8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)

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Illinois doesn’t arrive up in the best ten of the safest states often. Even so, there nonetheless are some notable exceptions to the legacy of criminal offense and unlawful activities that have motivated some of the more unsafe locations. Stats only scratch the area about metropolitan areas. It is vital to delve more to realize your pitfalls if you travel through the Land of Lincoln.

The populations in cities of any measurable dimensions usually filter down into neighborhoods. That tends to make contacting a spot safe or not secure much more tough. It is also crucial to realize that criminal offense patterns that might ebb and movement with existing activities. That reality has been on full display across the country as metropolitan areas offer with the continuing difficulties of the pandemic.

The 8 Safest Cities in Illinois: A Quick Look

The excellent news with our round-up is not a single of the metropolitan areas recorded a murder in 2019. The charge for violent crimes, besides for two, ended up all in one digits. Even though Chicago has a tarnished status, there are still a lot of locations in Illinois that are comparatively safe and criminal offense-totally free. The ten we’ve shown below stand out as some of the greatest out of the 1,369 Illinois towns.

(US Census Bureau)

1. La Grange Park, IL

8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)
20050305 18 Pace bus, La Grange, IL (9556929741) (Image Credit: David Wilson, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)
Population: 13,475
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $113,585
Poverty rate: 4.6%
Violent crimes in 2019: 6

La Grange Park is a Chicago suburb situated fifteen miles southwest of the metropolis. It’s a tranquil city that places a powerful emphasis on sustainability and transparency with its federal government. La Grange Park also embraces its historical past with 7 self-guided strolling excursions to investigate the region. Astonishingly, the Great Chicago Hearth of 1871 was an integral pressure that spurred the village’s population expansion and development.

Thefts and burglaries are the most frequent property crimes, with 68 and 12 acknowledged offenses in 2019. The previous has declined considering that its all-time large in 2008. Violent criminal offense has followed a comparable sample, with a slight uptick in assaults. The final murder was in 2012. The largest difficulties in La Grange Park are human-wildlife conflicts with the growing fox and coyote populations.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Metropolis of La Grange Park)

2. Hinsdale, IL

8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)
Downtown Hinsdale Illinois (Image Credit: Dennisyerger84, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)
Population: 17,756
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: Over $200,000
Poverty rate: 2.2%
Violent crimes in 2019: 5

Hinsdale is a single of the wealthier towns in Illinois, with an average household revenue double that of the state’s regular. It also has a minimal poverty fee that is a portion of the relaxation of Illinois. It is situated about 21 miles southwest of Chicago. Its heritage is paramount to its people, with its complete downtown a Countrywide Register Historic District. It also enjoys a vivid neighborhood economy.

As you might expect, the cost of living is larger in Hinsdale, with residence values far exceeding the state’s common. It is a reasonably safe town, with couple of violent crimes. There were no rapes or murders in 2019. Home criminal offense is a distinct story. Thefts virtually tripled in 2019. Nevertheless, it is considerably reduced than the state and national averages.

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

3. Deerfield, IL

8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)
Deerfield Station – October 2015 (Image Credit: Adam Moss, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic)
Population: 19,196
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $158,722
Poverty rate: 2.8%
Violent crimes in 2019: 7

For a little town, Deerfield offers some amazing enterprise connections, with numerous organizations based in the spot, including Huge Apple Bagels and Baxter Healthcare. It is apparent with the greater-than-typical house cash flow and minimal poverty fee. Deerfield displays that a town doesn’t have to be massive to make a big difference economically and socially.

A higher-income base manifests alone in the comparatively considerable quantity of residence criminal offense. Thefts, burglaries, and stolen vehicles are troubles. The latter practically tripled from 2018 to 2019. Homicides and assaults are rare crimes, though the latter improved in the course of this exact same time. It’s worth noting that Deerfield has a bigger ratio of regulation enforcement to people. It is situated 28 miles northwest of Chicago.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Town of Deerfield)

4. Campton Hills, IL

Population: 10,885
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $84,368
Poverty rate: 3.1%
Violent crimes in 2019: 1

Campton Hills is the end result of the incorporation of the Plato and Campton Townships. It is found 59 miles somewhat northwest of Chicago. It is a semi-rural local community, with about ten% of its land rural. It embraces this little-city come to feel to the max. It is no surprise that it typically will take the top location on many risk-free Illinois town lists. The stats notify it all.

Campton Hills experienced no murders, rapes, or assaults in 2019. There was only 1 theft for the duration of that year. Home crime follows a similar pattern, with only 5 burglaries and a one theft. The town seasoned a tough period of time between 2008–2016. It has because righted the ship and has introduced crime steadfastly beneath handle, with zeroes posted in numerous offense kinds.

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

5. Barrington Hills, IL

8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)
Barrington il (Image Credit: Ron Cogswell, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)
Population: 4,114
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $191,302
Poverty rate: 4.7%
Violent crimes in 2019: 0

Barrington Hills is another rich neighborhood, as evidenced by the number of sprawling houses and equestrian farms. The town is found about 40 miles northwest of Chicago. It’s significantly adequate away to stay away from the unwell influences of the city. It also puts green area high on its listing of priorities, with above four,722 acres of forest preserve room. The typical property worth is nearly 4 occasions the state’s typical at $808,800.

