Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?

Flea bombs are fairly efficient from fleas and appear at an affordable cost. Which is why these pest control items are so well-known in the US. Easy to use, they are a strong cure towards a extended listing of insects (fleas integrated, of course). Can you use a flea bomb in an condominium, although? The answer is of course, you can, but only if you follow security safeguards and get permission from absolutely everyone in the house and the landlord.

But how protected is it to use a flea fogger? Is it a good idea to stay in the condominium whilst using this chemical item? And should you solely depend on it, or probably there are some added instruments to use? Preserve reading to find out the answers to these concerns and more!

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?

What Is A Flea Bomb?

This term is broadly utilised to describe chemical goods (pesticides) that ended up particularly created and formulated to kill fleas. Generally, they appear in aerosol canisters and, after activated, launch a mist (fog) into the room—that’s how flea foggers offer with pests. All you have to do is activate the bomb, depart it by itself for a pair of hours, and it will get rid of the fleas.

How Much Does It Cost?

Really do not fret: you won’t have to vacant your lender account to get a flea bomb. A normal package deal will expense $ten, or even much less, relying on the place you stay. Or, greater yet, you could get a larger package deal for $15–20. These are available at retail retailers and contain a few five-ounce cans for a overall of fifteen ounces of flea foggers. This must be much more than adequate to deal with the apartment and kill all the awful bugs.

What Kinds Of Permissions Do You Need?

Initial, you’ll have to operate this by other individuals that live in the apartment. Don’t buy a flea bomb until you’ve obtained their “blessing” on it. Up coming, get in make contact with with your landlord and get their authorization. Even if you possess the condominium, we nevertheless advocate achieving out to the individual/firm that owns the creating to stay away from any authorized troubles in the long term.

The trickiest portion below is to discover a working day on the calendar when all your roommates/housemates can go away the apartment for at minimum 2–4 hrs (preferably, 5–6 hrs). Once you work this out and get the eco-friendly light-weight, all that will be left to do is prepare the condominium and make certain you are pursuing all the essential protection precautions.

Are Flea Bombs Toxic to Humans?

Of course, insecticide—the energetic ingredient in a bomb that terminates fleas—is highly unsafe to humans. It’s not almost as powerful to kill somebody, of course, but the insecticide can result in significant effects like nose discomfort, headaches, dizziness, and many allergic signs and symptoms. Even if it only arrives in make contact with with your pores and skin, the chemical will even now be hazardous.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?
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What About the Pets?

Flea bombs are just as bad for animals as they are for individuals. That’s why you have to double-check that no cat, pet, or other domestic animal is left in the home/space before activating the bomb. When the aerosol canister commences spraying the poisonous fog, it can quickly harm your 4-legged buddy.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?Preparing The Apartment for Safe Bombing

Now that the condominium is vacant, it is time to get it all set for the bomb. Be extremely comprehensive! If you skip 1 of the subsequent measures, the bombing will not be virtually as powerful. Aside from, you’ll operate the risk of ruining your hardware and appliances, not to point out placing the space(s) on fire. Alright, here’s what you must do:

Start By Vacuuming the Room

Ahead of you yell “fire in the hole!” and activate the flea bomb, it would be very best to give the condominium correct vacuuming. It’s no secret that fleas like to set up foundation in carpets, rugs, doormats, and, of training course, upholstery. So, seize that vacuum and go over these locations a couple of instances. While that will not remove every single flea in the region, a strong vacuum cleaner will, without a doubt, be really efficient.

If you have obtained a steam cleaner, use it alternatively. Fleas are fairly resistant to warmth, that’s real. Fortunately, a steam cleaner will be in a position to deal with them successfully. Don't forget: above time, fleas build resistance to chemical merchandise, but they can not do the same with heat. Adult fleas die in relatively moderate temperatures (95ºF), and steam cleaners do go as substantial.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?
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Cover Your Furniture, Hardware, and Utensils

Make positive the bomb is placed as much from power stores, mild switches, and appliances that operate on electrical energy as achievable. If the area is as well little, use blankets and towels for protection. Do the exact same with your bed, chairs, outfits, and hardware. Do not depart any meals or utensils out in the open. This applies to your pet’s bowl and foodstuff, too.

Towels, newspaper, and even parts of plastic—use whatever you’ve got to protect your stuff from the mist. Again, it can be really dangerous, specially if you use a lot more than a single canister to flea bomb the condominium. Don’t forget to include all electronic products as properly, together with children’s toys, houseplants, and toiletries.

