of each worlds? Indeed, you certainly can.

In reality, metallic roofs are excellent for photo voltaic panels for a few factors, commencing with their lengthy lifespan. Whilst photo voltaic electrical power only accounted for about three% of the electric power in the US in 2020, that number is projected to hit 20% by 2050, so the thought is gaining reputation. Let us uncover out what is associated with combining the two programs.

Considerations for Installing Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

Solar Power 101

Most residential solar energy uses monocrystalline solar panels to make an electrical recent. The uncooked present is then converted to usable electric power which powers the property, is stored in a battery, or is bought back to the grid.

As for the panels, they need to get as a lot immediate sunlight as possible—at the very least 4 hrs a day.

That usually tends to make the roof the most smart place to set them, but this arrives with some evident challenges, and some hidden kinds as well.

The first thought is truly not the mounting technique, but the lifespan of your existing roof. Solar panels have a lifespan of about 30–35 years, whilst metallic roofs have a lifespan of 40–70 several years.

Whilst this helps make them a fantastic pair, you nevertheless need to have to just take into account the age of your roof before putting in a new photo voltaic power program. If your metal roof was put in fifty many years in the past and you put a brand-new solar power program on it, you might end up possessing to uninstall and reinstall the program when you change the roof.

It is not the stop of the planet, but if you’re able to have the roof redone, you might want to consider undertaking so to preserve on individuals fees down the street. Many metallic roofing organizations have started setting up solar electrical power system installations, so locating a contractor who does both shouldn’t be a issue.

You’ll also want to get the pitch of the roof into account. If the roof is very steep, you may possibly want to go with a system that tilts the panels, so that they accumulate much more sunlight.

Once you’ve ensured your steel roof is youthful and vibrant ample to accommodate the variety of panels you will need to have, it is time to think about panels and mounting methods.

Can You Put Solar Panels On a Metal Roof? What You Need To Know!
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How are Solar Panels Mounted on a Metal Roof?

If you have currently produced the expenditure into a metal roof, the believed of someone heading up there and screwing a bunch of holes into it most likely makes you cringe. The good news is, there are non-penetrating attachment methods that will permit you to mount your photo voltaic panels properly and without jeopardizing a leak.

Standing Seam Clamps

Standing seam clamps are frequently employed as a method of attaching a panel system to a metal roof. They function by attaching to the ridges of a standing seam fashion metal roof, and when set up appropriately, should not void the steel roof’s warranty.  An additional way of installing solar panels on a steel tile roof is to use substitute steel tiles.

Metal Tile Footings

These are just metal tiles like the ones currently put in in the roof, which are made to connect to the photo voltaic technique. They just pull out a few of the current metallic tiles and set in a new 1 that is constructed with a footing for your panels to mount to. This is yet another fantastic, penetration-free of charge method for building solar panels on a steel roof, but it does require that the tiles line up with the panel feet.

Straddle Blocks

Dependent on the layout of the property or the sort of metal roof it has, things could not line up flawlessly. If this is the circumstance, you may require to contemplate making use of straddle blocks. These are used on corrugated roofs and do need some drilling. They are, even so, specially created for the process. Straddle blocks that have been put in accurately will not lead to your roof to leak. If attainable, use the same company that put in the roof to preserve from voiding the guarantee.

You have possibly observed that specified mounting programs are created for particular designs of metallic roof, which begs the issue:

Can You Put Solar Panels On a Metal Roof? What You Need To Know!
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What Type of Metal Roof is Best for Solar?

There are a couple of versions on metallic roof designs. Although it is in fact feasible and helpful to install solar panels on any type of metallic roof, the style roof and its design and style will tremendously impact the set up and expenses of your solar method.

Although non-penetrating techniques are definitely ideal for protecting the integrity of the roof, it is not often attainable to use them. Understanding the diverse difficulties and strengths of each and every will aid you to assess your task and make a decision how to move ahead.

Standing Seam

This is 1 of the most frequently used styles for present day metal roofs and is by considerably the least difficult to operate with. The wonderful factor about standing seam metallic roofs is that the photo voltaic panel technique can be connected with clamps. Aside from the evident deficiency of holes in the roof, it is also a good deal more rapidly to set up – conserving you income on labor.

Metal Tile

Not all tile roofs are created of slate as they show up. Metallic tile roofs are a fantastic decision as each a roof and as a solar panel foundation. That’s due to the fact the tiles can be eliminated without harming the roof. They are then replaced with tiles that have mounted brackets for the footing of the system.

These substitution-bracket tiles come in the precise identical dimension and condition as the original. This makes it possible for the installer to develop your photo voltaic panel system appropriate into the design and style of the roof. Yet another great feature of steel tile roofs is how durable they are.

When strolling on a standing seam or corrugated metal roof, it is achievable to dent it, if it is not a quite thick gauge of sheet metal. The design and style of a metal tile roof is a little tougher, and if any tiles ought to get dented, they can very easily be changed.

Corrugated Metal

Photo voltaic panels may possibly be a newer technologies, but metallic roofs are not. Corrugated steel roofs are an more mature design and style, and the main disadvantage in regards to solar panel installation is that they require to be drilled. There are no standing seams to clamp to and no tiles to exchange, so the only choice for setting up your photo voltaic panels is to drill saddle blocks in.

Can You Put Solar Panels On a Metal Roof? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: Benjamin Jopen, Unsplash

Advantages of Mounting Solar on a Metal Roof

Metallic roofs and photo voltaic panels share several of the same advantages, some a lot more clear than others. Some of these benefits can be observed from a mile absent, like the truth that they are the two outstandingly economical.

If you have a steel roof set up on your home, probabilities are that you will not have to install yet another roof on that creating as prolonged as you live. With strength efficiency personal savings for existence, that tends to make a metal roof a quite inexpensive expense.


Whilst a photo voltaic panel system does not final very as long as a metallic roof, its financial price is undeniable. Combining the vitality cost savings of a steel roof with these of a solar method is an unparalleled way to flip your home into a structure that saves. On prime of becoming good for your wallet, equally are also greater for the atmosphere.


While photo voltaic panels offer inexperienced power, the metal roof is incredibly eco-welcoming as effectively. Metal roofs are usually at least twenty% recycled substance and the whole thing can be recycled when it is no for a longer time in use. The other piece of the picture is that using a metal roof retains you from using the alternative, which is most commonly asphalt – a petroleum product.


While combining a metal roof and photo voltaic panel method is smart for your wallet and the world, there is another, additional reward: comfort. As the panels take up the daylight, they also cast shade on the metallic roof – which is inclined to receiving very hot in the sun. By getting the daylight and changing it into electrical power, you are also preserving your residence from roasting underneath that steel sheet all summertime, lowering the need for AC.


Can you set up a photo voltaic panel on a metallic roof? Of course, and as it turns out, you should to. You are going to be glad you did. Combining energy efficiency with strength era is a seem plan. It is uncommon to discover an expenditure that is as excellent for your pocketbook as it is for the earth, but putting in a photo voltaic method on your metal roof is one of individuals at any time-elusive earn-get scenarios.

Highlighted Picture Credit history: Parsoa Khorsand, Unsplash