8 Reliable Alternatives to Sandbags for Flooding (& When to Use Each Type)

Sandbags are a tried-and-accurate method of flood control. Even with their usefulness, sandbags can be challenging to discover, sluggish to fill, and challenging to transfer into placement during a flood. If you hate dealing with sandbags or do not have a location to effortlessly fill your sandbags, you may well want to seem into sandbag alternatives.

Below are eight reliable alternatives to classic sandbags to use throughout

conditions. This record provides a big range of different possibilities capable of getting deployed to assist prevent h2o damage from flooding. The record also gives ideas on when and how to use each option.

The 8 Reliable Alternatives to Sandbags for Flooding:

1. Hydrabarrier

A single of the very best alternate options to fillable sandbags is a reusable Hydrabarrier. This merchandise is effective, reusable, and easy to shop. When it arrives to an superior sandbag substitution Hydrabarrier is a single of the ideal obtainable.

When To Use

Select Hydrabarrier when you want to update your home’s flood safety. Sandbags are effective, but they do not hold effectively. Sandbags need a burdensome refilling approach, and they are extremely heavy when they are total. Hydrabarrier is lighter, simpler to fill, reusable, and will stay a long term up grade to your home’s flood safety program.

The dilemma is that Hydrabarrier can be expensive, particularly in contrast to sandbags which can generally be acquired for cost-free. They come in a range of measurements, with the largest being 24 toes extended. To entirely defend your property, you will probably need to acquire multiple.

  • Reusable
  • Easy to fill
  • Permanent upgrade
  • Expensive

2. Water Inflated Dams

Cofferdams have been utilized to block off drinking water from inundated regions for years. One particular of the best sandbag alternatives is drinking water inflated dams. These huge products are rolled out and get loaded with h2o to defend big locations close to a house or home.

When To Use

Water filled dams are a good substitute to sandbags when you need to have to defend a large location. Sandbags are very good for blocking entrance doorways, driveways, and garage doorways, but they are not able to shield an complete home. Water stuffed dams can be really massive and block off whole yards, and have been used to encompass and safeguard complete houses.

H2o-filled dams can give home owners improved peace of head, but they are really big, take eternally to fill up, and need innovative observe of potential flooding to be most effective. Pick water inflated dams when you need to have to defend a really big spot from flooding relatively than just a doorway.

  • Can protect a large area
  • Extremely effective
  • Large and cumbersome
  • Takes a long time to fill and deploy

3. Snake Sandbags

Snake sandbags are a modified variation of a traditional sandbag. As an alternative of getting lumpy sacks, snake sandbags are prolonged slim luggage created to block long gaps. These unique sandbags can be purchased prefilled with sand or in a reliable configuration.

When To Use

Snake sandbags are excellent for men and women who have huge openings in their residences that can be productively blocked by a lengthy ongoing barrier. Snake sandbags operate nicely on garage doors, sliding glass doorways, double doors, and basement windows. Instead of stacking large sandbags, you can simply roll out a length of snake sandbags to shield the gaps under your doors and windows from letting h2o in.

The issue with snake sandbags is that they are not able to end a huge amount of flooding. This type of sandbag will function for a couple of inches of h2o, but anything much more sturdy is going to overrun the slender snake sandbag.

  • Great for long openings that require a lot of regular sandbags
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Hard to fill with sand (optional)
  • Won’t stop a large flood

4. Stormbags / Quick Sandbags

Stormbags are an ingenious sandbag substitute. These baggage lay flat prior to they are activated, producing them easy to transportation and store. When the baggage get moist, they start to activate and broaden. After soaked, the luggage blow up and type a watertight barrier.

When To Use

Stormbags are a wonderful option for individuals who do not want to retailer a large number of classic sandbags. There are some folks who need to use sandbags on a normal basis, and stormbags are best for individuals folks. These luggage are much easier to store and deploy than classic sandbags. Stormbags are easy to lay out in the celebration of an unexpected emergency, making them best for men and women who want to react to flooding at a moment’s discover.

Standard sandbags are hefty and difficult to move into place, particularly underneath force. Stormbags weigh about a pound each and every and swell to 33lbs when activated. You can buy storm luggage in packs of fifty, which can be utilized to quickly defend a home from growing drinking water. The only draw back is stormbags are a lot more expensive than traditional sandbags. But they are best for circumstances that require a rapidly response.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easily stored
  • More expensive than traditional sandbags

5. Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags

Quick Dam sandless sandbags are a identify brand substitute to sandbags. These luggage activate when moist and can be obtained in a big amount of various designs and measurements for individualized safety. Sandbags are all the very same dimension and condition, but Fast Dam’s baggage can be tailor-made towards various houses and properties.