Seal the Apartment Shut

Each solitary door and window in the apartment ought to be tightly closed. If the mist finds a way to escape into the exterior world, you’ll be quite unhappy by the outcomes. Moreover, if you’re only bombing one of the rooms, the mist can leak into a diverse room, and that’s bad news. So, do your very best to cover all the “exits”, like the little hole beneath the door(s).

Just put an previous rag or towel beneath there, and it should block the way. Previous, tag the place. Sure, we did just chat about notifying every person in the condominium and coordinating with them, but you can in no way be as well safe. Most flea bombs contain a tag in the bundle. Go ahead and adhere it to the doorway.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?
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Air The Room Out

As described, flea foggers just take 4 hours tops to total the method. So, don’t enter the place any quicker. In truth, give it an added hour or two just to be sure. Right after that, enter the apartment and open all the doors and windows to air the chemical compounds out. Again, wait for around an hour, and then you are free to move again in. Really do not cleanse the carpets, although permit the residue remain for 14 times to destroy the fleas for positive.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?

Can You Bomb One Room And Stay In The Apartment?

The United States Environmental Safety Company (US EPA) endorses towards that. Even if you adopted our information and locked all the doorways, windows, and tiniest cracks, the fog can nevertheless locate its way out. You most likely won’t truly feel that right away, but conjunctivitis, trouble respiratory, and other critical facet effects will comply with.

If you have a respiratory situation, you’ll be at far more risk. Bug bombs are known to trigger respiratory reactions and trigger asthma. In a serious scenario, you are going to require emergency medical aid. To avoid all this, vacate the apartment for 5 several hours. That should be much more than enough time even for the strongest flea fogger.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?
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How to Flea Bomb an Apartment: A Quick Guide

  • Calculate the size (square footage) of the area you want to treat. Generally, one bomb is enough for one single room. But sometimes, you’ll need more.
  • Read the instructions on the label. Yes, most bombs work the same way. But, we still encourage you to read the directions thoroughly.
  • Stay out of the apartment for as long as the instructions suggest.
  • If you’re bombing the kitchen, make sure all drawers and cabinet doors are open.
  • Remove or cover any utensils and appliances from the area.
  • Turn off all electric devices in the apartment, like an air conditioner, heater, or fan. Next, extinguish the pilot lights.
  • Close the windows and doors; make sure the toxic fog won’t escape.
  • Shake the flea bomb aerosol canister and place it in the middle of the room. Put it on a piece of plastic. Otherwise, the chemicals will damage the floor.
  • Activate the bomb and leave the house.

Just How Effective Is a Flea Bomb?

This mainly relies upon on the measurement of the room. The smaller sized the enclosed space, the easier it will be for the fog to get to the nooks and crannies and get rid of the fleas. Yet again, really don't forget to examine the instructions, as they’ll explain to you how massive of a place the bomb is intended to take care of. Now, even if it does a good job of killing the fleas, most of the eggs will survive the “attack”. That is proper: foggers are not that fantastic at eradicating an infestation.

Nonetheless, if you use them in blend with a steam cleaner like we mentioned before, the benefits will be very remarkable. And one much more issue: It is no secret that pet fur is house to pests. So, you are going to have to check out a veterinarian and have them get rid of all the fleas and their eggs from your canine and cats. Or else, all your efforts will be in vain.

What Are the Alternatives?

If you want to use some people treatments, clear the carpets and home furniture upholstery with vinegar. Do this right after you vacuum or thoroughly clean the apartment. It’s a powerful cleaning agent, powerful towards fleas. Soapy water also works. Now, fleas are captivated to gentle. Consequently, it may possibly be a excellent notion to light a candle and place it correct subsequent to (or inside) a bowl full of vinegar and dish soap to invite the bugs to their possess funeral.

And what about baking soda? Can it destroy fleas, or not? Of course, it most certainly can, but you ought to be really cautious when making use of it on carpets. The cause: soda consists of chemical components that may damage the fibers. As for crucial oil, it is not at all successful. Particles and litter are organic breeding websites for fleas. Remove them first, and you will see a spectacular drop in the flea populace.

Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?
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Can You Flea Bomb An Apartment? Do They Work?


Flea bombing is the initial factor that arrives to head when we discover an infestation in the apartment. This solution is broadly available (you can get it at any nearby shop) and does a respectable work of handling the dilemma. But, particular policies and security actions are necessary to just take ahead of utilizing a flea fogger. Or else, you may end up hurting oneself or other individuals in the apartment.

Sure, you will have to consider some time to prepare the place, get each and every one man or woman and animal out, and make confident you’re employing the bomb correctly. If you are not a hundred% distinct on every little thing, go back again to our detailed information and follow the recommendations intently. Pleased bombing, and great luck with killing the fleas!

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