Violent criminal offense is virtually non-existent in Barrington Hills. There have been no rapes since 2006, no murders given that 2012, and no assaults in 2019. Even house crime is minimal, with only eighteen acknowledged offenses in 2019. All incidences involved theft, with no burglaries, stolen autos, or arson. Remarkably, criminal offense has been declining considering that 2002, as if it was ever an issue.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Metropolis of Barrington Hills)

6. Lindenhurst, IL

Population: 14,406
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $111,770
Poverty rate: 3.8%
Violent crimes in 2019: 5

Lindenhurst is yet another six-determine neighborhood found fifty miles northwest of Chicago. Its roots are in agriculture, although it is a hundred-per cent city nowadays. It is relatively new, getting been included in 1956. Its rural landscape is element of this town’s appeal and is a considerable portion of its character. Help of the local businesses is powerful, which has added to its achievement.

Lindenhurst has observed a drop in all significant criminal offense varieties, both violent and non-violent. Thefts are the 1 sore level with the city. Even so, even those figures are modest at 39. There were only two burglaries, 1 stolen vehicle, and no arson. Even with a slight uptick in 2016, all round criminal offense proceeds to drop, creating it a safe place to contact property.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Village of Lindenhurst)

7. South Elgin, IL

8 Safest Cities in Illinois (2022 Update)
19680714 15 Fox River Bus Lines @ South Elgin, IL (5791917530) (Image Credit: David Wilson, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)
Population: 23,865
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $105,682
Poverty rate: 6.0%
Violent crimes in 2019: 16

South Elgin is one particular of only two towns on our spherical-up that have double digits for violent criminal offense. It is found forty two miles northwest of Chicago on the Fox River. The city is very pleased of its heritage and lately introduced its History Venture: South Elgin Stories to seize its oral heritage for foreseeable future generations. It speaks a lot of the perception of community that exists in this village.

Robberies, assaults, and rape are the principal violent crimes. Property offenses are much more of an concern, specifically with thefts, burglaries, and stolen vehicles. Nevertheless, these crimes have seen a noticeable drop in current several years. Violent crimes have observed equivalent drops, besides for assaults which have improved. It is value noting that all figures are effectively under the state and national averages.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Village of South Elgin)

8. Warrenville, IL

Population: 13,553
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $91,274
Poverty rate: 8.1%
Violent crimes in 2019: 10

Warrenville is yet another illustration of how it is crucial not to make assumptions about a metropolis just simply because of its proximity to Chicago. This one particular is 31 miles southwest of Chi-Town. Like several towns, the stagecoach and train ended up integral to Warrenville’s development. Oil painter, Adam Albright, is especially crucial to the town’s background and recognition. It also helped forge a relationship with the Artwork Institute of Chicago.

Warrenville has a higher poverty fee than other cities on our list. Thefts and burglaries are the major crimes, even though the figures pale in contrast to other large-risk areas. Violent crimes have declined, besides robberies which have enhanced. The total figures reflect a comparable pattern, despite the fact that the decreases have, well, decreased in modern many years.

(US Census Bureau, FBI, City of Warrenville)

How to Stay Safe in Illinois

Avoidance is always a greater path than dealing with an concern head-on, regardless of whether it’s a crime, illness, or pest problem. You will preserve yourself a whole lot of difficulty if you keep away from conflict. It’s anything you can notice in wildlife. That’s why animals mark their territories—to send out an occupied information to interlopers. To stay protected, you should undertake a similar method to stay away from searching like a potential sufferer to help deter criminal offense.

Criminals often case a scenario prior to performing to evaluate their possibilities of obtaining caught. Predators do the very same point, which is why they often target youthful, weak, or outdated prey. It is much less dangerous with the prospective of a higher reward. Your aim is to make a would-be thief feel two times ahead of messing with you. It begins with recognition. Pay out consideration if any person is subsequent you or driving by your house regularly.

Keep in mind that negative actors depend on stealth and surprise. Signaling your consciousness tells them that you are on to them. That also signifies keeping your purse or wallet out of simple attain. You may well contemplate acquiring a slash-evidence shoulder bag for an extra layer of safety, specially if you use general public transportation or a parking garage. A lot of amenities will supply a protection escort to your vehicle if you come to feel unsafe.

Motion-sensor lights or even a yard sprinkler are a godsend for keeping your residence risk-free. A “Beware of Dog” or “Guarded by Smith & Wesson” indicator sends a obvious warning even if you really do not have either one particular. The would-be thief or burglar doesn’t know for sure. We also advise making use of intelligent units to flip on the lights from time to time if you’re absent from residence. An occupied house is considerably less inviting.


Every state has its safe and harmful regions. Many factors can influence exactly where they end on a map. The nation has accomplished an excellent task of reining in criminal offense, but obviously, there’s still much to do. That is why it’s important to defend by yourself and your household, commencing with consciousness. It does not imply that have faith in is gone. Alternatively, it entails hoping for the greatest but anticipating the worse.



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