When To Use

Quick Dam sandless sandbags are excellent for individuals searching to upgrade and customize their home’s flood defense. You can get sandless sandbags in traditional sizes, prolonged baggage, medium-sized baggage, and large packs. You can purchase packs that have as several as 120 luggage which can be effortlessly stored in your garage or drop until disaster strikes.

Getting able to sit on dozens of completely ready-to-deploy sandbags can be invaluable for regions that are prone to flooding. The flexibility and storage options that Quick Dam provides are far outstanding to classic sandbags. You just have to be willing to pay for them.

  • Versatile and customizable
  • Easy to store large numbers of sandbags at one time
  • Do not need to be filled to use
  • Expensive to buy in large quantities

6. DIY Garbage Bags

In a pinch, you can create your possess sandbags at property by using garbage bags. You can fill up trash baggage at residence with nearby sand or dirt to develop a quick sandbag in an unexpected emergency. Do-it-yourself garbage sandbags are a fast alternative to a sandbag that features similarly but are not quite as good as standard sandbags.

When To Use

You ought to use garbage baggage crammed with dust when you are in a pinch. If you see the water begin increasing and you are at residence without any sandbags, you can grab some trash bags and try and fill them to block the h2o. Filling trash baggage with dirt can give you a quick sandbag substitute to use by your doors in the case of an crisis or a shock flood.

The dilemma is trash bags have a tendency to rip when they get also heavy and attempting to fill the trash luggage at residence on your house can be a headache. The positive aspects are that most individuals have vacant trash luggage on hand, and when you see h2o coming towards your property, anything is better than practically nothing.

  • Easy to grab in a pinch
  • Free and on hand materials
  • Can help in an emergency
  • Bags tend to rip
  • Hard to fill on the fly
  • Not as effective as a sandbag

7. Bags of Concrete or Mortar

Yet another easy sandbag substitute is to use bags of concrete or mortar. Concrete baggage function in the same way as sandbags by supplying a strong barrier that blocks drinking water from receiving into your residence. Some people like the power and toughness of concrete more than sand.

When To Use

At times individuals do not have time to get sandbags crammed. Sandbag filling stations can grow to be hectic ahead of negative storms or flooding. Some people have baggage of concrete or mortar laying close to. Other instances it is effortless to run to the shop and grab concrete relatively than sandbags. Deploying concrete bags performs in the very same way as sandbags. Lay them conclude to conclude, and when the h2o hits the bags, it will lead to the concrete to harden into a formidable barrier.

It is also easier to build taller walls with concrete bags than it is to stack sandbags. If you need to have a taller flood barrier, then a sandbag can normally create taller limitations with concrete baggage. Use concrete baggage if you require a far more sturdy flood wall, if you are obtaining difficulties accessing sandbags or if you have concrete baggage in your garage and the drinking water is increasing.

  • Easy to obtain
  • A stronger wall
  • Can be built taller than sandbags
  • Hard to deconstruct
  • More expensive than sandbags

8. Metal Flood Barriers

Metal flood obstacles are a long lasting option to sandbags that are good for areas prone to frequent flooding. Metallic barriers are effective, very tall, and can be constructed and deconstructed with relative relieve.

When To Use

Metal flood barriers need to be regarded in areas inclined to repeated or intense flooding. If you have a residence, company, or property that has flooded far more than after a calendar year, you might want to consider investing in steel barriers. These are wonderful for areas near the ocean where flooding is much more widespread or for houses in a flood simple.

Steel boundaries can be created considerably taller than sandbags, with heights capable of currently being six to 10 feet tall or much more. This helps make metal barriers excellent for places that have experienced intense flooding, like hurricane-inclined regions. The draw back is they can be high-priced to purchase up entrance, and they need a great deal of space to shop when you do not require them.

  • Extremely tall
  • Very effective
  • Permanent upgrade
  • Great for flood prone areas
  • Expensive upfront costs
  • Cumbersome to deploy
  • Takes up a lot of space in storage


Sandbags are well-liked since many counties supply them for free of charge, and they are a confirmed way of guarding your self from flooding. Nevertheless, there are a lot of choices suited for distinct circumstances and various folks. There are numerous choices, from strong metallic barriers perfect for seaside residences to rapid fixes you can attempt and dig out of your garage when you are facing a fast crisis. Do not permit your self be flooded, arm your self with the understanding you need to have to much better shield your residence from increasing waters.


Highlighted Picture Credit rating: Marc Bruxelle, Shutterstock