8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)

Ground sanding can be a tiring and exhausting occupation, specifically if you are doing it manually. Luckily, which is exactly where the electric powered ground sanders appear to assist. They can make the sanding task considerably easier.

Just before employing an electrical flooring sander, make sure that you know which sander operates for which purpose. In this post, we’ll search at eight kinds of floor sanders, so read on below to uncover out a lot more about them.

The 8 Types of Floor Sanders

1. Belt Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Andre Santos, Shutterstock
Uses Wood flooring, exterior paint, wood materials

A belt sander is designed to get rid of lots of content speedily and efficiently. It performs on a constant loop principle, making use of a completely looped sanding belt that is run by an electric powered motor. They are great for rougher regions at the commencing of sanding initiatives as they get ready the wooden for the rest of the process. Modifying the belt on a belt sander can be difficult, which is something to consider before getting this sort of sander. You shouldn’t use them near edges and walls due to room constraints. It is challenging to deal with, but it can be helpful for rough spots you require to sand.

  • Excellent at removing lots of material
  • Great at stripping exterior paint
  • Difficult to change belts
  • Hard to handle

2.  Random Orbital Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Levent Konuk, Shutterstock
Uses Furniture, fine projects, trim

A random orbital sander is the most common sander sort because of to its flexibility. They are easy to use and inexpensive, which can make them quite hassle-free. They function in a round, random motion, which is how they obtained their name. An orbital sander can avoid scarring and scuffing of the wooden. You can very easily modify the sandpaper on this sander, so it’s very user-pleasant. One more fantastic point about them is that their style is one particular-handed, which enables you to have the other hand totally free. Whilst functioning with a random orbital sander, although, the vibrations can be tiring.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • One-handed design
  • User-friendly
  • A lot of vibration
  • Not meant for deep sanding

3.  Drum Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Kasarp Studio, Shutterstock
Uses Paint, solid wood floors

A drum sander is a sander with a specialised belt design and style that has a extensive selection of makes use of. They relaxation on the ground even though you require to drive them by hand. They are very costly, but there are spots where you can hire a drum sander also. If you are arranging on making use of a drum sander, make certain that the materials you strategy on doing work on is created from solid wood—you should not use a drum sander on engineered wood.

Drum sanders are extremely potent and they can strip off paint, stains, bumps, gouges, and considerably more. Because they are very large, they need to have two men and women to transport them from one place to an additional. Also, it can be difficult to adjust and preserve the belts managing appropriately.

  • Wide range of uses
  • Rentable
  • Can strip difficult floors
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to adjust
  • Only suitable for solid wood

4.  Rotary Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: BLGKV, Shutterstock
Uses Wood floors, trims

A rotary sander has a head that moves in circles. They are excellent for receiving close to edges and you can use them for numerous components. A rotary sander can achieve most spots other sanders cannot, so which is why folks like them. We commonly use them to sand wood flooring and trims. Because rotary sanders can be difficult to manage, we recommend not to use them except if you are an skilled DIYer.

  • Great for getting near the edges
  • It can be used on various materials
  • Can reach places other sanders cannot
  • Challenging to handle
  • Only suitable for experienced DIYers

5.  Disc Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Nika Raw, Shutterstock
Uses Paint, floors. trims

A Disc Sander is yet another sander with different usages. They are identified for their disc-shaped surface area, which provides them a distinct look. Disc sanders have different configurations and designs, but they all operate on the identical basic principle. They are great for rougher work where you want to strip off a good deal of material and can reach places belt sanders can not strategy. There are disc sanders of all dimensions, so scaled-down ones can be taken care of with a single hand, whilst you will want equally fingers for larger disc sanders.

  • Fantastic for rougher work
  • Great for stripping off a lot of material
  • Can reach areas other sanders cannot
  • Two-handed operation

6.  Vibrating Sander

8 Types of Floor Sanders (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Inna Horosheva, Shutterstock
Uses Floors

A vibrating sander is mainly employed to clean out the wooden after utilizing a drum sander. It’s the exact same dimensions as a drum sander, but it’s considerably lighter, creating it simpler to use. Rather of a belt, this sander has a vibrating sanding pad that sands the area. That’s why they are simpler to move throughout the sleek areas of the ground. They are much less probably to injury your flooring, and they are easy to work.

  • Light
  • Less likely to damage your floor
  • Easy to operate
  • Bulky

7.  Spindle Sander

Uses Furniture, floors, small wood items

A spindle sander is a great resource that you can use for a variety of sanding projects. It can take away noticed marks and splinters while it can sand curves and holes. It will assist you to be specific and finish the sanding job quickly. They have a sander mounted on a tube-like foundation, and they are extremely secure due to the fact they are table-mounted.

  • Stable
  • Precise
  • Good machine control
  • Fast
  • Stationary

8.  Edge Sander

Uses Floors

An edge sander will be your greatest friend to do the tough edgework that other sanders cannot get to. So if you need to sand portions of the wall close to the wall edges or railings, this ought to be your tool. Edge sanders have an orbital pad with a developed-in dust bag, and they are rather large. You will want to deal with this sander very carefully, as it can damage the wooden if not utilized properly. They are excellent at taking away surface substance as long as you are cautious.

  • Great for tricky edgework
  • Excellent at removing surface material
  • Damages the floor if not used properly
  • Heavy

Floor Sanding Tips And Tricks

Flooring sanding can be a difficult task, so it’s often beneficial to have some methods up your sleeve to make the task easier. Listed here are a few of flooring sanding guidelines and methods to make the sanding work less difficult for you.

Stay Safe

Very first of all, before you begin any sanding undertaking, make sure that you have protective gear that will maintain you risk-free from feasible injuries. Always wear gloves, goggles, and a dust mask when sanding. We advise wearing prolonged sleeves to avert modest particles from touching your skin.


Vacuuming is quite critical when sanding. You must vacuum the flooring among passes to make certain that items of grit will not damage the floor. When vacuuming, pay out focus to cracks alongside the baseboards and between the planks. Also, you must usually vacuum the ground totally just before applying a coating. If you coat the ground before cleansing, you threat dust displaying up on the floor surface area forever. So, usually dust the flooring following a sanding task, and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.


There are different sorts of floor sanders, and every 1 of them has exclusive qualities and characteristics. Ahead of you commence your sanding job, discover far more about each floor sander kind and then make a decision which one particular suits your wants. You can often appear again to the report if you require a reminder!

Showcased Image Credit rating: Karepastock, Shutterstock