Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging: 5 Possible Reasons

Dubbed the worst rest room disaster in history, on July 26, 1184, the King of Germany, Henry VI, dozens of nobles, and courtiers drowned in a latrine technique when the citadel they were keeping courtroom proceedings on collapsed. Historians location the amount of people killed by the lack of ability to swim from uncooked human excrements at amongst sixty and a hundred people!

Whilst it is virtually not possible for this kind of horrifying background to repeat by itself, nowadays, individuals should deal with several toilet problems, such as clogging. Clogging happens when you the very least assume it and, in unlucky cases, when there is firm! Realizing why your bathroom keeps clogging up will assist you resolve the concern. Listed here are some triggers and the feasible answer you need to comply with.

The 5 Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

1. Old House With an Outdated Low-Flow Toilet System

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Generally, an previous flush rest room uses three.5 to seven gallons of water per flush. In a bid to save water, the federal government passed the Energy Coverage Act that restricted a toilet flush to one.6 gallons in 1992. The regulation arrived into impact on January one, 1994.

If you are 1 of the Little one Boomers even now making the most of the superb times of residing in a home that was built just before that time, odds are you have a low-flow toilet. Even although these toilets experienced to comply with the new regulation, working with much less water was a bad selection. Diminished drinking water tank resulted in lower force, which could not satisfactorily push the squander down the drain, triggering clogging.

To solve this, you may want to phone the plumber to redesign the drainage and boost the drinking water movement gradient to a steep slope. Even though the flush h2o will be reduced strain, obtaining gravity on your facet will have absent most squander to fix the clogging situation.

Alternatively, change the bathroom with present day dual flush or pressure-assisted flush bogs. The dual flush functions with distinct water volumes. Reliable squander flushes with one.28–1.six gallons of drinking water, although liquid wastes consume half of that. Collectively with compressed air, the technique clears most of the squander from the piping.

2. Foreign Objects Clogged in the Toilet Trap

The rest room entice is the pipe connecting the bowl to the plumbing. It is usually possibly an S-condition or P-shape pipe whose goal is to stop sewer gasses from leaking back again into the lavatory. The entice also stops foreign objects that are not meant to go down the principal sewer line from flowing by way of. It fundamentally stops solid objects from clogging the toilet.

Ongoing release of non-flushable things such as female cleanliness goods, diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, hair, and gum block the trap technique. You can know this when there is a foul rotten egg-like odor in the property, the water movement following flushing is weak, or the drain is not clearing up rapidly.

Use a plunger to meticulously implement force to the rest room lure by pumping it in and out in push-pull action. Plunge 5–10 moments and launch the plunger. The clog ought to be out by then. If not, use a rest room auger, and if this also cannot unclog the rest room, a plumber will.

3. Blocked Plumbing Vent

A plumbing vent gets rid of sewer gasses and allows in air to enhance stress in the pipes. When the plumbing vent is blocked, the rest room clogs up.

The lack of airflow generates a semi-vacuum in the drainage that slows down the movement of wastes alternatively of settling down. To fix this, 1st, recruit someone to aid you take a look at if there is a issue with the vent.

Next, climb up the vent and include it with your fingers and enable the other individual flush the rest room. If there is no suction strain performing on the palms, the pipe is blocked. Just take a 10–20 ft prolonged plumber’s snake or auger and drive it down via the drainage bit by little bit to the barrier. Keep pushing the auger till you go through the obstruction, then commence pulling it back again. The auger will unblock the pipe.

Include the vent once again with your hand and have an individual inside of flush the bathroom. The rest room will be unblocked if you come to feel suction.

To hold the vent clear, trim tree branches hanging in excess of it to prevent leaves from accumulating down there. Also, cover the vent with a vent cap to maintain away modest animals.

4. Hard Water Salt Buildup

Difficult water has a substantial focus of dissolved minerals. These incorporate calcium, chlorides, sulfates, and magnesium salts. When flushed down the bathroom, the minerals go away a residue that builds up like a stalagmite in a limestone pillar. The outcome is a restricted pipe and severe blockages.

Pour distilled white vinegar or lemon juice into the bathroom bowl and allow it sit right away to dissolve the compounds. Scrub off the surface area utilizing a thistle brush the next working day.

Investing in a drinking water-softening technique, which replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, is a long term resolution.

5. Sewer Line Problems

Plumber snaking
Plumber snaking (Image Credit: Walter Siegmund, Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0)

Sewer line blockages are one particular of the toughest to resolve simply because there are several motives leading up to this, and some of them might be triggered by your neighbors.

It could be caused by:
  • Debris that keeps building up from the drain lines
  • Years of the buildup of grease from the sink
  • Overgrown tree roots that penetrate the sewer line
  • Foreign objects

If you suspect the sewer line is the dilemma, of training course, following ensuring your toilet system is fantastic, get in touch with a licensed plumber or authorities. They will do a digital camera inspection of the sewer line and locate out the place the resource of the clog is. The inspection involves a small water-proof camera that is mounted on a flexible cable. Authorities will press it through the sewer line, and as they assessment the footage, blockages will be evidently visible.

Sewer blockages are a neighborhood affair and require collective obligation to avoid them from going on. How do you prevent it?

Educate your neighbors on the following tips:
  • Don’t pour grease or its derivatives such as butter, salad dressings, fatty meat trimmings, and creamy sauces down the sink.
  • Put a hair catcher in the shower drain to prevent hairs from lodging into the sewer pipe.
  • Lastly, call a plumber every 18 months to clean the pipes. They will use a hydro jet that powerfully blasts out built-up grime in the sewer system.


Clogged bathrooms are either a consequence of carelessness or unavoidable situations. It is unavoidable if you constantly permit grease, hair, and unwelcome solids flow by way of the rest room. In contrast, permit authorities know the sewer program is blocked if you suspect so.

Both way, avoid your bathroom from blocking by way of routine inspections, using a h2o softener, and protecting against non-flushable items from flowing by means of. Also, it will not price a great deal to be a plumber’s pal!


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